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Where Can You Use Embossed Nameplates?

Updated on March 28, 2014
Embossed Metal Plates
Embossed Metal Plates

Embossed nameplates can actually be used in many different ways and by many different businesses. If you are looking for a metal nameplate that is both durable as well as eye-catching, then this particular type of a name plate is what you need. Since embossing allows for the creation of 3-dimensional characters on the metal, it gives you a good looking plate to use for a variety of reasons.

One of the most common uses for this particular type of metal nameplate is for labeling purposes. Since these can accurately carry a company’s brand, logo, or even an image of their mascot on it, such a tag is found to be great for labeling needs. Of course, these are used to label items that can carry metal plates on them. Since not all merchandise can do that, or would look right sporting a tag made out of metal, this cannot be used on all kinds of products.

Common Uses of Embossed Plates

You can find these metal branding tags on products such as lawnmowers, automobiles, power tool, and the like. You can also see these on items like kitchen appliances, heavy-duty equipment, and computer systems. In short, these tags are often used on items that are rather sizeable, or are used in areas that expose them to the elements and rough conditions.

Embossed plates are great for use in tagging products for branding needs, but that is not the only use these tags have. You can actually use these tags for more than just branding and labeling. These can be used to carry important information about whatever it is attached to, such as the serial number and model number of the item. These tags can be ordered by manufacturing companies to carry their logo, company name, and contact information on them in embossed characters. These would have spaces left blank for the model number and serial number of the item these are to be attached to.

Casual Uses for Metal Nameplates That Are Embossed

Another use that these tags can find themselves being utilized for is for nameplates on doors, tables and anywhere these are needed. You can have your name and your position embossed on these plates for your work, or for your employees too. You can also have these tags created for more than just official purposes, such as for the making of room numbers for dorm rooms or for your home address or number. You can post these on your mailbox, beside your door, or at your gate, to show people your house number, the name of the family living there, and other information you might want to share.

These are just a few of the uses of these tags, and since embossed nameplates can be painted over after embossing to help make these more attractive to look at, and to make the designs on them stand out a bit more, you can also use these for decorative purposes. Simply have your design embossed on a metal plate of your choice, be it stainless steel, aluminum, or bronze, and you can then use this for any decorative capacity you deem fit.

Who Manufactures These Metal Plates?

If you are in need of a company that can create and customize these metal nameplates for you, one of the avenues you can try is the internet. As with everything else these days, these plates, and companies who specialize in their creation as well their customization, can be easily found with a search term and a click of a mouse button. You can find businesses that specialize in these items near where you are located, or across the country.

Your choice on who you will have these tags manufactured will depend on what options these companies present you, how much they will charge you for these items, and whether or not they can give you what you need. Manufacturers of these plates can also offer you different metal plate options such as etched metal, stamped plates, and even photosensitized ones (also called metalphoto). As always, what you need will help you determine what kind of metal nameplate to have made, whether it be embossed metal plates, etched metal ones, or printed ones for that matter.


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