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All about Andy Warhol Style Portraits

Updated on May 13, 2013

All about Andy Warhol Style Portraits

This article will cover a range of topics relating to Andy Warhol and his art style, these will include who he was, what he did, how to photograph a good shot that will make a good Warhol portrait right through to how to locate a company to transform your photo into a quality Warhol style Pop art canvas.

There are a number of things to look for when selecting a good photograph to use for your Andy Warhol portrait and also when sourcing a suitabel company to create your Warhol Pop art canvas print.

Andy Warhol Campbell Soup Can
Andy Warhol Campbell Soup Can

All about Warhol

Andy Warhol (real name Andrew Warhola) was born in 1928 in the US, he was a painter, film maker and printmaker. Warhol as a pioneer of the visual art movement and partially created a style of art called Pop art. Pop art was an art movement that became famous in the mid to late 1950's, it challenged traditional thought by using mass produced commodities of popular culture removed from their context and often in isolation and asserted these creations as art.

Some of his more famous artworks used products from everyday life or advertising campaigns at the time, most famously seen in the Campbell's soup cans, he also experimented with portraits of celebrities at the time such as Marilyn Monroe , Liz Taylor and Mick Jaggar. These portraits were often an experiment with context and colour and the popularity of these portrait styles has recently seen a big come back as technology that is readily available on most PC's allows people with little or no graphic design training to recreate portraits with similar results.

There are a number of characteristics that can be seen when Andy Warhol created these popular portraits and it is worth bearing these trends in mind when looking for suitable images to be used for Andy Warhol style art. They are as follows:

The subject fills most of the space.

The head and a portion of the shoulders were mainly used.

There was usually a good contrast between the colour of the hair and the background, i.e. if if the hair is light coloured then the background is dark or if the hair is dark coloured then the background is light.

The portraits usually had the hair back exposing the neck

The lighting was often from above and from the side creating some shadows and depth

There was often extra decorative detail such as earrings

Sourcing a company that has expertise in creating Andy Warhol art prints is also very important. Though the technology is available on popular software such Photoshop there is a lot of work involved in creating a professional looking portrait that resembles the originals. Many companies offering Warhol portraits will take short cuts and the final result is often less than satisfactory. When sourcing a company to create the artwork and canvas print you should expect to see a proof of the portrait before the printing and stretching begins. A reputable company will often allow changes to be made to the artwork in terms of colours and other details.

There are a number of modern interpretations of the Andy Warhol style that are also worth experimenting with, before submitting your image to the printer of your choice it is often worth going to Google images and researching the various styles and colours available. The traditional colour scheme used in the Marilyn Monroe is generally softer pastel shades whereas a brighter more neon colour choice often creates a good modern version of the traditional style. Ask your canvas printing company what other styles are available and they should be able to take the time to discuss some other options.

About your author

Gary Klungreseth is the owner operator of Blue Horizon Printing , based in Sydney's Eastern suburbs they print photos on canvas and sell canvas prints. In addition to selling premade canvas prints they also offer a custom art creation service creating art to specifications including Pop Art such as Andy Warhol Portraits.

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Pop Art

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