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Why Learning Free Web Design Makes Sense?

Updated on November 3, 2011

Rare is the day when I do not come across one or the other fabulous WordPress theme selling at dirt-cheap prices for web design. This is not surprising because it has become important for both the designers to sell and the prospects to buy the web design themes at rock-bottom prices in order to survive.

The situation, as critical as it is now, has been building up for a couple of years as hundreds of companies have reduced jobs in the face of economic meltdown. People are facing trying times cutting across almost all the sectors and in perhaps all the countries.

Given the difficult conditions, the Internet has emerged as a kind of face-saver in the sense that people can now hawk and barter their skills across the globe. The advantage is that if the efforts bear fruit, the reward in terms of money earned is fast and immediate.

Several studies have reached the conclusion that there is a spurt in online learning of late. This I have discussed briefly in my last article on using free e-learning software to build e-learning course.

How It Unfolds

Looking at how the situation is evolving let me make a few points.

  • 1. People are aware of the reach of the Internet, and are eager to cash in their expertise on the web.

  • 2. Many people are wanting to start their own web business as fast as they can.

  • 3. Owning a website is one of the first activities people that want to start their web business do.

  • 4. The look and the feel of a website have changed a lot in favor of variety and usefulness.

  • 5. Web designers are the first lot of professionals who have emerged winners in terms of demand for their works.

To the above points I would like to add that while the clutter of new websites is increasing, there are few that hold promise to survive the vagaries of the world ‘wild’ web. There are good reasons for that.

After all the design of a website has its utility only up to a point. What matters are the width and the depth of the content development of the website.

It is here that many websites fail, being unable to fathom why the web works the way it does. And they under-perform where it really matters, which is adding enough contents that can act as a glue to retain visitors’ interest so as to inform, educate, and keep them engaged.

Keeping Costs Low

One of the first advices that I give to my clients is to keep their costs low. This is something that is dear to me come rain or sun. I belong to the old school that feels it is always better to have a leash on your costs while charting out a new course (except perhaps if you are lucky to be awash with lots to spare!).

The situation now, which I feel is nearly the same for the majority of us, requires us to be conservative on spending and be judgmental on what we are spending. Money saved is money earned after all.

It is primarily to keep the costs low that learning to make free web design makes a lot of sense. However it is not only for one’s own website that matters. The picture becomes clearer when you realize that you can easily start your own web business where you offer your service to design website at a nominal cost.

The Opportunity Beckons

Often the opportunity is not apparent in plain view. You may need to dig a little deep to unearth it and take advantage of it.

Consider for example the fact that a website needs server space to reside. Combine this with the other fact that the hosting providers are now offering rates that are cheaper than ever.

As a web designer you may become an affiliate of a web host and offer hosting solution with free web design to your clients and maybe something more like say an e-book on search engine optimization that I do. In most cases the affiliate income is quite handsome for the free web design that you’re offering.

In such a case as above both you and your client are in a win-win situation because you both stand to benefit from the deal.

Learn Free Web Design

If you feel learning free web design does make sense, let me help you with a course I made some time back.

In 6-part video tutorials with a total of 23 lessons, the following topics are covered that seek to make it easy and fast for creating excellent free web designs:

  1. 3 free ways to transfer content from your computer to your website

  2. Free installation of WordPress blog for managing contents in your website, and then adding free themes

  3. Free redesigning of theme to create your unique web design

  4. Free uploading of files to your website using FTP

  5. Free addition of text and image contents to your website

  6. Adding media files like audio and video with free plugins

What The Future Holds

For once let me don the hat of a skeptic and argue simplistically, “What happens when the economy improves? Won’t there be a dip in the demand for websites?”

To answer let me refer to a recent Columbia University study where researcher Betsy Sparrow found that the rise of Internet search engines like Google has changed the way our brain remembers information.

She concluded that “We remember less through knowing information itself than by knowing where the information can be found.”

That the search volume is burgeoning like never before has been indicated by many analysts, and indeed can be gauged by the figures given out by the different companies dealing with web analytics.

The point is what do the people look for when they search?

Well, they look for information. No prize guessing that!

And where does that information appear?

You know the answer!!


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