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Brilliant Ideas on Reusing Empty Bottles

Updated on August 17, 2018
What to do with empty glass bottles?
What to do with empty glass bottles? | Source

As I posted a hub few days ago on ways of reusing empty plastic bottles, one fellow hubber asked me on how to reuse empty glass bottles.

It was a good idea for a hub and so here it is. I'm going to be posting photos showing how to reuse empty glass bottles or jars, so if you have these bottles in your kitchen counter or cabinet and you were thinking of putting them in the blue recycling bin, hold on for a minute and see this photos first. You might come up with some ideas of using yours for crafts amongst other things.

Empty glass bottles of all sizes can be used as vases. Put a flower on each glasses you have and put them in each of the rooms in your home. Putting plants or flowers even on the bathroom can also add a zest of life in the area.

You might also want to use water beads instead of water in your vase to make it more creative.


As with empty glass jars, there's few ways we reused them at home:

* Used frying oils can be stored in these jars. Just make sure you put some label on it for oils you used on frying fish and those you used for meats so you can reuse the cooking oils again appropriately.

*. Use the jars to store left over ingredients. This is another way we reuse our glass bottles at home. I used it to store left over spaghetti sauce and condensed milk then store it on the fridge while I think of other dishes to make where I can used them for the following days or the next coming week.

*. Another used of these bottles at home is we put coupons in it. You can also make it easier by adding labels on the bottle with foods, beauty supplies, for pets, house, health, etc. so your coupons are organize.


This would be a clever idea on how to reused empty glass bottles and make the room more organize specially with kids. And not only that, it would save you money too from buying storage boxes.

And because your stuff are stored in glasses and not in boxes, you can see through what's stored in it while lying in your bed or sitting in a chair. You don't have to guess on which of the glasses that misplaced yellow eraser is at. See what I mean?

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Decorative bottles.herbs on bottles
Decorative bottles.
Decorative bottles. | Source
herbs on bottles
herbs on bottles | Source

For making spices or decorative bottles

Still looking for ideas on how to reused empty glass bottles?

*. You can reused empty glass bottles by making your favorite spices! I had seen my elderly relatives fill a bottle with chillis, vinegar, cloves of garlic minced onions and pepper.

*. For another idea, you can also use these bottles for your favorite herbs!

*. And for those who likes to experiment making their own essential oil from herbs, if you have an empty glass bottles, it might be really helpful for your experiment.

* And of course for making decorative bottles. I remember being in a store and spotting decorative bottles had stopped me for a while. I was curious to see what's inside. Well, you can make your own decorative bottles. It could be anything: maybe a colorful feather you had picked up from your morning walk, or all kinds of seeds, along with some dried fragrant flowers or leaves.

And if you have decorative gems, you might want to use it instead if you don't have other decorative items to use.

Have you used a glass bottle for any of these?

See results

And who said empty bottles can't be used for something like this? Romantic isn't it?! I love being around candles and lighting a candle inside a bottle might be much safer than sticking it in a candle stand or candle plate.

Inhale....exhale.... and open your eyes and look at the candle lights.
Inhale....exhale.... and open your eyes and look at the candle lights. | Source

Using fairy lights is another idea. Not only it awakens the little child inside of you seeing how perfect these tiny little lights as small as a rice grain emits their light, it is safe as well being battery operated.

Glass bottles for terrariums!

I haven't tried making a terrarium myself but seeing this gives me curiosity on how to make a beautiful terrarium such as these.

They would make a nice addition on a home aren't they?

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Empty bottles are good for coins as well. Either you can use it as a bottle bank (not piggy bank this time,) or use it to store those change.


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