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What to do with digital photos after you take them

Updated on March 14, 2015

Photo projects

Book on special landscape projects that will make you a better photographer.

Digital camera prints

Now that you've taken digital pictures with your digital camera of many things, things that are very important to you, what do you do with them? You want to be able to share them with others and show them off. You have important pictures of events and memorable times in your life that you want to experience again and again. There are several ways to do this. Make a slide show, get camera prints, photo books, pictures on mugs, key chains etc. The great thing about digital camera prints is that you only have to spend money on the good ones.

Digital cameras have added to so many more options because people are taking hundreds of millions more photos than ever before. There is money to be made from all those pictures so many things are now available than even just a few years ago.

Bryce canyon
Bryce canyon

Create a Slide show

This is my favorite way to show off my photos. You can also do some really creative things that people will enjoy watching them over and over. You can make a slide show of your grand kids, birthday parties, trips you have taken, Weddings that you have photographed, and anything else that you have a group of photos to put a slide show together.

Here is an example of one a slide show I made that is photos of my daughter and her friends and her band, Set to music that she wrote and is singing. She loves it. Click her to watch it.

The software is Photodex Proshow gold. Very cool software that you can do almost anything you want to make a slide show of your pictures. It sells for $69. They will even let you try the full version for free for a limited time. They give you a web page that you can save your slide show on, And invite anyone to come and watch the slide show. You can upload them to youtube, you can save them on a DVD, you can make them an auto start slide show on a computer, and many other output options.


Shutterfly is a site where you can upload your digital pictures and make digital camera prints, books,and many other products like mugs, mouse pads, t shirts, bags, puzzles, etc.

You can also have your family and friends come to site and see your photos and order their own digital camera prints or books or anything they have. If you want digital camera prints and need them fast, you can pick them up at your local Target store.

Check out this photography blog for tons of great information and thousands of tips on how to improve your photography.


Snapfish has most of the same things as Shutterfly. The sharing, and all the products. They have the lowest price on 4x6 digital camera prints, $.09. They also have the best price on 4x8 photo cards, and good quality. Many choices of books, some as low as $4.99. You can also pick them up at Walgreens if you need them faster.


Mpix has all the same things as the others above but they are more high end. The prices are higher but the quality is fantastic. They also have several products that you can't get anywhere else, and a special metallic photo paper that is really cool for certain photos. They also have professional framing and many other professional services.

Adorama Camera Pix

Adorama camera Also very high quality and excellent service. They also have all the same types of services. They can also print on the back of a print if you want. The prices are very reasonable. They are also part of one of the best camera stores in the country.


Viovio specializes in photo books. They were one of the first bookmakers. They have many sizes to choose from and very good prices on the books.

Nice video that shows how to upload pics online


There are many others out there, these are the ones that I have used with very positive results of my digital camera prints. Check out their websites and try a few to see what you think. Have some fun with your digital camera prints.

Here are some other good photo tips.

How to store your digital photos The nice thing about a digital camera is that you can take as many photos as you want. The problem is, digital photo storage, how to organize and store your digital photos so you can find them later.

How to take great vacation photos When you get home from a trip, the only thing you have to remember the great time you had are the vacation pictures that you took of your trip.

Take great photos with a pocket camera Almost everyone has a point and shoot digital camera nowadays. Most people use them for taking shot of family and vacation, and just everyday things to remember their life.

Manual settings with your SLR Almost all digital camera's that are more than a point and shoot digital camera allow you to set some manual settings. Doing this allows you to set the aperture and the shutter speed independently of each other.

Choose the perfect digital camera To save your family memories, everyone needs to have a quality digital camera. There are so many choices on the market now it is very hard to choose the best digital camera for you. You need to narrow down the search by deciding what options are most important to you.

Take great fireworks pictures Almost everyone loves fireworks. You can get some great fireworks pictures if you know the secrets. Just getting the shots can be fun, but to get the best shots you need to plan ahead.

Take pictures of beautiful flowers Taking pictures of beautiful flowers is something I have always enjoyed. You see things on the photos and through the camera lens that you don't see just looking at them.

Take better pictures with a point and shoot camera Almost everyone has a point and shoot digital camera nowadays. Most people use them for taking shot of family and vacation, and just everyday things to remember their life.

Take great Halloween pictures Halloween is one of the best holidays to get some great pictures. It is a chance to get great shots of people in a way that you will not be able to get at any other time of the year.

Best digital camera on a budget If you want a digital camera, but think you can't afford one, I have the solution for you. I actually have 2 solutions for you .


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