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Where to Buy Discount Craft and Decorative Painting Supplies! Save Money, Buy Bulk Craft Supplies!

Updated on January 12, 2014

Ok, I admit it! I am addicted to crafting. I guess you could call me a craft-a-holic. Not only am I addicted to making things, I am addicted to buying craft supplies as well. There's nothing better than sorting through a pile of beautiful fabric or searching for that perfect color of paint. Over the years I have accumulated so many craft items I decided to turn one of my spare bedrooms into a craft room so that I had a place to neatly store everything. (Thank you IKEA for having great and inexpensive storing options!). I LOVE my craft room. It is my sanctuary. A place where I can be alone and create beautiful things. It is where I go when I need to escape!

There are many places to buy craft supplies and discounted craft supplies. When I find a really good deal I tend to "stock up" (hence the reason I have an over abundance of stuff). There are two craft stores located within fifteen minutes of my home. They are big chain stores that you have probably heard of...MICHAELS and A.C. MOORE. Both of these stores have weekly sales and coupons. The coupons can be found in the newspaper or on-line. Both of these stores sell general craft items as well as a BUNCH of other stuff. These are my "go-to" stores when I need stuff like glue, glitter or paint brushes (they both occasionally have great paint brush sales!). I also love to visit these stores around the holiday season as you can't beat their selection of Christmas florals, picks and decorations! Because I sell my crafts at holiday craft shows...these items are a must. It is also important to note that both Michaels and A.C. Moore have great Black Friday specials.....worth checking out!

When I need fabric or sewing supplies I almost always go to Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts (they too have great coupons and sales). If I'm in the mood to go for a little drive, I'll head over to the Hobby Lobby.

Decorative Painting

Though I love all types of crafts, decorative painting is my passion. I paint all year long and then sell my wares at local craft shows and bazaars. Though I love Michaels and A.C. Moore, they don't carry most of the paint colors I need. They also don't carry the unfinished wooden surfaces I need in order to paint my Christmas ornaments. The internet is where I turn when I need decorative painting supplies.

Cabin Crafters is one of my all-time FAVORITE places to shop (and browse). They sell so many things it would take forever to list them all. From painting books to unfinished wooden surfaces...this internet store is paradise for the decorative painter. They also sell other craft items such as rusty tin surfaces, art magazines, pattern packets and so much more. They also sell hard to find paint colors (colors that you would never find in your local craft store!).

Other wonderful on-line places to shop if you love to paint are:

Viking WoodCrafts

Bear With Us

Cupboard Distributing

The Artists Club

Note: If you are REALLY into decorative painting and want to take your hobby to the next level (and meet fellow painters) may wish to attend the HOOT Painting Convention. They have a trade-show floor that is second to none! I have traveled to Ohio to simply shop at the trade-show!

Some ornaments I have painted and sold!
Some ornaments I have painted and sold!

Factory Direct Craft Sells General Crafts

Even though painting is my passion, I also enjoy other crafts such as decorating and selling artificial holiday wreaths (all types and sizes). Because I sell these at shows, it is important that I buy my supplies in bulk so I save money. My all-time favorite "general" on-line craft store is Factory Direct Crafts. This store has just about everything you can imagine. You name it, they probably sell it. They also have reasonable prices, great sales and best of all...excellent customer service! They also sell many items in bulk so you get more "bang for your buck!"

Save Money! Don't Forget the Dollar Store!

Finally, there are two other locations I go to when searching for a good deal on craft supplies. Occasionally you can find interesting items at both Walmart and your local Dollar Store. Now by no means are they my go-to craft suppliers, however, I have come across a few good deals now and again. Walmart has a lot of crafting basics such as glue, glitter, buttons, sewing items and kids crafts. The Dollar Store tends to be "hit or miss" other words, you never really know what you might find.

So there you have it...some of the best places to find reasonably priced craft supplies. Crafting is so much fun and best of all, it doesn't have to drain your bank account. It is also a great way to spend time with your kids and get away from the television! If you know of a great place to buy craft all means, please leave a comment below! Happy Crafting!


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