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Animal Latch Hook Rug Kits

Updated on August 30, 2013

Animal Latch Hook Rug Kits

Here you'll find animal latch hook kits for the whole family in different sizes to allow for all patience levels. Animal kits are not too feminine so they will suit even the boys and men. If you are just starting with the craft, you may wish to choose one of the smaller designs.

Making a latch hook rug is an easy craft, even if you've never done any crafts with yarn before. You use a special tool, a latch hook, which is a hinged hook, to knot a pre-cut piece of yarn onto the canvas. The kits featured here contain the pre-cut yarn and the canvas, either with or without the pattern printed on it. The latch hook tool is not included. You will need to purchase that separately if you don't already own one.

Puppy latch hook rug kit

available from Amazon.

See below for more details

Each of these kits is available from Amazon. Just click the pictures to find out more information.

Dogs and Puppies Latch Hook Rug Kits

I especially love the latch hook rug kits featuring fluffy animals. Somehow it just seems to fit perfectly! Fluffy animal - fluffy rug.

Puppy 12"x12"CHECK PRICE

Toy Puppy 28" x 21"CHECK PRICE

Flower Pup 15"x20"CHECK PRICE

Lab Puppies 24"x34"CHECK PRICE

Cartoon Puppy 8"x8"CHECK PRICE

Shaggy Puppies 20"x27"CHECK PRICE

Cats and Kitten Latch Hook Rug Kits

Fluffy kitty cats - fluffy latch hook rugs - another lovely combination.

Two of these rugs have edges which are not straight lines. Here are some instructions for finishing off the edges of latch hook rugs, including round ones. You could also cut a matching sized / shaped piece of fabric and sew the two sections together with right sides facing (leaving enough of a space to turn it right way out again), then stuff to form a cushion.

Garden Kitty 30"x40"CHECK PRICE

Cat Nap 24-1/2" roundCHECK PRICE

White Society Kitty 20"x27"CHECK PRICE

Animal Kitty shaped Pillow 1"2x12"CHECK PRICE

Prize Kitty with pink bow 15"x20"CHECK PRICE

Two cats on the fence with the moon 15"x20"CHECK PRICE

Tiger Latch Hook Rug Kits

Cute or majestic tiger - take your pick. The bigger tiger projects would make magnificent wall hangings and the cute tiger cub would look great made up into a cushion.

Tiger portrait 15"x20"CHECK PRICE

Tiger cub 12"x12"CHECK PRICE

Jungle Tiger 27"x40"CHECK PRICE

Butterfly Latch Hook Rug Kits

Colorful butterflies make a great craft project. My first latch hook rug featured butterflies. The smaller sized rugs featured here would make a great first latch hook project or craft idea for kids, especially the 8x8" rug.

Blue butterfly 12"x12"CHECK PRICE

Colorful butterfly 12"x12"CHECK PRICE

Orange and pink butterfly 8"x8"CHECK PRICE

Teddy Bear Latch Hook Rug Kits

These latch hook rugs would look delightful made up as cushions. Children would just love to cuddle up with one of these fluffy teddies.

Boy Bear 12"x12"CHECK PRICE

Jingle Christmas Bear 12"x12"CHECK PRICE

Hints and Tips for Latch Hooking

  1. If your project is square or rectangular, you can fold over the edges and latch hook through the double layer to give you a neat edge.
  2. If you're not using the folded under edges method (above), it's a good idea to to tape the edge of your canvas before you start the craft. This will prevent fraying.
  3. If your colored yarn sections are not already sorted, take the time to sort them in good light, preferably in daylight so that you can see any variations in shade.
  4. To ensure that you maintain the shape of the finished item, you must make all your knots on the double canvas strand and not the twisted strand.
  5. After using the tool to create each knot, pull the knot tighter with your fingers, adjusting it if necessary to make it even.
  6. Don't try to do all one color and then another color as it can be quite difficult trying to add your threads in around other ones already knotted onto the canvas. Instead, work in blocks or rows.
  7. If you are working off a paper pattern, you may find it easier to follow where you are up to if you highlight each row or block after you complete it.
  8. you can vary the length of the pile by not folding your yarn in half before knotting it, but instead, holding it off-center.
  9. You can always try something different with the background of your picture. Instead of using the pre-cut sections of yarn, you could use another long piece of yarn and use a half cross stitch method. This will mean that your animal, which you have made using the latch hook method, will stand out even more from the background.
  10. When your rug is complete, trim any fuzzy and longer strands.

Team work

This craft makes a fun project to do with a child. Check out this cute video of a little girl and her grandma making a picture together.

Have you ever tried this craft?

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