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Where to Sell Your Knitting Designs

Updated on January 27, 2011
Design of a Hat with 14 asymmetric cables.
Design of a Hat with 14 asymmetric cables. | Source

Selling Knitting Patterns

You put a lot of effort into your knitting designs, and once you have them completed, you need platforms to promote and sell these patterns. But where can you go to do this? I have previously talked about how you can promote your free knitting designs, so in this Hub I am going to discuss three different platforms you can use to sell your knitting patterns.

Although I have designed a number of knitting patterns that I offer for free, I have not yet tried to sell any.  The websites that I am going to mention in this hub are places where I know you can sell your knitting patterns. 

Sell Your Knitting Designs on Etsy

Etsy is my favorite place to go when I am searching for handmade items to buy.  As of the publication of this hub, there are over 16,000 different knitting patterns for sale on Etsy. What does it cost?  It costs $0.20 to list an item for up to 4 months, and then once you sell your pattern Etsy gets 3.5% of the sale price.  The downside is that each pattern you sell counts as one item, so if you have say that you have 2 of a pattern available in a listing, it would be $0.40.


Ravelry is one of my favorite resources for all things knitting. It is a great resource for designers whether you are offering your patterns for free or for sale.

There is no cost to list your pattern for sale. Create a PDF of your knitting pattern, set the price and upload it to Ravelry and let them take care of the rest!

Ravelry's Fees:
If you sell under $20 a month, they take nothing!
$20.01 - $100 in sales; 5% of total sales
$100.01 - $250 in sales; $5 fee
$250.01 - $1000 in sales; $10 fee
$1000.01 and up - $20

Ravelry sounds so great, are there any negatives? People need to have a free Ravelry account in order to purchase and view details about your free patterns, so you will need to do some advertising of your patterns for sale elsewhere, too.

In my opinion, Ravelry is the best option to sell your knitting designs.  I would just make sure to promote your designs on your blog to send people to Ravelry!

Sell Your Knitting Patterns on Ebay

Ebay is another trusted site where you can sell your knitting patterns, especially if you already have an account and a lot of positive reviews.

What about Ebay's Selling Fees?  The fee structure depends on whether you decide to auction your patterns or set them as Buy it Now.  If you decide to sell a knitting pattern for $1.99, you would have a $0.50 fixed price listing fee and then you would pay 12% of the final sale price to Ebay after the sale.  BUT, the $0.50 listing fee does not depend on the number of items you have in that listing, so it's possible you could list multiple of a single pattern under one listing. 


I hope that you have good luck selling your knitting pattern designs.  When I start selling knitting pattens myself I will make sure to give you some updates on which of these three sites I think would be the best to use to sell your knitting designs. 


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    • misslong123 profile image

      Michele Kelsey 4 years ago from Edmond, Oklahoma

      Wow, this is an extremely effective website. Thank you for sharing so much information. When I first considered making money online, I wanted to sell my patterns, but haven't really had great guidelines on how to do that. This hubpage will be very helpful to me. I voted you up! I will for sure bookmark this page as one to refer to later. Thanks again, Michele

    • profile image

      magicforest 5 years ago

      you can sell them @ piiqshop

    • profile image

      HeidiMarie 5 years ago

      Don't forget that the Paypal service also costs money. When I sell a pattern for $3.99 on Ravelry Paypal takes $0.42 cents for the transaction. You gotta pay for everything! :O)

    • profile image

      lynn 5 years ago

      more profitable than etsy or ebay? HAHAHAHAHA, have you seen that, it's absolute shite!

    • profile image

      Lynn Hofstetter 6 years ago

      You can sell them on too, it's an easy selling platform for digital downloads. Save the pattern as a PDF file, and put it up for sale -- no financial risk and it's quite profitable. More so than Etsy or eBay.