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Arrowhead Stitch For Decorative Stitches

Updated on November 6, 2012
Arrowhead Stitch Photo
Arrowhead Stitch Photo

Arrowhead Stitch Instructions

Arrowhead stitch is a decorative stitch that you can use to fill stitch spaces as well as strengthen part of clothing such as pockets and darts. You can neaten some areas of sewing using arrowhead stitch. You will need a pattern that you can use to stitch as on a triangle shape.

There are some methods of which you can use to stitch arrowheads on garment, clothing or any decorative fabric of your choice. Arrowhead stitch is achieved when you join two single stitches in a V shape to create the arrowhead design. You will have to use either tacking thread or chalk to mark the shape and size that you want to stitch.

Pattern For Arrowhead Stitch
Pattern For Arrowhead Stitch

How To Stitch Arrowhead

I will use the triangle by the right side as the pattern for stitching an arrowhead on any fabric surface. You can make the lines to be straight or any how you want.

Start from point A on the triangle pattern and bring the needle up from the back of the fabric and then insert the needle at the apex of B, try to bring the needle out from the last stitch at the base. Insert the needle from B again from the line at the center. You should continue stitching like this using the section A B D.

Repeat using the above instructions and fill the section B C D in with stitches. Make sure that the stitches meet at the line in the center.

You can see from the above first photo of arrowhead stitch how the arrows are made and using that method, you can fill in all the stitches.

Another Technique For Arrowhead Stitch

From the back of the fabric at point A on the triangle above, bring the needle up as you lift two threads at the apex of point B. From point C, insert the needle and pull it out at point A. At apex B, insert the needle and pull it out at the other side of apex B.

Repeat this technique till you fill the whole of the area in the arrowhead pattern that you choose. If you do it right, you will find that the stitches will look exactly like the arrowheads and thus your work is done. As mentioned above, you can use arrowhead stitch to strengthen the corner of pockets or darts on clothing or just as a decorative stitch.

Wikemedia Commons
Wikemedia Commons | Source

Using Imaginary Lines For Arrowhead Stitch

You can start by stitching in rows from the top of the lines to downward sides using three lines that you imagine. First, bring the needle through from the top, left corner and push the needle a little below at the center line, and then bring the needle out at the point at the right line which should be at the level with the first stitch at the top.

To create a complete arrowhead stitch, bring the needle through the center at the same point and pull it out a little below from the previous stitch at the left line and then continue the stitch as you want. Make sure that the stitches of the arrowhead is spaced evenly.

Arrowhead Stitch Video


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