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What Makes a Great Church Website

Updated on March 11, 2016

Media Can Carry the Message

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Sean Fliehman ©2014Good media can help carry the greatest message of all!
Sean Fliehman ©2014
Sean Fliehman ©2014 | Source
Good media can help carry the greatest message of all!
Good media can help carry the greatest message of all! | Source

What Elements Make the Best Church Websites?

  1. Communication. The first key to a great church website is that it must communicate. That is the reason web pages were first created in order to relay a message, to communicate with the masses. How easy is it to find the information you need to get across? Is the website cluttered up with ads, widgets, gimmicks or anything that would hinder the reader from understanding what it is you do, stand for and practice? It is important to use good grammar when writing copy. Communication is two sided. You need to have a comment section or a contact page. It is important to have the proper channels for your congregation and visitors to reach the right people in your church. Having the right phone numbers, e-mail and social media buttons are important.
  2. Design. It is important to not let your design of the website to hinder the communication but to let it enhance and be a part of it. Design needs and should be a form of creating a message not a road block to it. The color scheme should be well chosen to find the mood and look you want to portray. Don’t pick colors or patterns that are gaudy, loud and in your face. Your color,shape,line and texture should all send a message that aligns in unison with the written word on your church website.
  3. Interest. A well designed church website should keep peoples interest. Have some of the bells and whistles on there; buttons that glow, images that slide, things that pop up, etc. Make sure you have plenty of pictures and video. You don’t want your site to just be text on a page. Find ways to spice it up. At the same time here is where the communication can break down. To many widgets and the site becomes hard to follow, hard to read and grasp. Make sure that your videos don't take a long time to load. That would quickly detour me from your site if your videos and pictures aren't loading quickly. Media needs to be one of the first things potential visitors see.

Dont ignore any of these principals. I promise these will all come into play when deciding on site design. It always pays off to take the higher road.

What Makes a Great Website?

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Great Video on Getting Started on Web Design

Create Your Webpage.

We've gone over some of the principals of what makes a great website, its time to learn how to make your site. Now it's the fun part!

1. Go to your hosting website and think up a creative but memorable name for your website. Type in the the name and your host site will tell you wether or not you can use that domain name. Once you have an useable domain name then you can purchase your domain.

2. Purchase a hosting plan. This will be available on your domain hosting site. Or if you find a better deal you can choose to host through another site, it will just be more work.

4. Wait 24 hours before checking your email inbox for an email from your host site. That e-mail will have your c-panel link on it. Click on the link to your c-panel and go to Domain AdOn button. Ad your Domain name. Once added you can click on the Wordpress installer. Once it is installed, you can click on the link that is generated just then that will take you to your Wordpress site.

5. Now you can customize your site. Find the right theme for your church or ministry. This is important. Don't just pick the first theme that pops up or looks good. What works, what messes with your over all look you want to convey? How much more programming will you need to do with the theme your interested in? Does it come with links to your social media? Some of them have social media buttons linked in, this should be important to consider. What all is this theme offering? Should you purchase a better more advanced theme? Can you get by with a lesser theme? You've got to decide what works for you. Bur possibly most importantly, have fun making your Wordpress site. If you're having fun with it then your visitors will too. If your visitors have fun then they are likely to attend!

What Design Tool Do You Enjoy the Most?

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More information can be seen at my site:


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