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The Unknown Tales of Professional Photography

Updated on February 8, 2015

Photography: A Lucrative Profession

Photography is always a prestigious career option. Photography solely depends upon one’s expertise to handle light and shade in the proper proportions. Professional photography requires something extra than mere aesthetic sense. Some special skills are pre requisite for a successful photographer, sound knowledge of photography technique being the first.

Photographers are found almost everywhere. Let it be a car race, a wedding, or channels like animal channel, fashion channel… a photographer’s presence will always be there. Any idea regarding their charges?  Every single photograph brings them more than 50$! Which means this that they earn an average of 250$ to 500 $ per day. Wondering why they are getting paid like this for nothing but simply taking a photograph? It’s the risk factor they face while photographing every single snap that actually fetches them this much money. They wait for hours to take a photo. They risk their lives every now and then to take a snap.

Why Professional Photographers Charge High Amount for Their Work?

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Photographers At WorkPhotographers At WorkPhotographers At WorkPhotographers At WorkPhotographers At WorkPhotographers At WorkPhotographers At WorkPhotographers At Work
Photographers At Work
Photographers At Work
Photographers At Work
Photographers At Work
Photographers At Work
Photographers At Work
Photographers At Work
Photographers At Work
Photographers At Work
Photographers At Work
Photographers At Work
Photographers At Work
Photographers At Work
Photographers At Work
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Photographers At Work

How to Start a Photography Bussiness? Start Your Own Photography Business

Photographers At Work

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Specializations In Photography

Each photographer fits into a particular category. Like every other field photography too has specializations. According to category of photos taken, photography can mainly be classified as follows:

  • Sports Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Still Life Photography
  • Outdoor Photography
  • Amateur Photography
  • Editorial Photography
  • Wild Life Photography
  • Wedding Photography
  • Glamor Photography
  • Portraits Photography
  • Advertising Photography
  • Conceptual Photography
  • Crime scene Photography
  • Food Photography
  • Fine art Photography
  • Nude Specialists Photography

As the name itself indicates, sports photography is all about taking photographs of sports events. When a photographer brings out a catchy, impressive image during a sports event, we marvel at the work. But we hardly think of the effort and risk behind taking such a memorable image. Yet another interesting fact is this that photographs help reaching accurate decisions regarding who exactly is the winner in a sports event. This is called photofinishing. When two or more competitors cross the finishing line at almost the same time, it’s really hard time deciding the exact winner. Here comes the relevance of a photograph. A photograph or a series of rapidly taken photographs may help us know the truth. Laser is often used to take such rapid photos.

Fashion photography focuses on clothes and other fashion accessories of the fashion world. Still life photography often goes for artificial light and studio environment where as outdoor photography prefers the sun for the source light. Editorial photography deals with depicting the crux and context of a story.

Wild life photography zooms into animal life. Rare pictures of animals and birds enthrall us often. But again, we hardly appreciate the photographer’s patience that made the latter wait for hours together to get an outstanding snap. They climb up buildings and trees to get a different view of the image.

Wedding photography is related with weddings. In a sense, it’s the photographers who make the weddings memorable!

Glamor Photography is always on the hunt for models. It’s a variant of Advertising photography.

Every category of photography has got its own grandeur and distinction. No wonder that professional photographers are getting paid in bulk.

My upcoming hubs will be

  • Digital Photography Course: How to take good sport photo
  • How To Start a Home Based Photography Business


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    • LensMan999 profile image

      LensMan999 8 years ago from Trans-Neptunian region

      Ah, yes, okcgal29:) How wonderful that would be!

    • okcgal29 profile image

      okcgal29 8 years ago

      Yes - just as any other profession, there is a level of SKILL that professional photographers deserve to be paid for.


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