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33 Super Cute Reindeer Craft Ideas

Updated on July 6, 2017
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I love arts and crafts. I used to volunteer teach an elementary art class and love sharing tutorials for fun crafts to make with kids.

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer is a favorite of most kids so they, of course, also like to make reindeer crafts.For this article I went on a web search to find reindeer crafts that included a nice photo of the craft project and the site where you can see the directions for making the craft. You'll be happy to know that you can make any of the reindeer projects shown here using the tutorials.

Find the supplies list and tutorial for making the whimsical reindeer shown above, at LIFESTYLE HOW STUFF WORKS.

1. White Clay Ornaments

I think these ornaments are so very attractive in their simplicity. Very easy to make too. You'll find the tutorial at the imagination tree.

2. Reindeer Tote

A tote like this would make a terrific gift for someone who does needlework or likes to knit or crochet. The tutorial for this craft is found at I LOVE TO CREATE.

3. Wood Slice Reindeer Ornies

You can either cut your own wood slices or they can be purchased at a craft store. This super cute idea, and the instructions for making the ornaments, can be found at the Shabby Creek cottage.

4. Reindeer Pillows

Make attractive reindeer pillows that can be displayed year round if you wish. The tutorial for making these pillows is found at raegun ramblings.

5. Candy Kiss Holder Ornie

These little reindeer ornaments are made using plastic canvas. They hide a candy kiss. Find the instructions at SC Life as a Wife.

6. Tea Light Reindeer

7. Finger Puppet Reindeer

So easy to make and a project the kids will love making and playing with. Find the instructions at Artsy Momma.

8. Crocheted Reindeer

If you are someone who loves to crochet and likes to make gifts to give to family and friends, here is a great Christmas project that could just make you an all time favorite friend. You'll find the directions for making this crocheted reindeer at the Wonderful DIY site. Consider making the nose on the reindeer red, to give to a little boy or girl.

9. Twig and Burlap Reindeer

You'll find a tutorial with step-by-step pictured instructions for making this cute little reindeer ornament. Go to Inch of Creativity for all the instructions you need for this project.

10. Christmas Light Reindeer Ornament

You probably have some old Christmas lights, this size, stashed away because you don't use the size anymore. Now you can get those old bulbs out and make cute reindeer ornaments for your tree or to decorate a wreath. Go to CraftElf for the instructions for this project.

11. Hand Print Ornaments

You'll notice that the directions for making these hand print ornaments are found at the bottom of the page at mommy GAGA. I would even suggest using cereal box cardboard to trace the child's hand on and painting the cardboard. This would make this a really inexpensive craft.

12. Scandinavian Reindeer

Have dad help make this reindeer decoration so he'll find out how much fun it can be to make holiday crafts. The tutorial for making this Scandinavian Christmas reindeer decoration, go to the Good Housekeeping site.

13. Plastic Cup Reindeer

Pre-school aged and Kindergarten aged kids will like doing this easy craft. Find the instructions for making the reindeer shown above at be a fun mum.

14. Cork Reindeer

There are so many ways that you can make reindeer from corks that you are sure to come up with a unique idea to make your cork reindeer special. Find the instructions for making reindeer using corks at TOYS IN THE DRYER. Consider using twigs for the antlers and legs.

15. Craft Stick Reindeer

Once you've made your craft stick reindeer, you'll find all sorts of uses for them. How about making a magnet, a lapel pin or a pick for a plant or wreath? Maybe even use them with placecards for a party or place a group of them in a short glass or can. Go to for the instructions for making these craft stick reindeer.

16. Rootbeer Reindeer

Take along a sixpack of reindeer when you are invited to a Christmas party this year. A great conversation starter! You'll find the directions for making your rootbeer bottles look like reindeer at Lisajo Studio. You'll also find instructions on how to make a little reindeer sucker on this site.

17. Paper Reindeer Pops

This site, FREE-N-FUN Christmas, includes a printable reindeer to make this project extra easy. You'll want to make a whole herd of these reindeer to use for decorating a table, shelf or mantle.

18. Flower Pot Reindeer

You can make any sized reindeer that you want because of the many sizes that clay pots come in. You'll find the directions for making a flower pot reindeer by going to the dollar store crafts site.

19. Wooden Spoon Reindeer

The tutorial for making this wooden spoon reindeer is found on the thriftyfun site. I'm thinking two of these reindeer and a bowl of colored Christmas balls would make an attractive centerpiece.

20. Puzzle Piece Reindeer Ornament

Family Crafts has instructions to show us how to make Christmas tree ornaments using puzzle pieces to make reindeer.

21. Light Bulb Reindeer

This story book looking reindeer is made using an old light bulb. You'll find the tutorial for making the light bulb reindeer at P & G everyday.

22. Winter Silver Reindeer

Silver duct tape, twigs and a little silver spray paint are the main supplies needed to make these beautiful silver reindeer. Find the instructions at Hampton Roads Parents and try this craft this winter.

23. Wash Cloth Reindeer

This is really a great stocking stuffer item. It is easy to make and not expensive. Find the instructions for making these wash cloth reindeer at holiday memories and make extras in case you need a last minute gift.

24. Tree Branch Reindeer

This is one of those projects that Dad would be a great help in making. Make these reindeer the size of the directions shown at AOK Corral, and then try making larger ones for outdoors.

25. TP Roll Reindeer

A nice classroom project that doesn't take too long or cost much in supplies. Celebrating Holidays shares their tutorial for making these toilet roll reindeer.

26. Reindeer Frame

I can't think of a grandparent who wouldn't be thrilled to receive a holiday photo of their grandchild in a frame like this reindeer frame. The instructions for making this frame can be found at HANDS ON CRAFTS FOR KIDS.

27. Mason Jar Reindeer

What a fun and easy gift this will make. The tutorial for making reindeer jars can be found at The Hankful House.

28. Gift Card Holder

Now, this is a new and unique way to make a gift card holder. This reindeer gift card holder is made with the use of a toilet tissue roll. Find the tutorial for making the card holder at Nellie Bellie.

29. Paper Mache Ornament

I really love making paper mache projects, so this paper mache reindeer ornament looks like something I'll want to try. Everything you need to know about how to make this paper mache ornament can be found at Craft Elf.

30. Reindeer Candy Canes

Super easy to make and delicious too. What more can you wish for as a favor for a Christmas celebration. Find the instructions at Milk and Cuddles and see how many friends you'll have.

31. Handprint Footprint Reindeer

This would be a great classroom project and I think it would be important to make sure the kids added their name, the year and the grade they are in to the art. Go to BLISSTREE for the directions for this art.

32. Rudolph Puppet

Brown paper bags are great for making inexpensive puppets. You'll find the tutorial for making this Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer puppet at

33. Reindeer and Sleigh

If you like to make wooden Christmas items, you'll love making this project. The reindeer and sleigh patterns and instructions are found on the CRAFT goodies site.

Which reindeer project would be for you? - or leave a message.

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