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Your First Steps To Aerial Photography

Updated on April 25, 2017

Sometimes, we see movie scenes where drones hover over mountains, golf courses, large commercial buildings, and stunning vistas. Drone aerial photography allows you to capture the events of the remotest places that a person with a still camera might not ordinarily reach. Drone aerial photography gives you high flexibility and ease of use because you can control all the happenings right from your handheld remote control. Many drones have great features that offer additional functionality and ease of use to the user. This article will teach you about the basics of drones. Aerial photography basics will be extensively touched. It will definitely leave you knowledgeable enough to be confident and will make you a few steps closer to capturing your amazing aerial shots.

A drone is an unmanned aircraft that is controlled from the ground. Many drones deliver military supplies, drop bombs, and help in GPS triangulation. The drones that this article will be centered on are the drones that are used to take aerial photographs.


You're just about to find out. Below are the few things you need to know as you start your amazing journey of aerial photography.

Know the Law.

Just as in the case of cargo and passenger planes, there are laws binding the flight of drones. In the United States, the FAA guidelines maintain that drones must not stay more than 400 feet above sea level, and a drone must not be found within 3 miles of an airport or military base. Some states have stricter laws when it comes to this. Hovering a drone over another person’s property could be considered as trespassing violation. Some aerial photography in the wrong place could cost you million dollars in lawsuit.

Get a Drone That Suits You

Once you’ve acquainted yourself with the local law, you can then do some research about the drone that suit your needs. Any of the DJI’s Phantom series is a great drone to start with. They offer high flexibility. You don’t want an expensive drone because you’d probably crash it a few times or get in stuck in tree branches. You want a drone that has a long lasting battery, or one that you can easily control through your smartphone.


Since you really want to be an aerial photographer, cameras say it all. It is good to get a drone that has a built-in camera, one whose camera gives clear, quality images. The DJI’s Phantom 3 4K has an amazing 4K camera whose video quality is four times greater than 1080 display. If you didn’t buy a drone that comes with a built-in camera, you will need a video camera that will give the best image quality. Your cameras should not vibrate while in air as this could completely ruin the quality of your footage. You need to use vibrator isolators and gimbals so as to eliminate camera vibration.

Additional Equipment

You need a few kits to help you get started. If you want to see real time images from your drone, you need to get a video transmitter. Some drones like the DJI’s Phantom 3 4K have the Lightbridge technology which allows you to view live HD video feed, eliminating the need for a video transmitter.

Learn More By Joining The Online Community of Drone Users

I call it the Instagram of aerial photography, Dronstagram is an online community of drone photographers that allows users to access and share files, and it also allows members of the community to participate in sponsored contests. Various editions of the Dronestagram Photo Contest received entries from various photographers from around the world. This interesting community is a great place to learn and experience much more.


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