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Wine Bottle Labels

Updated on December 23, 2010

If you're a homemaker of wine or home brewer then you probably make your product in big enough batches to give a lot away. Have you given any thought to your wine bottle labels? You could just write the date and type right on your bottles with a wax pencil but how professional does that look? You might get people not wanting to drink your wine with that kind of label. A most of you know it's easy to make your own labels with you computer printer these days, but that's not the only option, let's take a look at why you'd use labels and some of the other options on making some personalized wine bottle labels – even if you don't make your own wine.

The first reason to label your bottle of wine is so you know how old it is. Wine can go bad after awhile and you want to know when that is, otherwise you might sit down expecting a nice bottle of wine and get vinegar instead. Another reason is so other people know what's in the bottle and how old it is, you might brew one kind of wine so you always know what's in the bottle, but not everybody else does, so be sure to make wine bottle labels before you give your product away.

By Strange Librarian via Flickr
By Strange Librarian via Flickr

Wedding Wine Bottle Labels

Even if you don't brew your own wine there are some reasons why you might want to look into wine bottle labels, lets suppose you were having a party, like a birthday party or wedding reception and wanted some labels that matched the theme of your party, or if you were going to a party and bringing some of your home made wine you could have a personalized label for the host, or birthday girl or boy. If they really like wine that could be a really nice personalized gift. There are wedding favor places on online that sell wedding wine bottle labels specifically for wedding favors, they also sell water bottle labels too, if you're not having alcohol.

Mini Wine Bottle Labels

If you're going the route of providing wine bottle labels for a party, then you probably will want to put them on your own bottles of wine or buy wine from a supplier that will put labels on for you. Any wine you buy in the store is going to have labels on it anyway, and you don't want to go through the process of taking them off and putting your own on. There are places online that sell wine that will make labels for you and apply them, then ship the bottles to you. If you want personal party favors you can get mini wine bottle labels, for small one serving bottles of wine. Some let you choose your own design, some have different elements you choose for your label.

Customized Wine Bottle Labels

If you're wanting personalized labels for your own use the first thing to do is make wine bottle labels yourself. You can print them out on your home printer on ordinary paper and give them a spray with some sealer to make them waterproof, unless you kind find waterproof paper in the store that can be printed on with your kind of printer. Then glue them on with a thin layer of white glue, or other multi surface glue. You can also find sheets of paper that are peel off stickers, or you can use address labels that are the size you want. Another option is to look at a wine supply store, many times they'll have blank labels for wine bottles that are already suited to wine bottle labels, and can handle the moisture, and they're peel off stickers. They'll usually come in all sizes, but if not try a home brew store for beer, and use those as small wine bottle labels.

Wine Bottle Labels Online

If you don't have some artistic talent but not a printer, you can get your labels printed online. There are several places online that will print stickers for you at a reasonable cost, Vista Print and Cafe Press come to mind. You design your artwork in the size, resolution and format they require, then upload it. The print your labels and ship them to you. If you don't have any artistic talent then you can choose from some of their design elements and create your own. They usually have a large library of clip art and decorations you can choose and rearrange in your own way for your own personal wine bottle label. Then choose the font you want and have them printed out.

I hope this has given you some ideas on how to make some custom wine bottle labels for you creations you're so proud of. It doesn't have to be fancy, but simple customized wine bottle labels can make your wine more special and something you can feel proud of.

Putting On Wine Bottle Labels


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