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Angel Ice Sculpture Wallpaper Designs and Ideas

Updated on October 9, 2014

Angel Ice Sculpture Wallpapers

Ice sculptures are terrific art form that is probably very underrated when contrasted with other art forms. But when a person comes upon or sees some of these extraordinary works of art, that outlook can quickly change to one of respect and admiration for ice creations like those shown with these wallpapers of angel ice sculptures.

You can't tell it unless you look closely or have something to contrast it with, but angel ice sculptures can be gigantic, life size, or even designed a miniatures.

Most people know ice sculpting in relationship to using chainsaws as the sculpting tool, but many more tools are used than chainsaws, and that can result in very different looking ice angels and ancillary objects included in the designs.

For example, in this article there is a gallery of ice angel sculpture wallpapers which show an angel sitting on an arch; angels with wings; angels without wings; and even an angel playing a harp. Some of these are combinations of all the above.

If you like angels, than you should appreciate these wallpapers depicting them as ice sculptures. All of them include great detail and a different look with each one.

Ice Angel Wallpaper Sitting on Arch Blowing Trumpet

This first ice angel wallpaper of an angel sitting on a decorated arch blowing a trumpet is an amazing one.

Even the detail of the pants and/or robe on the legs is very well done, as are the angels wings and cheeks were you can see them slightly puffed out like an actual trumpet player's would be.

This sculpture has been sitting a little while as evidenced by some of the flaws in the arch, but it's still looking great; especially the angel.

angel ice sculptures
angel ice sculptures | Source

Angel Wallpaper of Him Standing with Wings and Arms Spread

The smokey, opaque inside of this angel works well with the translucent wings, face and arms, which make for a great design. You get the sense of spirit and solidness when looking at the angel, something the artist must have had in mind when designing it.

Even though this angel sculpture is slightly melting, it's still in good enough shape to see how exquisitely detailed it was and is. The flowing robes look very nice, as does the detail of the wings.


Praying Angel Ice Sculpture Wallpaper

Here we have an ice angel sculpture with some very detailed wings, taking on the design we associate with bird wings.

You can't tell it very well from this angle, but the hands of the angel are pointed out in a way that reveals it's in a state of prayers. It's similar to the praying hands art we see around us.

I'm not sure what the star in the middle of the chest signifies. The only thing I can think of is the Star of David, or if it is an angel made during the Christmas holiday season, it would be a reference to the star that led the wise men to Jesus when He was born into the world.

praying angel wallpaper
praying angel wallpaper | Source

Ice Sculpture of Angel Flying

I really like this ice sculpture wallpaper of the angel soaring through the air. It looks really nice, as the hair flowing in the wind gives it the appearance of movement, or at least suggesting that's what is happening.

Even the base holding up the angel was designed nicely by adding some stars and swirling lines to add to it being a foundation to hold the flying angel up.

It looks fantastic, although you can't see the extended hands on either side giving it an even more compelling look.


Ice Angel Playing Harp

For those who like angels it's not surprising to see one that doesn't have wings, as that's not uncommon with angels found in the Christian and Jewish scriptures when the appear as ordinary men at times.

As for a wallpaper to enjoy with an angel theme, it doesn't get much better than this one. How cold there be much more detail than in the little angel's hair and the amazing ice harp it is playing.

I could imagine working on this angel ice sculpture and designing the strings of the harp, wondering if I was going to break one of those strings. Somehow the idea of starting over with this image wouldn't be one that I or anyone would savor.

If you're wondering what that blue thing on the right is. It's a light to add color to the harp as it shines on and through it. Very nice.


Ice Angel Wallpapers

For anyone that really likes angels and ice, this group of ice sculpture wallpapers would be just what was needed to give a wonderful experience when viewing your computer or other screen.

This group was my favorite of all of them, but if you want to have more options, just put the phrase "ice angel wallpapers" into your search box and you'll get a bunch more sculptures to choose from.

I'm not sure exactly why, but ice sculptures and angels go together. It could be because of the translucence some of us may think of when contemplating the spirit bodies that angels have.

Whatever the reason, they look great and are a fantastic choice for those wanting something a little different with their wallpapers.


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