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Create Angels and Cherubs Easily with Molds

Updated on October 22, 2017

Sleeping Angel

Mold it, Dry it and Spray Gold
Mold it, Dry it and Spray Gold

Use Molds and Have A Great Looking Angel or Cherub

You can Make this in just thirty minutes.

I always get an undeserved compliment with this "innocent sleeper" which undoubtedly is so cute. My clients or friends would usually say: "You're really crafty." or "Wow, you can sculpture with precise details, its truly beautiful." Sometimes, I had no opportunity to humbly reject their appreciation by explaining that I made this with a mold that I purchased online.

I love cherubs and angels, whether it is a ceramic figurine, a woodcarving, a painting or any work of art. When I was younger, I had always been making line drawings of cherubs and angels. Now that I am an adult, I still love these. It is stress-relieving to see a work of art on angels and cherubs. It is uplifting to make one.

Make your own gift - buy a mold and make as many as you want. That is a truly frugal way of giving an elegant piece as gift. Since cherubs and angels fits as gift for almost any occasion and events of the year, be it a Valentines gift, a Christmas gift, Mothers Day Gift, Anniversary gift, Birthday Gift, Grandparents Day gift, you will surely maximize the power of your money by buying a mold.

Read along and find out that it is really easy to make this cute item.

Photo credit: Photos here are mine.

Sleeping Cherubs on Amazon

One of my friends have the item you will see if you click on the amazon link below. She bought the cast from a craft store. She did not buy the mold. This is a perfect item for the bedroom. Looking at these cherub baby angel is uplifting. You may also give it as a gift to people whom you consider angels in your life.

The statue is well crafted with exquisite design. The wings are intricately sculptured too. The faces of these Cherub Baby Angels portray innocence trapped in deep slumber. Gazing at their faces will make you sleep and then reduce your energy level into a restful sleep.

Angel that Glows or Not

Would you choose an angel that glows?

See results

Another Sleeper

Photo Credit Mine
Photo Credit Mine

Why Buy An Angel Mold?

Angel molds are easy to use

Prepare the plaster, pour, wait and then carefully get off your cast. Dry and paint!

Beautiful output

Incredible, I must say! What will you say to praise yourself for being able to make a beautiful angel cast? With a mold, you will come up with a professional-looking output without sweating.

Save cost and earn more

It's your time to brag about an angel or cherub that you made. In my experience, buying a mold is rewarding not only because you will be making something that you really like but it's return of investment is also good. If you love figurines, resin casts or concrete cherubs and angels, you know that it is a bit costly. Buy a mold and make one for yourself, make the second one and sell it and wow! you got back your money back. Plus, you will not need to worry about the gift you have to give your friend on her birthday or your mom's gift or a niece. Almost everyone loves angels and cherubs.

As an update to this post, I bought my molds about six years ago. With proper care and handling, the molds are still in good condition.

The Cutest Sleeper of Them All

Photo Credit Mine
Photo Credit Mine

What Kind of Mold Should You Buy?

Latex or Fiberglass

I always buy the latex mold because of the ease in shipping it to my country. But, if you want a more durable one, you better go for molds made of fiber glass. Yes, the price may be much more but you can make more outputs with it. I should say, it depends on your main and auxiliary purpose in buying a mold. If you want to make it your business, then go for the more durable option. For me, I am selling some of the casts in my shop but my main focus is on wedding items. The small ones are actually great as wedding favor but if you have only one mold and the bride orders more than a hundred, then it will take time to produce it. If the order is less than 50 pieces, it's doable in a week. Note that when you use plaster of Paris, you have to wait for about 30 minutes or more for it to set before you remove it from the mold. That means, you can only do at least 2 in an hour.

See how small this angel in the photo is? It's a great wedding favor or party giveaway.

Loves Child Angel Cupid Home Decor Cherub Statue Baby Sculpture Figurine 858-177
Loves Child Angel Cupid Home Decor Cherub Statue Baby Sculpture Figurine 858-177

Innocently cute! I bought the mold for this captivating and stunning Love Child Angel Cupid several years ago and I still have the mold now - still good for use. There are some signs of stretching around its opening but it is because I was not careful in removing the dried cast. When I first used it, I was too eager to remover the cast.

This item is for the figurine, not the mold. Nonetheless, you can put your personal touch on it by giving it lively colors. For me, I opted to spray it with golden color. I used the spray paint that are used for cars because I love the finished output of this kind of spray - the texture and the glossy finish.

You can see my angel if you scroll down my hub.


Contemplating or Discerning

Photo Credit Mine
Photo Credit Mine

What's The Difference between a Cherub and an Angel?

Have you ever wondered if and angel is a cherub or a cherub is an angel or these are two alternative words?

I really did not think about checking on the difference. I thought that the first one are cute toddlers while the other are adults. I went on checking it when I have to write this lens. I came to know that the difference is based on hierarchy. Oh yes, these are also classified according to ranks? If I have to make a comparison with squidoo lenses: tier one goes to angels; tier two goes to seraphs and tier three are the cherubs. Hmn, it does not perfectly fit the ?comparison? Anyway, cherubs belong to the lowest hierarchy, followed by the seraphs. Angels are higher than seraphs.

Photo shows love fairies.

Romantic Gestures

Photo Credit Mine
Photo Credit Mine

Casting, is it Difficult?

You just need the mold, solvent and plaster

With angel and cherub molds, you can created the product using plaster, resin or concrete (sand and cement).

For me, I used Plaster of Paris because it is easily accessible. All you need to do is buy plaster from dental supply stores, add it to the right proportion of water, mix and pour it into your mold.

I haven't tried resin yet. Reason - I cannot find a local store in my city selling resin for casting.

I have not tried cement and sand too. Why? My work room in my house is not conducive for casting sand and cement. Another reason is that I am not casting regularly so I would be wasting cement if I buy it. Cement is sold by sack and sand is sold per load of delivery trucks. Construction supply stores do not agree selling it in smaller units. I am thinking that I will get small bags of sand next time I will go to the beach to try it but then, I have to wait for some major renovations in my house to take place so I could get some cement.

Thus, before you consider your materials in casting, you need to consider the workplace, the availability of materials, the drying time (do you have time to wait) and the cost.

Plaster of Paris is most probably the readily available material you can find. It is not expensive. Buy half kilo to start with your first casting projects. The plaster will set in about thirty minutes and it may take two days to air dry the product.

With half kilo, you can make two of the angel shown in this module.

Make a holder before casting

Wet the base of your wold

and press it against the surface of a thick cardboard

to outline the contours of the mold opening on the cardboard.

Cut out the shape created by the watermark. (remember to cut the innermost outline of the water on the board - this is the outline of the mold opening)

Now, You can insert your mold into it.

The cardboard will serve as your holder so that you will not need to hold the mold after you poured the plaster of Paris in it until it sets.

Sketch of Mold Holder

Sketch of Mold Holder
Sketch of Mold Holder

Casting With Plaster of Paris

When I bought my molds from eBay, the seller included casting techniques, do’s and don’ts

In mixing plaster of Paris, you have to pour the plaster into the water and not add the water into the plaster. You will know that you poured enough plaster when a lump forms (it’s like seeing the tip of an iceberg on water).

Gently mix it and then pour.

Prepare your holder before you start preparing the plaster because if it started to set when you are still pouring it, t

Coloring your Output

The photos you see here shows my output that I painted with gold spray. You can buy these spray paints from educational supply stores, craft stores and hardware. I bought mine in hardware. I like the diversity of gold and silver colors they have there.

Spray paint is easy to use.

It won’t take a minute to color an angel.

It dries fast as well.

You can also color your output with paint and brush.

The advantage is that you can vary the colors

but it will require more time.

Cherubs versus Angels

view quiz statistics

Do you like Angels and Cherubs? - Make one with a mold

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I love angels, but I am rather fussy about which angels I will put into my collection! Some that I have been given are just too tacky! I like your selection though!

    • steadytracker lm profile image

      steadytracker lm 

      5 years ago

      An excellent lens. Very informative. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    • darkflowers profile image

      Anja Toetenel 

      5 years ago from The Hague, the Netherlands

      I love Angels and collect them, never tried to make one with a mold. Good idea! Thanks for this very nice Lens!

    • sharadkgupta lm profile image

      sharadkgupta lm 

      6 years ago

      I do like it .These all are so attractive.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I don't make them but I do buy them. I have a little angel garden outside:)

    • Rosanna Grace profile image

      Rosanna Grace 

      6 years ago

      You have so much useful content here that I want to give this a go once more. I did this many years ago.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      My mother used to make these too:)

    • faeriesong7 profile image

      Mary Collings 

      6 years ago from Outer Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland

      I love them - and I loved your lens. It's made me want to have a go. I used to make a lot of plaster models when the children were small. You can get boxed kits for children so we often had a session and then it took them ages to paint them. Aaah, lovely memories. Thank you!


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