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Mark Crilley Manga Artist and Author

Updated on February 3, 2016

Drawing Manga With Mark Crilley

Mark Crilley is an well known artist and illustrator that teaches drawing in the Manga style. He takes his time to make tutorials on websites like deviantART and YouTube for beginning artists, or even those who are more skilled at it.

He is also the author of several books including the Brody's Ghost series, the Miki Falls Series, the Akiko Series, and several books that teach drawing and illustration. He's a pretty amazing artist and I really admire his work. His instruction books for drawing are super easy to follow.

He gives freely of his expertise and his videos are presented in a way that builds on skills learned. I've watched most of them and they really are amazing.

Manga Art Drawing Lessons

Visit his YouTube channel to get lessons from the great artist himself. Sure he talks a lot, but he can teach you how to draw that's for sure. He's great at explaining. His artwork is amazing!

Visit the Website for More Information About the Artist

His website includes more books he's written, forums and more. Fun stuff! Check it out! He visits schools and actively teaches illustrating to students. He also does public readings from his books. Learn how to draw Manga from the master artist, as he guides you through how to draw faces, how to draw bodies, and how to draw scenes.

Graphic Novels

Brody's Ghost and Graphic Novels

He's also written many graphic novels such as Brody's Ghost and Akiko. Each one is part of a series so there's lots to read. I love the artwork as much as the stories.

Drawing Video - Step By Step Drawing Instructions

Meet Mark Crilley

Here is an interview of Mark Crilley done by Cartoonblock from YouTube!

Are you an artist? Do you draw Manga? - Or just leave a note to say you stopped by

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    • SgtCecil profile image

      Cecil Kenmill 5 years ago from Osaka, Japan

      A friend of mine loves drawing manga. She collects those little figurines and stuff, too!