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What Is T Shirt Screen Printing?

Updated on June 27, 2011

Your Own Design In Your T Shirts Through T Shirt Screen Printing

How The Stencil Image Is Created

In t shirt screen printing you need to create the t shirt design, computers and printers are used to print the image onto a clear overlay such as acetate or tracing paper. The style of printing should be similar to a negative where the areas to be filled in with ink are opaque. It is important that light should pass through.

The stencil is formed by coating the mesh with emulsion and placing over the mesh the clear overlay or acetate on which the negative image of the design was printed. Then, the mesh is exposed to UV light, which passes through the clear areas and hardens the emulsion underneath. After that, the areas where the UV light did not pass through were washed off, leaving a hardened stencil of the design on the mesh.

The Printing Process

How The Ink Is Applied

As the squeegee is passed over the mesh, the ink passes through the non-stenciled areas and is absorbed by the fabric of the t-shirt. To create a multicolored design, several stencils are needed, one for each color. For example, if the design requires three colors – red, green and blue - then three stencils are required, one for each color. When the artist wants a multicolor band to fill the stenciled areas, then several dollops of textile paint should be spread out over the stencil.

T Shirts To Make Profits

Speeding Up The T Shirt Screen Printing Process

The t shirt screen printing process can take several days before the whole batch of shirts are ready for the customer. To speed up the t-shirt screen printing process, screen printing companies began using digital printers to imprint the negative image of the design on acetate, which is then used to make the stencil on a plastisol-coated mesh that is exposed to UV light.

To print multicolor designs, t shirt printing companies use a rotary t shirt screen printing machine with automated arms to apply different colors of plastisol ink on the t shirts. The screen printing machine speeds up the t shirt printing process.

Find out more about the t shirt printing process at You can also get a free quote through the company’s friendly help service. Using the site’s online form, you can ask how much it would cost you to order a certain number of custom-made t shirts. According to the site’s price guide, the cost of your t shirt screen printed clothing is dependent on a number of factors, such as the type and quality of garment, the number of garments, the number of prints per garment, and the number of colors in each design. You can have advantage as you can adjust the price into what you only need, with how well the t shirt screen printing is explained.


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