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41 Cute and Creative Cupcake Liner Crafts

Updated on August 21, 2017
lbrummer profile image

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and kid-friendly craft tutorials.

cupcake paper crafts, cupcake liner crafts
cupcake paper crafts, cupcake liner crafts

This article shares a great number of cupcake paper crafts, or cupcake liner crafts, whichever you choose. I searched to find cupcake paper crafts which included a nice image of the craft, and also shared instructions or tutorials. There were a lot more cupcake liner crafts, that fulfilled this criteria, than I expected. Cupcake liners come in so many different colors and prints that the projects that you like can probably be made for any occasion, season or holiday.

To make the outstanding chandelier shown above, go to Design Sponge for the tutorial.

1. Liner Bouquets

When you go to project nursery for the tutorial for making these beautiful cupcake paper flowers, you'll also see how to make a pin with one of the flowers.

2. Cupcake Liner Fish

Now, I can see where this would be a lot of fun to do with the little ones. All you'll need is cute cupcake liners, some plain colored paper and google eyes. I HEART CRAFTY THINGS is the site that has the tutorial for this project.

3. Cupcake Liner Paper Dolls

Imagine how happy a little girl would be to find these paper dolls topping her birthday cake or cupcakes. Or make a cute centerpiece, using these dolls, to decorate for a baby shower. You'll find out how to make them by going to the Muffin Tin Mom site.

4. A Pair of Cardinals

Who would have ever believed that you could make simple and beautiful bird decorations using cupcake papers. You can find the instructions for making these fine birds at I Heart Crafty Stuff.

5. Cupcake Paper Angel

You'll have so much fun making these angels, especially if you have a couple of kids helping you. Use them in a centerpiece or as a favor by setting them over a nut cup filled with candies. Go to instingsblog to see how they are made.

6. Flower Trees

These are really beautiful trees and you'll be able to think of lots of colors and ways to make and use the trees. The tutorial for making trees from cupcake papers is found at Paper Crave.

7. Cheerful Wreath

The colors used in this wreath make it suitable for Spring, Easter or a bridal or baby shower. The easy to follow directions for this outstanding project is found at The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking.

8. String Lights

What a beautiful way to decorate for a special occasion. I love these cupcake paper lamp lights. For the tutorial go to FAMILY CHIC.

9. Colorful Bouquet

With just a little help to get started, I think elementary aged kids could make this bouquet, by themselves, to give as a gift to their mother or dad. The instructions are found on the RAINY DAY DIY site.

10. Halloween Bats

This is a great classroom project for the Halloween season. For projects that are inexpensive to make, consider these cupcake paper projects. The instructions for this project is found at I {heart} crafty things.

11. Wrap It Up

Make a wrapped gift very special by adding a beautiful cupcake paper carnation. You'll find out how to make these carnations at Martha Stewart.

12. Blue Bird

I realize that when you go to Paper Crafts for Children for the instructions to make this little cutie, that they call it an owl. To me it looks more like a little blue bird, so that's what I called it. But, whichever you decide it looks like, you have to admit it really is cute.

13. Angel Garland

The picture doesn't show these little angels as a garland, but I think it would be really easy to make it into a garland. Maybe tie them onto a beautiful ribbon. This site is written in a foreign language, but the pictured tutorial on Happy Diy makes it easy to follow.

14. Bubbly Ball Decorations

The different sized balls makes this decoration look bubbly. The balls are three, four and eight inches in diameter. Find the tutorial for making these bubbly ball decorations at Martha Stewart.

15. Cupcake Liner Floral Bouquet

16. Flower Wall Art

This would make a beautiful, inexpensive way to decorate a large wall. Especially, if you are renting or you want to wait til you can afford the perfect picture or arrangement for the wall. Make these quick and pretty flowers by following the instructions given at all women stalk.

17. Corsage or Pin Flowers

When you visit the OH HELLO FRIEND site, you'll see the tutorial for making these outstanding corsage flowers. Very beautiful. Use in a corsage, on a pin or in a bouquet.

18. Pom Pom Garlands

You can use pom pom garlands to decorate at a wedding, shower or any other occasion party. With all the color choices of cupcake liners, it'll be easy to make an appropriate colored garland. The instructions for making pom pom garlands can be found at Design Sponge.

19. Valentine Topiary

It'll be extra easy to decorate for Valentine's day if you make a couple of these Valentine topiaries. The tutorial for making the Valentine topiary can be found at CRAFT-O-MANIAC.

20. Ballerinas

Aren't these just the cutest little ballerinas? The directions for making them can be found at Glued to My Crafts.

21. Numbered Birthday Wreath

A perfect birthday party decoration. Just change the number and choose a favorite color for the cupcake papers and you'll have added a personal touch to the décor. creative JEWISH MOM is the name of the site where you'll find the tutorial.

22. Chick Art

I think these little chicks are so cute and that the kids will love doing an art project like this. Go to I {heart} crafty things for the instructions. If the kids like to draw, have them add spears of grass and some flowers.

23. Cupcake Liner Butterflies

The kids will be able to spend a lot of quality time with you while you make cupcake liner butterflies together. This really pretty butterfly and the directions for making it can be found on the Muffin Tin Mom site.

24. Cupcake Liner Birds

You'll have to scroll down the page to get to this project, but there are lots of other interesting ideas on this site, Glued to My Crafts, also.

25. Christmas Trees

I love, love, love these Christmas trees. So perfect for decorating for a large party. You'll find the tutorial for making these cupcake liner Christmas trees at THE36thAvenue.

26. Cupcake Liner Angel Ornament

27. Mother's Day Corsage

RAISING ARIZONA KIDS is the site you'll go to to find the tutorial for making the Mother's Day corsage shown above. A mom could really appreciate this homemade gift.

28. Party Hat Cupcake Toppers

These really do look like little party hats, don't you think? Go to A PRETTY COOL LIFE to find the instructions on how to put them together.

29. Easter Bunny Bottles

The bunny ears and the little sign are printables included in this Easter bunny bottle project. All the directions that you'll need for making bunnies like these can be found at Happy Clippings.

30. Cupcake Liner Angels

You'll have no problem following the pictured tutorial that you'll find at den gode feen, even if you are unable to read the foreign language instructions. I absolutely love these little angels and can't wait to try my hand at making them. I may even make my Christmas tree this year with an angel theme.

31. Field of Flowers Art

After they finish making the cupcake liner flowers for this field of flowers project, they'll want to see you display their art. This art is definitely beautiful enough to proudly display at home or at the office. The instructions for making this art is found at creative JEWISH MOM.

32. One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Read the Dr. Seuss book and do this cute fish craft with the little kids. They will love the whole process. Find the instructions for this darling fish at 4 Crazy Kings.

33. Five Little Turkeys

It's so much easier, and so much more fun, to learn when you can do an art project at the same time. Little kids will understand the number 5 better when they see what it means. The directions for this project can be found at I {heart} crafty things.

34. Halloween Topiary

I love to decorate for Halloween, and I'm always looking for new items to make. I like the elegant look of a topiary, so this Halloween topiary looks extra good to me. The directions for making a Halloween topiary is found at CRAFT-O-MANIAC.

35. Owl Trio

You make make these extra easy owls by following the instructions given on the Play and Learn site. The big eyes really make these owls.

36. Handmade Ornaments

It's amazing how the addition of the little cupcake paper trees make these very attractive ornaments. The tutorial for making these handmade ornaments is found at Cherished Bliss.

37. Turkey Art

You'll find how the feathers are made, kind of humorous. The kids will enjoy making this Thanksgiving art and showing grandpa and grandma what they can do. The instructions for this art lesson is found at I {heart} crafty things.

38. Halloween Owls

You can see how different color and print cupcake papers can change the looks of the project. Make owls like the ones shown above by going to and following the directions at kids activities Blog.

39. Little Leprechauns

Here's a nice classroom art project to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. You'll find the instructions at I {heart} crafty things. Try using a circle of cardboard behind the leprechaun and adding a magnet or a pin. Then you have a refrigerator magnet or a lapel pin.

40. Halloween Wreath

It's easy to make seasonal wreaths when using cupcake liners. This Halloween wreath is made using Halloween themed cupcake papers, and using the directions given at The Swell Life.

41. Give a Hoot Owls

To go to the next step in making these little hoot owls, click on the arrow to the right of the picture on the site. The branch makes this a really cute centerpiece.

© 2014 Loraine Brummer

Do you call them cupcake papers, cupcake liners, - or do you call them something else?

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    • puppy-love profile image

      puppy-love 3 years ago

      liners, just what my momma called them.all of your owls are adorable!!

    • Charito1962 profile image

      Charito Maranan-Montecillo 3 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      What pretty designs! Thanks for sharing!

    • Zeross4 profile image

      Renee Dixon 3 years ago from Kentucky

      Oh wow! I have never seen this done, but I am in love. I will surely be pinning this, such an excellent idea and so unique! I loved them all, but I especially liked the Angel Garland!