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Which Scrapbook Adhesive is Right For You?

Updated on March 20, 2011

Archival Safe Scrapbooking Adhesives Are Important For Preserving Photos

The most important consideration when choosing a scrapbooking adhesive is that it is photo safe! Always check the label for terms such as acid-free or archival safe. A scrapbooking adhesive comes in many varieties and whichever one you decide to use depends on your personal preference. The alternative to a scrapbooking adhesive is decorative hardware like brads, eyelets and clips.

The Most Popular Choice of Scrapbooking Adhesive is Glue

One of the best scrapbook adhesive applicators is the glue stick. They are fairly inexpensive and are great for adhering paper embellishments to a page; however they may not be the best choice for attaching photos

Many scrapbooking glues are non-toxic and acid-free.
Many scrapbooking glues are non-toxic and acid-free.

Liquid glue is generally clear drying and is good for gluing heavier objects such as metal accents or ribbon to your scrapbook page. Keep in mind that this type of scrapbook adhesive will require plenty of time to dry properly. For easy application, try a glue pen.

Glue dots work great for small embellishments like buttons, charms or flowers. Glue dots come in several sizes and are very easy to apply. Cut the dot off the roll and stick it to your item. You then remove the backing and press the accent firmly in place. Be sure of your placement as this adhesive is not repositionable.

Decorative tape is great for adding color to your scrapbook page!
Decorative tape is great for adding color to your scrapbook page!

Use Scrapbooking Adhesive Foam Tape to Create a 3-D Effect

Double sided foam tape comes in squares, circles and on a roll. There are various thicknesses that can be used to create dimension on your project.

There are many styles of photo tape available with the most common being double sided scotch tape. It comes on a dispenser just like regular tape except that it is sticky on both sides. You'll also find it in the style of a pen, with tape that rolls out easily for quick application. These types of dispensers give you the advantage of choosing what length you will use.

There are also pre-cut tape squares and dots of photo tape that are great for attaching paper or small accents without having tape showing from the back.

Another option is double-sided tape sheets. These are full sized sheets of clear tape that can be punched or cut into any custom shape. These are great for adhering beads, baubles and glitter.

There are many designer photo corners available today.
There are many designer photo corners available today.

Photo Corners Bring Style To Your Scrapbooking Adhesive!

 Photo corners are a little different. Usually triangular in shape, these items have peel-away backings to reveal adhesive that is used to hold a photo at each corner. While the first photo corners were usually plain white or black, many manufacturers have started producing ones that are more decorative. They now come in many colors and styles.

Some Unique Ideas For Scrapbooking Adhesive

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