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Wood Burning art and designs.

Updated on November 17, 2015
Leaf man wood burning image I made.
Leaf man wood burning image I made.

Burning wood and leaving your mark.

It was a slow process in getting into Pyrography for me. I didn't know where to start as far as getting the right tools for the job. I looked online to get inspired in doing this type of art. The easy part of doing wood burning is that just about any type of wood works. Getting into wood buring you'll need a few things to get started. I want to go over my experience of wood burning and creating art with it. I find the smell of the wood is soothing while burning the wood. Slow lines burned into the canvas of wood. For you younger kids reading this that are interested you really would need parents supervision.

A piece I did a few years ago.

This was one part of a maryoshka.
This was one part of a maryoshka.

Step for monster head

  1. I sanded the wood down. And penciled in the main lines very lightly.
  2. I then burn the outline with the wood burner and add shading.
  3. I then painted it with water colors and let it dry.
  4. After I let it set and dry I then add clear gloss.

Tool and supplies

Finding supplies may depend on your location on the map. I have found wood burning supplies at art stores and even at Walmart. Walmart has a generic type of wood burner they usually sell in the arts and crafts area of the store. The best wood burner I have has a thromostat dial on it for how hot you want the tip. I added a link to the type of wood burner I currently use. I have tried the cheaper wood burners, if your on a budget, but I found if you want a little more control your gonna have to pay a little extra.

Different burning tips

When you buy your wood burning tool you should have a few different tips that come with it. A lot of time the tip I use for my wood burner really depends on the piece I'm working on. I recommend just playing around with each different tip you get with your wood burner. I really don't have a favorite tip I use since they all have a little different uses. I have been wanting to try and get more specific tips like letters to make lettering on my wood pieces. For the type of stuff I've done it has mainly been free hand.

It's a slow process

Wood burning is a slow process when you do it. If you get too much in a hurry you will probably get some burn spots from not keeping a consistant pace. Slow fluid movements for me have given me the best results. When I would rush I wouldn't get a clean burn and have to go back over the wood and sometimes that would be too much burn and make it a little darker than most lines I made. All wood is different and some woods will burn just like writing with a pen. And then I've tried some random woods and found that you have to give it a little more time to take a burn. But patience is the key to this type of art form. I have tried some bigger art pieces and it took me a good while to finish them.


A tiger wood burning piece I did.
A tiger wood burning piece I did.

My Tiger piece

This tiger piece I did took me a good while to complete given the hair is what took a long time to do. I find it peaceful when doing something that has to be taken slowly. Getting lost in the lines and making a complete image when it is all said and done. This tiger piece I found a reference image and very lightly penciled in some guides for me to compose my image on the canvas. The wood I purchased from the Wal-Mart arts and crafts section. I don't remember the exact price of the wood but I wanna say it was 10" or 12". A decent size for wood burning something with a lot of detail. This wood is actually really good for wood burning use and has a smooth grain on it. If you get wood that has too much grain put some sand paper to it and make it as smooth as you can get it. But it's a good habit to sand the wood that you plan on using unless your going for a certain look. I've even used some old wood bark setting outside to add some art to it just for fun.


I hope this gives you an idea of how to get into wood burning and creating some art! I'll try later on to write a hub that is a full step by step progress of one of my wood burnings. Getting a little more specific on what my process is for when I wood burn. I've always had fun using a wood burner and making some art with it and hopefully you will too! And please feel free to leave a comment below.


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