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Where to Promote Your Free Knitting Patterns

Updated on January 24, 2011

Promote Your Knitting Blog

For many knitters, running a knitting blog is a great way to keep track of your projects and organize your photos. Like any craft, once you follow enough patterns, you will eventually start to design your own patterns. But how do you promote your free patterns? I am going to share you my tips and tricks to get your knitting designs noticed and bring traffic to your blog.


Promote you free knitting patterns on your own blog!

Make it easy for people who visit your blog to find the patterns that you offer for free (or even those that you offer for sale.) If someone enjoys seeing what you knit, they may like to try to replicate some of your work.

Once you have multiple free knitting patterns on your blog, a list on the sidebar becomes too cumbersome. I dedicate an entire page to my free patterns with thumbnails of each pattern organized by category for easy viewing. I created a banner (shown on the right) which I display at the top of my sidebar to make it easy for my readers to find.

Submit Your Patterns to Ravelry

Ravelry is a knitting and crochet directory where you can easily keep track and store information from all of your knitting projects. Not only is their organization for your own "notebook" phenominal, Ravelry offers a fantastic pattern search option which includes thumbnails of the photos and many ways to refine your search.

This is a fantastic way to promote your knitting designs. Share the photos of the design and link directly back to your blog, or upload a pdf directly to Ravelry.

Cons: You may not see much traffic to your blog as people will look at the pictures in Ravelry itself.

Pros: You can see how many members like your patterns, how many have added it to their project queue and then see final photos when someone uploads them to their project file. It is a great way to get feedback on your designs.

Submit Your Patterns to

All Free Knitting is a knitting directory that has a separate page for each knitting pattern they promote with a thumbnail of the finished project. The staff is really friendly, and will frequently respond to you personally after you have submitted your pattern links.

Cons: Since a thumbnail is on the pattern page, people will only visit if they are actually interested in the pattern.

Pros: When you pattern hits the "What's Hot" list you will get a huge boost of traffic for that day. Of course, you cannot easily tell when you pattern has hit this list as the boosted traffic will come from the pattern page itself.

Submit Your Knitting Designs to Knitting Pattern Central

Knitting Pattern Central is the largest, and simplest, free knitting pattern directory that I am aware of. After submitting your patterns, they are added into an appropriate category as just a link with the pattern title (so choose a good one!)

Cons: The directory provides only a link to your free pattern page or PDF (if you host it yourself) with no descriptions. You may get a lot of bounced traffic, especially if your pattern title isn't very specific.

Pros: When you pattern is first published in the directory, it will be featured on the What's New list for three weeks (This week, Two Weeks Ago, etc.) which will send a lot of traffic your way.


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