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How to Stamp on Velvet, Clay, Fabric with Rubber Stamps

Updated on January 14, 2016

What Can You Make With Art Stamps?

We have great stamping ideas for kids of all ages. Stamping on various materials like fabric, tin, or glass, clay, velvet or candles allows you to become a specialized artist. We'll take you through some of those projects.

A Little About Us!

Welcome to Abracadabra Stamp Makers. We offer our own line of rubber art stamps as well as ink pads. We also make custom made rubber stamps for artists of all kinds. You can also catch one of our auctions on ebay, etsy, artfire, and bonanza or you can get the best deals by signing up for our newsletter and stopping our web store. We have sale items approximately every 6 weeks.

We started manufacturing rubber stamps in 1986, long before art stamps were all the rage they are today. We've been at this a long time. Lots of stamp companies have come and gone. We're still here doing what we have always done and loving it. Designing stamps, manufacturing stamps and distributing quality products have kept us in business and customers coming back. We offer deepest possible etched stamps in pink rubber with custom made wood mountings sanded to perfection. Your can also purchase our stamps unmounted which works well for clay, candles etc!

We don't mass produce stamps. When orders come in, and we make the stamps daily. The rubber is fresh and the images are clean and crisp. They don't sit on shelves in some warehouse drying out. You can choose your favorite from over 1000 different stamp images available for your creative designs or design your own images and we will assist you in bringing your own images to life!

Our customers mean a great deal to us. They make the most incredible projects from rubber stamps and we applaud their creative abilities. They work with all types of mediums the least of which is decorative paper in every color and design imaginable. There are lots of images of their work on our web site on our Customer Gallery Page In their hands our stamps really do become magical!

If you make your own art creation with our stamps and we will add it to our Customer Gallery with a personalized name tag and a link to your site from Stamp Makers.

Many of our customers are members of Splitcoast Stampers and they offer contests and great projects ideas. We have a great deal of stampers who are part of groups. We also have great ideas pages for those of your who need a creative boost. So, what can you make with rubber stamps...

There are lots of projects on our website. Rubber stamps can also be used for making impressions on Candles, Tiles, and Glass.

These design ideas will allow you to see all the great projects and unlimited possibilities that are available or get yourself some new ideas.

We are going to post a few ideas here and we welcome your suggestions.

How to Make a Good First Impression

copyright 2006

We use to distribute a card with purchases to inform customers how to initially ink a brand new stamp. Later I published an article entitled, How to make a Good First Impression. Through the years I have found that many people have copied, revised, plagerized, ruined my article and claimed it as their own. Usually, it is individuals who have no longevity in this business anyway. So here are my instructions on how to cure a brand new rubber art stamp:

Most people do not understand that a rubber stamp has a porous surface. This means the rubber has tiny microscopic holes in it. When you get a brand new rubber stamp, it needs to be "cured." Meaning you should fill the tiny holes with ink so you can get a nice solid, even impression when you are ready to create your projects. Oils from your hands and from the manufacturing process can leave residue on the rubber. This could cause a stamp to leave an uneven spot in your inked impression.


1) Clean the rubber with a small amount of fingernail polish remover and a soft cloth. Repeat and reink if you experience any problems with inking. Polish remover will not dry out the rubber because the alcohol absorbs rapidly but it will help to rejuvinate and clean the rubber.

2) Take your new stamp and rub it across an ink pad. Do not stamp up and down on the ink pad. Do not spin it around like a top. Rub it across the ink pad by dragging it across the ink pad rotating it slightly until the entire image is covered.

It may take several attempts to get it right. If you are not very good at this or the stamp is too big for the ink pad, use a brayer to ink the stamp. (A worthwhile investment!) It is very important to make sure the whole stamp is covered with ink completely at this point. Any uncovered portion will forever leave a light spot in your work.

3) Take your well inked stamp and set it - inked side down - on a piece of scrap paper. Drag the stamp across the scrap paper removing the stamp in a sloppy trail. Continue dragging the stamp across the paper, rotating the stamp slightly, until it is clean of ink residue.

This will cause the tiny holes in your stamp to fill up before you make an impression that really counts.

4) Now, reink your stamp well and make a perfect impression!

When you are done with your stamp you may clean it with water or little fingernail polish remover and a dry cloth depending on the kind of ink you are using. It will be like new and ready for the next ink color.

Please note: The above instructions are for rubber stamps not clear polymer stamps.

Now that you know how to get a really good impression in ink let's make some ink creations!

Abracadabra Stamp Makers Rubbber Stamps

An Example of Some Abracadabra Stamps

At Abracadabra Stamps each stamp is handcrafted with real rubber that is deeply etched and baked to perfection with easy to clean pink rubber. Stamps are sold mounted or unmounted. Mounted stamps are assembled with 2-sided sticky cushion on smoothly sanded and well planed hardwood mountings. At last, a clear protective label is added.

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Gain Some Creative Inspiration with these Rubber Stamping Books

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Visit AbracadabraStampMakers webstore to see our entire line of Art Stamps and get the best deal on all stamps.

We will drop ship for you at no additional charge if you would like to shop for someone else we will mail it directly to them with a gift tag from you.

How to Stamp Velvet

Have you worn that velvet dress to one too many Christmas parties? Want to give your old, dated, out of style, velvet outfits some pizzazz? Need a last minute gift that no one else will give? Need new curtains for that drab room? Now you can become an instant fashion or interior designer with endless possibilites by using this quick fix idea! Use rubber stamps to add new designs to plain velvet. Make unique one of a kind gifts such as scarves, purses, pillows, curtains or anything you can imagine with velvet and rubber art stamps.

Things You'll Need:

Velvet Fabric,

spray bottle with water,

iron on dry wool setting,

unmounted rubber art stamps with bold images


STEP 1: Spray a small area of the velvet fabric lightly with water on the wrong side.

STEP 2: Place an unmounted rubber stamp with a bold solid design, image side

up on the velvet surface. Be sure to place the right side of the damp velvet over the stamp.

STEP 3: Place an iron (dry wool setting) on the wrong side of the velvet over the stamp. Hold for at least 20-25 seconds. Do not move the iron. Avoid placing the iron's steam vents over the stamped area.

STEP 4: Continue embossing the entire piece of velvet in this manner, placing the rubber stamp in a random design.

Overall Tips & Warnings

Check our rubber stamp store for exclusive rubber art stamps:

Do use rubber stamps that have thick bold images. Intricate patterns do not work well. Do not move the iron as it tends to make the velvet move and distorts the image. Unmounted stamps work best but you can use mounted stamps if you do not press the edges of the mounting as they will leave an impression in your velvet.


Rubber Stamp Inks-What's the Difference?

Pigment Ink vs. Dye Inks

Pigment Ink

Pigment inks dry slowly and that is ideal for embossing. They're perfect inks for absorbent papers, but can be embossed and heat set on coated, glossy, and non-absorbent papers. Pigment inks contain solid color particles that bond to the project surface.

Dye Ink

Dye inks are when everyday stamping is the focus. They come in bright colors, dry quickly on absorbent surfaces, including glossy or coated papers. Dye inks are translucent and used to create layered effects and contrast when bright colors are needed.

We offer a variety of dye inks in custom designed colors under our own label, PRESTO INKS BY ABRACADABRA

FREE NEWSLETTER SIGN UP! - Issued via email every 6-8 weeks


Custom Rubber Stamps


We receive inquiries constantly regarding how to individuals can make custom rubber stamps.

Here's what is required for those of you who are serious about making your own custom stamps.

The first thing you need to know is, it's not cheap. If you only need one custom stamp made go to Staples or OfficeMax and have one custom stamp made. Pay the price they are asking and consider yourself lucky it was that cheap.

If you are interested in making several stamps or the same image over and over that's a different story. That's what we are going to talk about today...

We must start with an image. It should be black ink on white paper and a 300 dpi (minimum). The higher resolution the better the image will be when the stamp is done. We work with bitmap format images. You can save your image in this format with various graphic programs. Check your computer to see the "save as" button and look for bitmap.

Not every image is stamp worthy. The more detail the harder time you will have getting a good stamp. The photos below show what I am referring to:

Image #1

Image #2

The first image is very detailed. It may work for a rubber stamps but and may not be suitable for clay impressions due to the detail. It is important consider the what the final product will be used for.

The second image is much more open. This kind of image is suitable for almost all applications of rubber stamping.

Your image is now ready to be converted to a metal plate. This is expensive and should only be made if you are serious about making several images. You can use the polymer method which is a plastic that hardens. We make real rubber which is cured in a vulcanizing press.

The image must be made into a film negative first. Then that image is exposed to a metal plate. The image is transferred and then etched with an acid until the areas around the image are eaten away leaving your impression etched in the metal. The deeper the etch the better the image will be for inking and clay impressions.

Once we get the metal washed and ready the next step is to make a mold of the metal plate called a matrix. This is baked in a vulcanizing press for 10 minutes at 300 degrees and melts the image into the harden board.

Once the matrix has cooled we can begin to make rubber sheets of the image by melting the rubber into the matrix boards again baking in the vulcanized press for 10 minutes at 300 degrees.

The rubber is then cooled and hardens. The excess rubber is trimmed away and your rubber image is now ready to be mounted and used on fabric, paper, clay or whatever medium you desire.

If you have additional questions or are interested in custom rubber stamps please contact us.

...and please visit our webstore. We'd love to have you over.

Stamping in Clay

I love stamping in clay. If you rubber a little powder or corn startch on the rubber stamp before making your impressions it will release from the clay quickly and easily.

This little clock is nothing but a flat piece of clay rolled out with a rolling pin, and a hole made in the center for the clock mechanism. The beautiful grape leaves are made with the same stamp. Once the clay hardens to leather hard stage stamp and bend the clay to make it stand up. Once baked to bisque stage rub with stain and the stain is then wiped away to reveal the leaf pattern. Screw on the clock works and some stickable numbers and and you are done. Makes a nice gift too.

Click on the leaf to see our leaf stamps:

Stamping on Fabric

I inked my stamps with pigment ink because it is permanent ink. I randomly placed my images on the fabric. Once the ink was dry I ironed the images on a warm iron setting to heat set the ink. You may also use scrylic paint and heat set it in a warm 200 degree (not Hot) oven for 15 minutes.

Click on the dragonfly to see our dragonflies and butterfly stamps:

Click on the Flower image to see our flower stamps

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Can stamps be used in clay?

Stamps can be used uninked and pressed into soft clay

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When Did Abracadabra Stamp Makers Start Manufacturing Stamps?

In 1986, we started making stamps for Print shops, post office and copy shops

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Be Warned!

Rubber Stamping Can Be Addicting.

Abracadabra Video - Products Made by Customers with Abracadabra Stamps

The End!

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      hi geninne, I've reeecvid your book and just can't stop to go through and forth! ufortunatly in italy the nice white rubber -speedy carve?- is not available, but i manage-more or less- with other materials.thank u for your blog too!paola

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      Very creative lens! Thank you.

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      Very cool lens.

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      My little girl has just received her first rubber stamp collection...It a huge hit!!

      It's hard to get her to do anything else once she get the stamps out!