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Why is AViCAD ?

Updated on December 16, 2013

Overview of AViCAD:

AViCAD is a popular AutoCAD Alternative that offers both 2D / 3D CAD drafting. It's a IntelliCAD based platform thats been around since 1993. Since this time AViCAD has grown to be quite a CAD program. At the time of writing this article, ASVIC, the makers of AViCAD have just announced a new 2013 release expected to launch in a few months.

Currently there are thousands happy customers using AViCAD worldwide. AViCAD is alive and well. Recently the company has announced a 2D/ 3D product called Mech-Q - it is a complete Mechanical Utility that ships with AViCAD.

AViCAD In Action
AViCAD In Action

AViCAD - Top 5 Reasons Why I Recommend AViCAD

AViCAD is extremely affordable- This may be AViCAD's top feature! Its affordability is our top reason why you should consider choosing this product. AViCAD is an amazing one-eigth (1/8th) the price of AutoCAD! At this price, you can power an entire office withAViCAD and improve your teams productivity quickly and very inexpensively.

AViCAD is just like AutoCAD! - It offers the closest Autocad user experience due to the fact that almost all of it's features are the same as AutoCAD. The CAD Software even contains features that AutoCAD does not offer. If you know how to draw in AutoCAD your already trained on AViCAD. What else could you ask for?

AViCAD is reliable - ASVIC, the makers of AViCAD, have spent over 10 years perfecting hte development Mech-Q and AViCAD. Since its first release it has matured into a powerful 2D and 3D CAD platform. It has been developed and enhanced for by AutoCAD/CAD veterans who have been in CAD business for over 20 years.

AViCAD is customizable - Just like AutoCAD, the software interface is completely customizable. You can arrange the toolbars and menus just the way you like them. The program also ships with a script recorder so that you can add your own macros without programming. Alternatively if you like to program routines AViCAD support LISP too.

AViCAD is alive and well - The ASVIC team is very active with regular updates and releases. Typically every January they will release a major update. Upgrades are very inexpensive and subscription programs are also available at a very affordable price.

AViCAD 2013 Preview

Parametric drawing will radically redefine the way you design in 2D by significantly improving accuracy and reducing editing time.
Parametric drawing will radically redefine the way you design in 2D by significantly improving accuracy and reducing editing time.

Compatability & Conclusion

With the upcoming 2013 release, AViCAD supports all AutoCAD files from 2.5 to 2013. If needed you can also revert a drawing back to any DWG file format.

Recently AViCADD has announced their 2013 version will ship in September 2012. New AViCAD features include a new parametric drawing tool, PDF Plotter and more. Free upgrades to this release are also available to those who purchase it early.

AViCAD is compatible with AutoCAD & the latest Windows 7 / Vista 32- bit and 64-bit versions. environments. By default it reads and write in DWG format and is a perfect AutoCAD alternative. Add its affordability, compatibility and reliability and you have a excellent product that will stand up to any CAD Software Platform our there.

AViCAD Pricing is as low as $599 for the 2D/3D version. Free updates and upgrades, as well as unlimited e-mail and phone support for one year are available for an extra $200. A 30-day trial version of AViCAD is also availalble

Two thumbs up for AViCAD!


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