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Winter Ice Craft - Gems

Updated on January 22, 2012

Get inspired with an amazing winter craft project that is great for any age member in the family. Not only is the project easy to make, but the results are beautiful and guaranteed to brighten up any dull winter's day, maybe even cure a severe case of cabin fever.

A row of colorful sparkling ice gems brighten up the barren winter landscape.
A row of colorful sparkling ice gems brighten up the barren winter landscape.

I have never been excited about winter but I am always excited by art. When I first came across this project, created by HubPages writer Faceless39, I couldn’t wait to get started. It seemed like a surefire way to learn to ‘love’ winter, even if I freeze my hands off doing it.

A firework frozen in ice.
A firework frozen in ice.

I am amazed at the beauty and intriguing patterns created when the water freezes. For those of you with two left hands, you should know that the success rate for this project is 100%. You can’t mess this one up. My children and I had great fun filling and freezing the balloons and waiting with great anticipation before peeling away of the balloon layer (directions below).

Ice gem closeup reveals fascinating tree like freezing patterns.
Ice gem closeup reveals fascinating tree like freezing patterns.
This formation is reminiscent of cave stalactites.
This formation is reminiscent of cave stalactites.

This is the first time that I have ever been happy about below freezing temperatures sticking around since they allow my ice gems to last that much longer. This craft project is so easy to make and with such amazing results for both kids and adults alike that I strongly suggest you give them a try.

Ice Gem Directions

Learn how to make these charming Ice Ornaments

Ice Ornaments
Ice Ornaments | Source

You can also make Ice Sun Catchers


Valentine's Day Sun Catchers


You can...

© Copyright 2012 Tracy Lynn Conway with all rights reserved.


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  • Georgina_writes profile image

    Georgina Crawford 

    5 years ago from Dartmoor

    These look great. Nice idea for winter party decorations. They catch the sun beautifully in your photos. Rating and following

  • Tracy Lynn Conway profile imageAUTHOR

    Tracy Lynn Conway 

    7 years ago from Virginia, USA

    Frogyfish - Ice gems are so easy and fun to make! Thank you.

  • frogyfish profile image


    7 years ago from Central United States of America

    This does look like fun!

  • Tracy Lynn Conway profile imageAUTHOR

    Tracy Lynn Conway 

    8 years ago from Virginia, USA

    Thank you Iguidenetwork, I am glad that you liked them.

  • iguidenetwork profile image


    8 years ago from Austin, TX

    Very cool!

  • Tracy Lynn Conway profile imageAUTHOR

    Tracy Lynn Conway 

    8 years ago from Virginia, USA

    Ktrapp, you are right about the CT background, good eyes! I agree that a snowy background would make these ice gems look even better. I didn't know Chicago has been dealing with similar weather.

    Randomcreative, thank you, I am so glad that you liked it.

    Movie Master, I hope you try them, maybe they would coordinate with your off season plants. Thank you!


  • Movie Master profile image

    Movie Master 

    8 years ago from United Kingdom

    These are so pretty, I am going to enjoy trying this!

  • randomcreative profile image

    Rose Clearfield 

    8 years ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    What a great winter craft project! The result is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this.

  • ktrapp profile image

    Kristin Trapp 

    8 years ago from Illinois

    I was just showing these wonderful "ice gems" to my daughter. I happened to notice your lack of snow because I couldn't help but take in the CT (???) landscape in your photos that I miss, and because we have yet to have snow this winter in Chicago. We also had record snowfalls last year, so no tears are being shed here over a lack of snow. But I do think the ice gems would look magnificent with a white backdrop, as well.

  • Tracy Lynn Conway profile imageAUTHOR

    Tracy Lynn Conway 

    8 years ago from Virginia, USA

    Homesteadbound, these ice gems were so fun to make, that even without the cold air temperatures I would make them, enjoy them and allow them to melt. No matter the temperature they will all melt eventually anyway. They are truly a delight for the eyes. Thank you!

    Tsarnaudova, I feel the same way about the beauty of these ice gems. I really can't get enough of them. My kids want to know when we will make more. Thank you so much for the comment and votes.

    Ktrapp, Your comments are really so supportive and inspiring to me. Funny that you noticed the absence of snow. After the a record breaking snowfall last winter and the record breaking October storm and blackout, no one is mentioning a word about the lack of white precipitation so far this season. Thanks you so much, you really do deserve your Top Hubber standing.

    GinnyLee, I am really glad you liked this, thank you so much for your comment!

    Hui, Thank you!

    Suzi ONeill, Thank you, I hope you do give it a try.

    Best, Tracy

  • Suzie ONeill profile image

    Suzie ONeill 

    8 years ago from Lost in La La Land

    Very cool! I'm going to have to try this. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hui (蕙) profile image

    Hui (蕙) 

    8 years ago

    Great work to display, beautiful and creative.

  • GinnyLee profile image


    8 years ago from Arlington, VA

    Wow! That is awesome! What a wonderful article!

  • ktrapp profile image

    Kristin Trapp 

    8 years ago from Illinois

    Wow!!! These colorful ice sculptures are absolutely fabulous. Your photos of them are breathtaking, but I would expect nothing less as I have viewed your artwork. I especially love how they add color to the winter landscape sans snow.

    ~vote up, awesome, beautiful, and interesting~

  • tsarnaudova profile image

    Tsvetana Kodjabasheva 

    8 years ago from Sofia, Bulgaria

    Wow, Tracy Lynn, these are amazing! Long I haven't enjoyed watching something so beautiful! Up, and very beautiful!

  • homesteadbound profile image

    Cindy Murdoch 

    8 years ago from Texas

    These are really pretty. Now I wish it were colder for longer just to try this. This looks like fun. They were gorgeous!


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