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Art Blogs

Updated on May 1, 2012

The Best Art blogs

The reason for this lens is to highlight some of the best Arty blogs and websites that I have found on the internet all in the same place.

I don't know about you, but my favorites list on my computer is sooo long now that I can't find anything anymore LOL

So here are my favorite arty websites and blogs

1: Teesha Moore Blog. The picture is from her blog...its a shame her blog isnt updated more often, however, when it is its great.

Please check out my New Art Blog2012

Alisa Burke has a great ARTY blog

2: Alisa Burkes Blog

The wonderful thing about Alisa is that she updates her blog nearly every single day. Sometimes it may just be a recipe, other times its a free tutorial and other times is may be a look into her sketch book or her art. She is extremely prolific and her art is varied. You will find her an inspiration and fun to read every day.

Alisa Burkes Video

Here is a sneak pic of the start of one of Alisa Burkes Videos. On her blog you will find heaps of online classes with her if you are interested. She is especially great for anyone doing mixed media art on a budget as she loves to use what you already have lying around the house. ENJOY!

Alisa Bourkes Books

Alisa has a brand new book out called "SEW WILD". Grab a copy now.

This is Alisa's Last Book all about painting on canvas then making items out of it.

Traci Bautista Blog

Traci Bautista Blog

Tracis blog and website are just wonderful, be careful though as you could be here all day. Love the bright colors she uses and the free expression she uses. She has a wonderful DVD out that I bought that is so full of wonderful techniques, I just love it. Its called

This is Tracis last book which is fabulous. I own this one and love it.

Tracis Latest Book is SELLING NOW!!

Teesha Moore

Teesha has a fabulous Blog, she doesn't update as often as some but when she does it is worthwhile. Teesha is mainly into Art Journals, painting, travel and food, so you get a good variety of information and wonderful pictures.Teesha Moore Blog

teesha Moores White Page Journal

Teesha Moores Videos

Artist Blogs Visitor Book - What Are your favorite artist blogs???

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