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Before and after Adobe Photoshop – you won't believe this is the same woman

Updated on August 7, 2012

If you think that makeup can improve a person's appearance, take a look at what Photoshop is capable of doing. You will be surprised to say the least. Here are some photos of before and after Photoshop. In most cases, an ordinary woman is turned into a very beautiful person. Next time when you meet a “beautiful” woman on the internet, be sure to not get very excited until you meet the real person. On the other hands, there are plenty of women that look a lot better in person than in picture. Not every beautiful woman takes great photos. It is best to judge a woman's beauty when you actually meet her face to face without lots of heavy makeup.

Notice the difference between the skin texture. Adobe photoshop can really ripe out bad skin in seconds. Acne: gone. Uneven skin tone: gone. Redness: gone. Baby smooth skin: Yes. You won't believe how easy it is to achieve perfect skin in photoshop.

This is the craziest photo I have ever seen in terms of before and after photoshop. This is a totally different person; but in reality it's not. I will have to say that whoever photoshoped this picture has some serious skills in photo editing.

Notice how attractive each after photo is.


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    • majortommy profile image

      majortommy 6 years ago

      I am a professional photographer and I have to say that retouching like that is a disgrace!!! Getting rid of a temporary problem like a pimple, a rash or some hair that got missed during a shave is one thing, but changing the identity of a person is unacceptable!