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A Collection Of Characters

Updated on November 29, 2012

My Review

What a cute idea! A book of knitting patterns containing four knit toys (a pig, duck, dog and mouse)... AND matching blankets! This concept is great for a young child, either given together with a warmhearted story, or giving one at a time with a connection that will excite the child.

There is really only one relevant relationship between blanket/animal; a Mouse with a "swiss cheese" holey blanket. The toys themselves are made with the same common shape, and are all variations of the same pattern. Off the top of my head I would say you could adapt these to a frog and cat without too much trouble.

This is a pattern booklet, not a "how-to knit" book. There are some general instructions, but just enough to refresh your memory. I would have loved the author to include a story about each blanket and how it related to the character, since this was a major selling point of this book. Commentary makes patterns come more alive. The way I see it, with the exception of the mouse, the only relationship between the blankets and animals are the color they were knit in.

I've had good luck with Leisure Arts booklets. Although they would be pricy (for the small number of patterns), if you can find it at the local library then you'd be in luck! The animals are sweet, not the most realistic looking that I've found, but would make for a nice cuddly pal.

This is a no muss no fuss book.

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Options Baby  (Leisure Arts #4678)
Options Baby (Leisure Arts #4678)

These darling designs from Chris de Longpre are not only the sweetest articles of knitwear for Baby, they re also Options patterns that show the results of your handiwork in two different yarns. Choose your yarn and know that you can knit these fun little fashions your way. Chris's thorough instructions and our gorgeous photography combine to eliminate the guesswork. 20 projects: It's a Girl (dress with diaper cover); Homecoming (for boys or girls, a kimono jacket with cap and diaper cover); Nap Sacque (with gathered elastic bottom); A Stroll in the Park (hooded jacket and leggings); and Play Days (long or short pants with T-shirt).

A Collection of Characters: 4 Knit Toys with Matching Blankets
A Collection of Characters: 4 Knit Toys with Matching Blankets

Add a little character to your decor! These four knit blanket-and-animal sets were designed with both beauty and fun in mind. Designer Chris De Longpre used her knitting wizardry to create four whimsical characters that are the perfect complements to their matching blankets. Each animal or blanket would also make a thoughtful gift, all by itself. 4 knit toys with matching blankets, all knitted using medium weight yarn (except the mouse set, which uses bulky weight yarn): Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails blanket and Woof the Puppy; The Mouse Takes the Cheese blanket and Squeak the Mouse; This Little Piggy blanket and Oink the Piggy; and Duck, Duck, Goose blanket and Quack the Duck.


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