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What Exactly is SEO?

Updated on February 18, 2015
To learn SEO I would highly recommend visiting this site.
To learn SEO I would highly recommend visiting this site. | Source

SEO in a nutshell

SEO is a term often used, but what exactly does it mean. SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Simply put SEO is a process of using specific words and links to other websites in order for your website to climb to the top of the rankings in search engine results, so you website can be found. Increased traffic means increased profitability.

When words or phrases are typed into a search engine, that search engine looks for words within website content to find the most up to date and credible websites. The old practice of using meta tags, which are words typed into the code of the website in order to be found, has been replaced by SEO.

How is it done? How do I take my website to new heights using SEO? The key to good SEO is getting the information out there for the search engines to find. Most search engine users never go past the first 2 pages so being on those first two pages is key. With millions of websites out there and extreme competition for top ranking the task can seem daunting, but a few simple steps will have your website ranking at the top.

Great Content

SEO is all about getting found by the search engine. The only way the search engine knows what a website is about is from its content. The old way of incorporating SEO was using phrases over and over throughout the content of a website to push it to the top rank. Search engines have since been updated and using the same phrase or word over and over will usually get the website marked as spam. The key is having great content.

Look at it not as a website, but as a live store. When walking into a good store you are generally greeted by the clerk and usually asked if they can be of any assistance. When the clerk is asked questions, they are generally very knowledgeable about all the items in the store. In short, they know their stuff.

Great content is the same thing as having great customer service. Write articles about the products featured on the website. Keep the content relevant to the website. Do not write about horses if you are a dog kennel. It is also important to ensure the content is interesting. Droning on about a subject just to make the content appear fuller can detour guests from using your website.

Here is an example of a well designed Store from a template. Notice the modern and inviting look.
Here is an example of a well designed Store from a template. Notice the modern and inviting look. | Source

Update Often

The goal of a website is for people to come to it and come to it often. Repeat customers, just like with a live store, will be your bread and butter. It is important to give your customers something to come back to. Having the same stagnant web content with nothing ever changing is a quick way to lose ranking on a search engine and lose customers. Write new articles daily and maybe offer tips of the day. Anything that will entice people to return to the website will only increase traffic and ultimately, profits. Keeping your website content up to date will take time, but it will pay off tremendously.

Great Design

The design of a website used to not be that important to search engines, but now there are extra points given to well-designed websites. By well-designed I do not mean that it has to be state of the art, high end, most expensive website on the planet. Great design simply means that the website is easy to navigate and is not confusing when it comes to what the website is about. If you are unsure of website design you may need to seek the help of a professional web designer.

Use Credible Links

It is important to evaluate what your website is all about and link it to other websites. Most people will not have a problem with sharing a link to their website. It increases their business also so it is, generally, a non-issue. If the website owner does have an issue maybe you could offer to write an article about a particular employee of that company and brag on them a little. Working with your competition is sometimes beneficial to all parties involved.

Use Pictures Carefully

Pictures are great on websites and can help with your search engine ranking, but only if it is done in the right way. Search engines primarily use words to fine results, so pictures do not compute in the system. On the flip side, when people use search engines they can, and often do, use an image search. By adding a title to a picture you will increase your chances of being found in both ways.

SEO is a fantastic tool in getting your website found. It is important to do your research. SEO can be done by one’s self, but if you feel it necessary to hire a company check them out before hiring. There are a lot of scammers out there and you do not want to lose your hard earned money from poor research into a credible SEO company.

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