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You don't have to call yourself an artist

Updated on May 2, 2010


You really don’t have to call yourself an artist to be an artist.

I know you may have heard that you have to get an art degree…nah not really.

Taking a lot of art classes really won’t do it either. (I have this one on personable)

It really is a mentality that you have to get.

Art is a passion.

It can be fruitful or it can take you life.

If you look through out art history you will see that all artists were commissioned by the church or a religious org.  Yeah, not all art was for religious exhibits.  It is just the times and what artists were supposed to do.

Really in the past 100 yrs art has become more for the individual.  Art has stepped away from religion iconic designs into propaganda and graphics.

Sometimes my imagination goes of on a tangent and wants to incorporate both religion iconic and horror (religious graphic novel), but let me get back to the point.

Lately while I’m here with “my little artist” I have seen more and more artist who doesn’t have training succeed while I sit here and cry.

I guess it is my fault that I went into art blindly.  Following the normals instead of looking into myself what makes me an artist.

If you really think about it art is a funny word.  I mean, what it is anyway.  Is it a craft or a visual outlet to express oneself?

Sometimes I really get confused.  Art, Art, Art,

You know I was thinking one day, just out of the normal like I do sometimes, that Jesus was and is an artist.

Oh, wait a minute…he was a son of a carpenter.  Yes he was but you have to think what all involved in carpenter back then.

If you know your Bible you would also see that Aaron (Moses’ brother) was one too.  AND he made the golden calf statue.

I guess I just like throwing things out there to think about.




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