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Animal Pop Up Cards

Updated on August 22, 2014

Amazing Animal Pop Up Cards to Make and Buy

On this page you'll find a selection of different animal pop up cards. Some of these have patterns or templates so you can print them out and make them yourself. Some have instructions for cutting out the pieces free-hand. But there are also some here pre-made that you can buy if you are not into making your own.

You'll find birds, butterflies, monkeys, bears, dragons, and many more.

What fun! Open your card and be greeted by a happy animal popping out at you. Why don't you have a go at making some yourself today?

Make Your Own Animal Pop Up Cards

Butterflies in the meadow
Butterflies in the meadow

Make a pop up card from a printable kit

Butterflies in the meadow

This pretty card has two sides which open to expose the popups on the inside - two blue butterflies which spring from the sides as you open the card. This is a nice easy card, having only one pattern page to print for the project.

Cute jungle animals
Cute jungle animals

Cute jungle animals

When this cute card is opened it will stand up revealing a jungle scene with flowers, butterflies, trees, lions, a cheeky monkey holding a banana, and even a hippo. This 9" card has a selection of optional sentiments, including "for a cheeky monkey" and "let's have fun, go bananas" and is the perfect choice for any of the cheeky monkeys in your life.

Bluebirds at the wishing well
Bluebirds at the wishing well

Bluebirds at the wishing well

This printable kit contains all you need to create a sweet wishing well card with a little party of bluebirds and some pretty flowers. The card shown here has had some extra leaves and a die-cut butterfly added as well. You can use any of your own embellishments to decorate any of these fun cards.

feeding the animals on the farm

fun in the jungle

penguin in the snow

pink ballerina teddy

sewing mouse

bear with a rose

Free Printable Animal Pop Up Cards

You'll find a fabulous selection of different animal popups featured here, including a bat, bee, bug, crab, dinosaur, eagle, mammoth, pig, rabbit, reindeer, shark, spider, tiger, and more. All Robert Sabuda's templates featured on this page will print in black or gray, so feel free to print on colored card.

Another excellent menagerie of animals (prints just in black ink again) - includes sea otter, monkey, teddy bear, dog, dragon, snake, horse, cow, sheep,tiger, wild boar, hippo, monkey, goat, and many more. The link at the top of the page has instructions on how to put these cute cards together.

Bird cage - more fiddly with lots of cutting involved.

Chinese mythical phoenix

2 rabbit friends with the sentiment, "How happy I am to have a friend like you!"

Very cute new baby card with pop up elephant, rabbit, dog, cat, pig, panda and red panda

Pretty butterfly

More Popup Cards to Make

Simple frog. This page gives some easy to follow instructions for making a cute frog with a a pop open mouth.

Another easy frog with pop open mouth and eyes

Cow with an opening mouth

Easy pop up card video tutorial

With this card you will need some nice cardstock, cutting knife, glue, and some pre-printed elements, such as the little animals used in this one.

Easy Video Popup Card Tutorials - kitten and teddy bear

These easy cards use different colored cardstock. Cut out the shapes free-hand and stick onto the base. Draw on your own face and other details.

Goat popup card demonstration video

Ready-Made Animal Pop Up Cards to Buy

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