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Wood Pellet Heat for the Winter

Updated on August 10, 2010

Wood Pellet Heat for the Winter

 Wood pellet have many advantages when used for heating compared to other source of fuel like oil, and natural gas.  Aside from being the most economical choice of fuel for heating, wood pellet heat for winter is also a greener, cleaner source of energy even though it still produced carbon dioxide when burn.  If you burn wood pellet for heating, you’ll save 8,872 lbs of carbon dioxide as to the 549 lbs saved when you use natural gas, 709 lbs from LPG, 943 lbs from crude oil, and 3,323 lbs from using electricity.  Because premium wood pellet is clean, you don’t need a fireplace with chimney to produce wood pellet heat; you can use it even if you live in a high rise building.

 One of the biggest household expenditure is on fuel for heating, and the ever increasing price of oil certainly did not help most people.  The rapid increase in oil and propane price in just few years hurt several household’s budget leaving them grasping for a relief of heating fuel prices.  If you look at the price of wood pellet on the other hand, the price increase is insignificant if you take out the effects of inflation to it.  That’s why if people could just look passed the fear of enveloping there precious furniture with soot (there’s almost none if you use premium grade wood pellet), wood pellet heat is the most economical.

 You should know that burning wood pellet does not produce soot, and the pellets burn almost 100 percent leaving only a few amount of ash behind.  Compared to fuel wood also, you don’t need an entire wood shed or basement to store wood pellet.  Saving few wood pellet bags in your garage’s free space is enough to have heating fuel for an entire winter because a ton of wood pellet makes equal amount of heat as half a cord of firewood.  And you contribute to the environment by recycling sawdust that would otherwise go to landfills to decompose uselessly.

 What’s more; the choice of pellet stove design from classic to modern to ornate ones will add more character and style to your home – it’s a great idea for remodeling.  If you’ve always wanted the ambience of a fireplace but your limited space wouldn’t allow you to have one, then a pellet stove is the closest you can get for your home.  If not with the ornate design of wood pellet heat stove, perhaps the savings you get from using wood pellets would convince you to finally try it.


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