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46 Outstanding Christian Craft Ideas for Kids

Updated on August 19, 2017
lbrummer profile image

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and kid-friendly craft tutorials.

If you teach Sunday school, Christian doctrine classes or Bible study, you'll be interested in the Christian crafts found in this article Use the information to simplify the planning of your classes.

Consider this as important Christian art or craft criteria: is it meaningful, age appropriate and fun? I consider a lesson successful if the student hearing the narrative, retains the message, partially because the art or craft included in the class has been enjoyable and memorable.

Find out how easy it is to make this Noah's Ark project by going to the Mama Jenn site.

1. I Can Pray When

This is such a cute idea for helping the little ones understand that you can pray anytime and for anything. The tutorial for this project can be found at Crafting The Word Of God.

2. Learn the Beatitudes

You might call this a real hands on project. Forget I said that. The kids will love using their own hands as a pattern to make this project. Learning the beatitudes will be easy while following the instructions, to make this project, at Christianity Cove.

3. Prophecy and Fulfillment

This activity is an Old Testament prophecy/New Testament fulfillment lesson on Jesus' birth. You'll find all the instructions, and downloads, at I Can Teach My Child.

4. Ten Commandment iPhone

Do you think that if Moses were to receive the Ten Commandment today, that God may have sent them by phone? No, I don't think so either. But maybe this project will be interesting to the kids who are studying the commandments. Find the patterns and instructions for this project at Kids & Glitter.

5. Rocking Noah's Ark

This paper plate art project will be so much fun for the kids. First they will make the ark and then all the characters that make up the Noah's Ark story. Go to All Kids Network for the instructions.

6. Noah's Ark Puppet Printables

All you need is a cardboard box, or even a cereal box, to make a stage for your Noah's art character puppets. Find the instructions for making these puppets at Bible Story

7. Jonah and the Great Fish

I love all the different bible craft projects that help the kids hear and retain the lessons of the Bible. For the Jonah and the Whale craft, go to Bible Crafts and
for the instructions. Scroll down to Previous Craft Projects on the left side of the screen and choose Jonah and the Great Fish.

8. Pumpkin Prayer

I love it when some ordinary action can be an opportunity for prayer. This pumpkin prayer is a perfect example. Find the template for this prayer at First Grade with Miss Snowden.

9. ABC Bible Verse Flashcards

Homeschool Creations shares with us this fantastic way to learn Bible verses, whether young or old. The printables are included with the directions for making these flashcards.

10. Pony Bead Cross Necklace

I can imagine that the kids will have lots of fun making their own cross necklace to wear or to give as a gift. Find the instructions for this beaded cross craft at Brimful Curiosities.

11. Bible Verse Candle Holders

On this site, Scripture and…Music…Crafts…Life you'll find out how to print images on tissue paper and how to decoupage the images onto glass candle holders. A very nice tutorial on this site.

12. Jesus Rocks

What a great opportunity to talk to the little ones about how God made everything in nature and how blessed we are to have such beauty around us. Go to YarniGras

13. Parable of the Lost Sheep

On her blog, Michelle Paige has a great lamb project to make after reading the parable about Jesus and the Lost Sheep. This story reminds us about how much God loves each of us.

14. Fishers of Men Tackle Box

The kids make a tackle box and fill it with items that will be used to witness for Christ. Christian Games and Crafts is where you'll find this Fishers of Men project.

15. Empty Tomb Jelly Bean Game

This blog has two games and a lesson plan to make this a perfect classroom or home Lenten game. Go to The Catholic Toolbox for the complete lesson plan, game and tutorials.

16. Jonah and the Whale Quiet Book

I'm so impressed with this Jonah and the Whale quiet book, and it definitely is a labor of love. Find all the information you need to make this book at Get Your Craft On.

17. Heart Pocket

18. Prayer Jar

I love this prayer jar idea because it reminds us to give our worries and cares to the Lord as in Psalm 55:22 which says, “Give your burdens to the Lord, and He will take care of you.” You can find more information and the tutorial for making this prayer jar at When Life Gave Me Lemonade. I think this is a great idea for family and classroom use. An appropriate Lenten project also.

19. Learning About Forgiveness

This is a nice art project to use when studying the Bible story about the Prodigal Son. Find a nice explanation of the parable and the instructions for the craft project at Meaningful Mama. Bible stories, just like other classroom subjects, make a more lasting impression when an art project is included.

20. Feeding the Multitudes

Help the kids remember the Bible story about Jesus feeding the 5000 with loaves and fishes by doing this activity. You'll find an impressive craft and tutorial at Crafting the Word of God.

21. Christmas Coupon Book

You'll love how easy it will be to help the kids make this coupon book as a gift for Mom or Day, because the Bible Story site has all the printables to make these coupon books. I love this project!

22. Eggshell Cross

You'll find a recipe for coloring eggs, plus the instructions for making this beautiful eggshell cross at Amy's Free Ideas. Remember to save the shells from the Easter eggs for this project.

23. Creation Bingo

Find Creation Bingo craft, plus even more printables, on the Christian Preschool Printables site.

24. Jesus Calms the Water

This project tells the story of Jesus on the water using a paper plate for the sea, and little foam fishes. If you can't find the little fishes, make your own using felt or fun foam. Find the instructions for this craft at One Artsy Mom.

25. Body of Christ Crayon Melts

A great lesson to be learned while doing this craft. Find the tutorial at Flame; Creative Children's Ministry

26. Easy Star Ornament

Make this easy star ornament, with the kids, using pony beads, straws and chenille strips. The instructions can be found at Parents.

27. Life of Jesus Cross

After reading the life stories of Jesus, all the little ones color,cut and paste this life of Jesus cross. You'll find the printables at PreKinders. A very nice Lenten and Easter craft.

28. Jesus Loves Me Frame

You may want to note the year and the child's grade and age on the back of the frame, because it is possible it will become a keepsake. Go to the Catholic Icing site for all the instructions for making this frame.

29. Joseph's Coat Craft

30. Symbols of the Sacraments

The kids will be learning without really trying when you give them this printable of the symbols of the Sacraments to color. You'll find the instructions and printables to download at Look to Him & Be Radiant .

31. Ten Commandments Lap Book

Being involved in making a lap book, containing the ten commandments, will help in the memorization process of learning them. Find this outstanding project at Shower of Roses.

32. Suncatcher Cross

Contact paper and colored tissue paper are the two main supplies needed to make this beautiful suncatcher cross. The kids will love making this craft project for Easter celebrations. Find the instructions at Mommyapolis.

33. Prayer Starters

Imagine how much easier it will be for the kids to learn to pray independently with a set of these prayer starter cards. This outstanding idea and directions for making the cards is from the Catholic Icing site.

34. Adam and Eve

This Adam and Eve craft is perfect for your Sunday school class. Easy for the little ones, but interesting enough for those a little older. Find the instructions and printables at Sunday School Resources.

35. Where is Moses?

You can bet the kids will love doing this craft after hearing the story of the baby Moses. Go to for all the information you need for this project. This is really a cute idea.

36. The Lord's Prayer Bracelet

You and your children, or class, will definitely enjoy making this bracelet and learning what words are said with each colored bead. A nice, simple project by My Scrappy Life that will keep the kids busy and involved.

37. Fishers of Men

This super kids craft is made using food mesh bags to signify fishing nets. The children will enjoy hearing the Bible story and doing this project about Jesus being the fisher of men. The project instructions are found at Creatively Reused and Recycled Art Projects .

38. The Shamrock and the Trinity

Children always find it easier to comprehend a lesson when they can do a fun project also. This craft uses the shamrock to explain the Trinity. Find the tutorial for this lesson at Bible Story .

39. Wheel of Creation

This visual craft project will help the students understand the lesson about days of creation. Go to the Crafting the Word of God site for the tutorial.

40. Holy Spirit Lap Book

Teach about the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit by making this lap book with your class. Find all the instructions that you'll need to do this project by going to Living the Liturgical Year.

41. Printable Bible People

Imagine all the ways you'll be able to use these printable bible people. This terrific resource can be found at The Activity Mom.

42. Altoid Shrine

I'm sure the kids will enjoy preparing the Altoid tin for making their shrine. A great All Saints activity or an activity about a saint chosen for study. You'll find the tutorial for this project at Our Domestic Church.

43. Prayer Pail

The object of using a prayer pail, filled with activity sticks, is to help children with suggestions about who or what they pray for. Find all the instructions for this activity and directions for making the prayer pail, go to the Joy’s Hope site.

44. The Coat of Many Colors

Read the story of Joseph and his coat of many colors to the children, and then do this perfect craft with them. You'll find the instructions for this project at His Treasure Seekers.

45. Love Rainbow

Read an passage from the bible about what love is, and then do this craft. You'll find the instructions for this project at This Simple Home. Names of people can be written on the hearts, or pictures of actions that show love.

46. Christ's Story Bracelet

This is a project for the older children. Each of the beads and charms represent something in the life of Christ. You'll find the tutorial for making this Christ's Story bracelet at Sensational Creations.

© 2014 Loraine Brummer

Which is Your Favorite Christian Craft? - or leave a message.

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    • nicenet profile image

      nicey 4 months ago

      These are beautiful ideas. I love it especially the Jesus loves me frame.Thank you for sharing these creative crafts.

    • GalaxyRat profile image

      GalaxyRat 7 months ago from The Crazy Rat Lady's House

      Hi. Great list, will definitely try!

    • kiddiecreations profile image

      Nicole Kiddie Granath 22 months ago

      I love your wonderful hub on Christian kids crafts! Very well-written and fun! I especially love the "10 Commandments iPhone" idea. I think I'll make that with my 2-year-old! He's a little young to understand but you can never start too early, right? Thanks so much for sharing all these neat ideas!