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Art Magazines & Journals - Resources for Artists

Updated on October 30, 2015
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Katherine regularly reviews art books and has a very extensive art library (4 bookcases and lots of stacks waiting for the next one!)

An inventory of art magazines and journals

Ever wanted to know what art magazines and journals are available but couldn't find a list?

This site provides a listing of art magazines and journals in the UK, North America plus some international titles - plus links to where you can buy some of them on Amazon - or test drive the adequacy of their subscription setups!

Consumer reviews coming soon. Do let me know if you have a favourite art magazine which isn't listed

Art Magazines in the UK

Art Magazines in the UK - on Amazon

Unfortunately due to the bias towards American publications of the Amazon modules only a few UK art magazines are listed on Typically these magazines are imported from the UK and can only be shipped within the USA

BOOKS: Produced by Art Magazines in the UK

Leisure Painter Projects: Top Professional Artists Reveal How to Paint a Wide Range of Popular Subjects Using all Media
Leisure Painter Projects: Top Professional Artists Reveal How to Paint a Wide Range of Popular Subjects Using all Media

Published in association with Leisure Painter magazine and featuring the work of many well-known artists, this book contains numerous practical painting projects in a range of media. The Leisure Painter magazine has a committed readership and the monthly painting project is one of its most popular articles. This book brings together a varied selection of these projects, providing a source of painting ideas for amateur artists. The coverage of subjects in the book is diverse: from landscapes and seascapes to still life, interiors and people. All the main painting media are represented - watercolour, pastels, oils and acrylics - aiming to ensure variety and interest. In addition, the book features a wide range of different styles of painting by many well-known artists, including some HarperCollins authors such as Alwyn Crawshaw, Linda Birch, Ron Ranson, Ann Blockley and Wendy Jelbert.

The Artist's Watercolour Problem Solver: Practical Solutions to Common Watercolour Problems
The Artist's Watercolour Problem Solver: Practical Solutions to Common Watercolour Problems

Twelve professional artists offer helpful solutions to many of the most common problems, while excellent illustrations help to ensure that the advice is not only practical but also inspiring. Numerous topics are addressed, including: finding new subjects, working from sketches, mixing watercolors effectively, and portraying difficult subjects, such as light and fabric. An invaluable source of expert instruction for all watercolor painters.


Art Magazines in the USA

My experience of subscribing to American Art Magazines

a cautionary tale for non-USA subscribers

I used to subscribe to American Art Magazines - The Artist's Magazine, Pastel Journal and American Artist. In the end I stopped all my subscriptions because of the very long delays between publication and their arrival in the UK.

I wasn't alone in being dissatisfied as there were regular complaints raised by artists in art forums about delays in despatch.

I came to the conclusion that certain American Art magazine publishers had very poor quality control over delivery as promises to improve never actually materialised in improved delivery.

It may have changed - but I suspect not. Of course American Artist is no longer published as the company went bust and was taken over by F&W Publications - who publish The Artist's Magazine in 2012!

One option - which was very slow in arriving - is to subscribe to a digital edition of a magazine. I tried that with F&W publications as well but the whole process fell apart either at payment or at the download.

It would be nice to think that not all magazines behave in the same way - I certainly don't have experience of all of the US magazines.

One advantage of subscribing via Amazon is you have a third party with muscle to hold publishers to account for prompt delivery! Such a pity this doesn't include delivery to the UK......

USA Art Magazines: F&W Publications

Check out samples of the articles from the magazine feed which is listed directly below this module

Subscriptions are now offered as print and Kindle subscription for Kindle devices and Kindle reading apps.

What this publisher needs to do is offer Kindle/electronic subscriptions ONLY - and then they'd see international subscriptions take off!

Watercolor Artist [Print + Kindle]
Watercolor Artist [Print + Kindle]

The best selling art magazine on AmazonA magazine providing how-to instruction and creative inspiration for artists working in water-based media. Illustrated with demonstrations of techniques. Provides information about painting tools and materials, special reports on timely topics in the art world and tips from the experts in the field.Published bi-monthly issue

The Artist's Magazine [Print + Kindle]
The Artist's Magazine [Print + Kindle]

#2 in the art magazine best sellers on AmazonThe Artist's Magazine is a leading magazine for serious, active artists of all skill levels. Readers learn about how other artists go about painting and drawing. It focuses on the fundamentals of artmaking, presenting techniques in different painting and drawing media, answering tough technical questions, and offering business advice.

Pastel Journal [Print + Kindle]
Pastel Journal [Print + Kindle]

The only national magazine devoted entirely to the medium of pastel. Aimed at the working professional and passionate amateur, It provides good quality reproductions, in-depth interviews, thought pieces, up-to-the-minute information on workshops, contests and exhibitions and regular columns on professional practice.


Available as a Kindle edition


USA Art Magazines: other magazines for artists

Art in America
Art in America

Art in America creates a fascinating picture of the ever-changing art scene both in the U.S. and abroad.Everything from contemporary to classical… painting, sculpture, photography… critiques of exciting new talentsand important new books.


This magazine reports on the personalities, trends and events that shape the international art world. Its articles focus on art ranging from old masters to contemporary art in all genres. Regular features include reviews of books and exhibits, travel destinations, investment and appreciation advice and insights into the art world.


Other Magazines in the USA - not available via Amazon

Other art magazines available in the USA

USA Art Collectors Magazines - magazines on Amazon

American Art Collector
American Art Collector

American Art Collector keeps you informed of what is happening in the art market each month. Enjoy previews of mainstream artists' upcoming shows at galleries coast to coast as well as authoritative columns by art appraisers, gallery owners, museum curators, art consultants and more.

Southwest Art [Print + Kindle]
Southwest Art [Print + Kindle]

This magazine is a must for the art collector--both beginning and experienced. The work of the West's most accomplished artists comes to your home every month in the pages of Southwest Art. Each issue highlights up-and coming artists and emerging art trends.

Western Art Collector
Western Art Collector

A monthly art magazine specially written for collectors, galleries and painters of traditional fine art.

New American Paintings
New American Paintings

Juried exhibition-in-print created to facilitate contact between creators and consumers of fine art from every region of the United States.


Art Magazines in Other Countries

International Art Magazines

Available on Amazon

International Artist
International Artist

#3 in a list of the best selling art magazines on AmazonProduced bi-monthly. For beginners, intermediate & professionalsEach 164 page issue of International Artist magazine has articles about the world's best artists. They tell you the thought processes behind their creative methods and reveal their painting techniques.

Canadian Art
Canadian Art

Magazine about the visual arts in Canada. Information for the gallery-goer, art collector, artist and general reader. Each issue contains news, profiles and feature articles on a wide range of topics, from historical to contemporary art, from the practical to the political, and more.


International Art Collectors

Magazines for national and international art collectors

Online Art Newspapers - Columns, Blogs & Magazines

Newspapers - art columns

Art Columns and Art Blogs from major newspapers plus major online art newspapers

Online Art Magazines and Blogs

Online sites for some important reporting on art

© 2009 Katherine Tyrrell

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    • dwnovacek profile image

      dwnovacek 5 years ago

      Thanks for this extensive list of resources. It's beautifully presented and much appreciated. Angel Blessings!

    • EdTecher profile image

      Heidi Reina 6 years ago from USA

      You have a wonderful collection of art magazines and articles here. Blessed by a Squid Angel ~

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