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Where And How To Buy An African Artwork

Updated on November 11, 2012

Nigerian Artworks

Africa is no doubt the home of global artworks, and for this reason alone, Africa as a continent generates over a $100 million a month from tourism, and a good number of these tourists are visiting Africa to purchase some exotic looking African artworks representing the ancient people of Africa and their way of life ranging from: tradition, religion, belief, trade, agriculture, wars, adventure, etc...

In order words, this article is solely meant to promote African artworks, with a focus on Nigerian artworks, and to also serve as a quick guide to those thinking of getting one. Nigeria is obviously the center of African arts, with loads of gorgeous and exotic looking artworks to choose from; ranging from the ancient Bini kingdom artworks, to the great Igbo Ukwu, the Idoma, Yoruba, and Isi-nri artworks.

If you also love your portrait to be drawn and customized, there are professional artistes and sculptors available to render such service to you at a very give away price- some may even reproduce your portrait for you without charging you a dime.

Everyday, foreigners from all parts of the world troop into Nigeria as tourists just to shop for Nigerian artworks, on very many occasions; I have stumbled upon such tourists who often come in groups or as couples to shop for ancient Nigeria artworks, which can be used to decorate your office, home or gallery.


Where To Buy A Genuine Nigerian Artwork

One of the biggest challenges most foreigners encounter when trying to buy an African artwork is knowing where to shop for one. Remember, genuine African artworks are rare to come by, if at all you desire to buy the genuine one.

Nigerian artworks come in different forms, depending on the origin of the art, for instance, we have the Igbo tribal artworks, peculiar with the popular Igbo tribe in Nigeria, like the great Igbo ukwu artwork, and we have the Yoruba arts, which is one of the most popular artworks in Nigeria. We also have the Hausa-Fulani artworks, the Idoma, Ijaw artworks and other Niger-Delta artworks, and most importantly the Ancient Bini artworks which attracted the interest of so many foreigners during and after the Nigerian colonial rule. It was believed by the Bini people, and by so many other tribes in Nigeria that the colonial masters stole most of their historic artworks and exported them to their land for their personal use.

Benin City, Nigeria

Now, if you are planning to get a Bini artwork for instance, it would be more advisable for you to visit Benin city when you come to Nigeria, because it is there that you will see different kinds of Bini Artworks to select from, and at a very give away price. Of course you can still find them in other parts of Nigeria like Lagos, Abuja, PortHarcourt, etc, but the price can never be the same when you buy it directly from Benin, considering the fact that Lagos and Abuja art galleries where you may find the artworks you are searching for, are always expensive since they are located in the most popular cities in Nigeria, plus the increasing demand.

Eko Hotel & Suites, Lagos

One reliable place to shop for an African or Nigerian artwork is Eko Hotel located in Lagos. This is one of the most happening hotels in Nigeria, and it has a good reputation record, so that you wouldn’t need to worry.

Eko hotel and suites has a well equipped and frequently updated art gallery where you can find all kinds of Nigerian and other African arts displayed. They also sell portable art souvenirs that you can give to friends as a gift.

Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) Ile-Ife, Osun State

You can also find great Nigerian artworks at OAU at Ile-Ife, located in Osun State Nigeria.

National Museum Center Lagos Nigeria

will be updating more reliable places to find a genuine Nigerian artwork with time.

How Much Does A Nice Nigerian Artwork Cost?

The prices of the artworks vary, depending on the origin and artiste, but I am sure you can afford them with ease. But to give you an idea, you can get a decent artwork here in Nigeria with $300 upwards, and believe me, they always worth their price, see below for some samples.

African Romance
African Romance


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