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What To Do With Your GoPro Camera

Updated on April 7, 2015

Your New GoPro

Whether you've purchased a GoPro or a similar camera you've likely seen videos on Youtube that show people jumping off cliffs surrounded by breathtaking scenery or dirt biking through deserts and tundra performing stunts along the way. Realistically very few of us live lives that death-defying, so how do we use our GoPros and create exciting or interesting content?

Carry It With You

One of the best features of a GoPro that's often overlooked in light of all the cool things it can do is the size. GoPros are small and easy to carry around in your pocket, with or without a case, so be sure to carry it around. You didn't spend hundreds of dollars on it to have it sit in a drawer or on a shelf did you? The best thing about your daily life is the "you never know" factor, where you never know what you'll encounter on your trip to and from work, such as wildlife, interesting advertisement, piece of art, etc. While GoPros capture breathtaking video, they also take amazing hi res pictures, which is easy to take advantage of vs carrying around a bulky DSLR all the time.

You're Life Is More Exciting Than You Think

You may have bought your GoPro to take video during your last Caribbean vacation and you haven't been sure what to do with it since. It's time to take a look around at your daily life and get creative. If you truly enjoy filming and cutting video then finding interesting things to capture in your daily life won't be that hard.

Simple Things

Don't overthink it, maybe you have a holiday meal coming up that you're preparing for family, a perfect opportunity to setup a time-lapse of the preparation and cooking. You're end result will be quick and interesting and easy to put together.

Important Life Events

If you have kids there will be lots and lots of firsts for them that you can capture, such as learning to crawl, walk or ride a bike, or going to the local fair and experiencing rides. If they play sports there's always good moments that will look great is slow motion.

It's Easier Than You Think

If you've had your camera for a while you likely know about the free video editing software that comes with it called GoPro Studio. The intelligent folks at GoPro have created a very simple, steps-based, software that helps you add and organize clips, and utilize features like slow motion, time-lapse and more.

GoPro Studio

It's important to keep in mind the general basics of what makes a good final product. Here are a few tips that can help you create a good final product from your footage.

Plan Ahead

While filming your event keep in mind that you will be cutting it into a video later on, so getting great angles, a variety of shots, close-ups, sound bites, and more will provide you with more options when putting a video together and create a more interesting final product.

Keep It Short

If you've been cutting video for a while you know that keeping segments short (<10 seconds) is key to holding viewer interest. Even if you are showing the same content try switching between shots of the same thing every few seconds to make the video more interesting.

Appropriate Soundtrack

Adding your favourite song or the most trendy song of the moment to any footage might not be the best option. It's important to choose something appropriate to the content of the video and something that those watching will enjoy as well. It's good to match up parts of the song to moments in the video such as an action sequence that begins when the chorus begins, but over-matching has the opposite effect and can be too obvious. It's important to create balance when matching video to a song. It's also not essential to use the entire track from beginning to end. You can easily pick up the track halfway through at a specific point that works with a clip, or cut it off with a nice fade as your story comes to an end.

Even Golf Can Be Interesting

It's A Healthy Hobby

Having a GoPro is fun and a great hobby, but it's also healthy. It forces you to get out and create situations where you'll be able to use it to capture cool events and create memories. Whether you want to film a segment about a great guacamole you've made, or you're planning a father and son kayak trip with the family, bring your GoPro. Capturing planned events, sports and more is a great way to keep memories, and the more you do it the more proficient you become. After a while you'll look back at your first video and want to recut the raw footage to make it even better and more interesting. If you feel up to it you can also graduate to more complex software with more features such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro. There is a learning curve for each of these, but there was also a learning curve to using your GoPro and look how good you're doing now.

Overall just take a look around and you'll see places in your life where you can create great video, capture memorable moments, or take funny pictures. You'll thank yourself later.

© 2015 Daniel


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