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Yemmiganur famous for the handloom weaving cloth

Updated on November 23, 2015

Priyanka Chopra White Net Saree


hand loom weaving


Yemmiganur famous for the handloom weaving cloth

Yemmiganur town in Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh in the distance of 62 km. It is on the way of Kurnool to Mantralayam. Mantralayam (Raghavendra Swamy mutt) is a great pilgrim centre.

67 per cent weavers are living the town. All depended on the profession of handloom weaving. Now the handloom production is very weak. With lower profits. With no work some people are going to other occupations.

There is runs a hand loom society by the co - operative sector. Once it was a great position in the production and sales. Now it is in lower.

Handloom weaving cloth is very good quality and for wearing light and durable. Design appearing nice and the colour is guaranteed.

The best Sarees and shirt cloth are waved by the hand looms weaving. Mainly, cloth waved by the two types of hand looms. In that one is pit looms and another one is frame looms. Bed Sheets, towel, door curtains and mosquito net production on hand looms. Butte sarees are waved on Jacquard looms.

Printed cotton sarees are attracting good for the ladies. Silk sarees used by women in their festivals and other functions. Ex prime minister of the great Indra Gandhi was used Yemmiganur sarees. Many celebrities are using the Yemmiganur sarees. Hand looms saree ordinary rate is (fine quality) in Rupees 700 to 5000 or more above prices kinds of of sarees (executive sarees) available plain borders and latest designs.

The Yemmiganur co - operative society (Production and sale society) is founded by Padmashri Machani Somappa. He was the President of the All India Handloom Society. He was Bhishma of the hand loom history. He sacrificed is the total life of the handloom development. M. Raghunath Dhani is the third grandson of M. Somappa, now he is president of the society. He shows interest well and the working hard in development of the handloom industry.

Mater weavers are working in the Yemmiganur neighbouring, like Kodumur, Nandavaram, Gudikel and other places. The whole family depends on looms weaving, means to prepare the spindles and in the starching, and then weaving the main the work.

They need help from the Government (Central and State), supply of yarn and colour on subsidy costs. Workers want help, from the side of people and with the buying of the handloom cloth.

Use hand loom cloth and save the handloom weavers.

silk saree



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    • 10000001 profile image

      madugundu krishna 2 years ago from Yemmiganur

      thank you for commenting

    • emge profile image

      Madan 2 years ago from Abu Dhabi

      Nice post highlighting a local handicraft