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Do you contribute photos to Is it worthwhile?

I just discovered and see that they give photos away for free but that the photographer can get compensated through AdSense. I've noticed some Hubs referring to the site but haven't had time to wade through them all yet. I gather some people here use them as a source of photos for their Hubs, but I'm more interested in contributing my own photos. I already sell some on Microstock sites like Shutterstock, but would like to try this as an alternative source of income. Is anyone at HubPages earning Adsense money there?


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cascoly says

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5 years ago
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    Gina145 5 years ago

    Thanks for your answer. I already have portfolios at several microstock sites, but their technical demands are really high and I wanted something to do with my leftovers.

    Stockvault was recommended elsewhere. I get downloads but little AdSense.

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