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Artists Anatomy For Drawing

Updated on April 16, 2012

How To Draw Anatomy

Looking for artists anatomy for drawing? Here you can find a ton of helpful drawing anatomy reference! Being an aspiring self taught artist myself, who is on a tight budget, I know how hard it is to find good free drawing resources on the internet, and just how long it takes.

Personally, I don't want to spend hours searching for online anatomy tutorials! I'd rather be practicing and drawing anatomy. I'm going to guess that that is true for you as well.

As I am learning to draw anatomy myself right now I will simply take any good anatomy references I find and post them here for you all to use.

There will be more added to this page as I find it, please bookmark and check back often!

This page is full of resources to learn human anatomy. There is nudity, skeletal structures and muscles references. If any of these things offend you, please use your browsers back button. Thanks.

Is Learning To Draw Anatomy Important?

You are probably already aware that to draw a human form it all starts with learning anatomy. Even cartoonists, comic book artists manga artists start this way.

When you start drawing you usually find a style of art you really like, for this example we will say this style is comics, you know superheroes! You start copying your favorite superheroes drawn by your favorite artists, and you are pretty good at it.

Yet when you sit down with a blank sheet of paper and try to draw from your head, even an already created character from your head your drawing abilities flat line. Everything is off and you can't figure out why, you've been drawing superheroes for years.

So why does it work like this? This is because you only learned the surface. You learned the STYLE, and the style is superheroes, comics.... however for any style to work you have to have a basic understanding of the base of it all... drawing the human figure. Anime/manga, superheroes, cartoons, these all are based on the human figure as it is and then exaggerated from that point. The style alone is nothing without the figure to put it on.

So, our goal here to to learn how to draw human anatomy, so that we can take those basic needed skills and apply them to whatever style of drawing we wish to.

Skeletal Structure

The Human Body Is 3 Dimensional

Something that a lot of beginner artists have trouble with when trying to learn to draw anatomy is that they approach the subject the wrong way. When they look at trying to draw the human waist for example, they look at it as if it is flat. 2 dimensional. This causes a lot of problems. To learn to draw the human figure you must realize and remember it is 3 dimensional. If you don't know what a part of the body looks like from any angle, you can''t draw it from every angle.

Not remembering that the human figure is 3 dimensional causes a lot of problems with drawings looking, flat and lifeless as well as anatomically incorrect. How can the anatomy of a 3D object ever be right if you are drawing it as if it was a 2D object? I hope you understand what I am talking about. Because I believe this is a big part of why so many people have trouble drawing anatomy. Remember... it is not flat.

Understand Drawing Anatomy Tutorial Series

These tutorials are on deviantART. There are several tutorials in this understanding anatomy series. I find these anatomy tutorials to be very helpful myself and think that any artist struggling to learn the basics or just someone looking for a new perspective would benefit from these tutorials. Read through the tutorials and follow along with the practices.

I think you will find them helpful. One of the things these tutorials are good for is learning to think of the human figure in 3D form, which many artists forget to do. The trick is to draw a 3D form in 2D. You have to understand how he human figure words as a whole. Most artists have trouble learning anatomy because thy are thinking of it as lines and flat. The human figure is more than that if you want to draw correct anatomy you must wrap your head around the idea of the 3D figure.

I highly recommend these tutorials. I like the fun breaks and doodles built into the anatomy tutorials, it definitively makes it engaging to read!

How To Draw Hips

Here are some helpful anatomy resources to teach you how to draw hips, both male and female. Drawing hips isn't that hard once you learn a bit about them. Did you know how to draw male hips without making him look feminine? Common problem, learn how to draw hips.

Tips To Draw Female Hips

Gesture Drawing

Gesture drawing is something that is often looked over especially by self taught artists as a helpful tool to getting your basic anatomy down. Gesture drawings are very helpful to learn more about how to human body works and moves in a quick loose way.

Gesture drawing are traditionally 10-30 second quick sketches of an image but can be longer for more detailed gesture drawing, more towards 10 minutes possibly longer.

How To Draw Necks

Anatomy Of Upper Back

This video teaches you the anatomy of the upper back from the skeletal structure to the muscles...

How To Draw Male Shoulders

Reference Of The Muscles In The Male Back

Anatomy Of The Arm & Forearm

A front view anatomy reference of the arm and forearm...


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    • Richardryder profile image

      Risteard O'Marcahain 5 years ago from Wales

      I've started a degree course in Art at Bangor University North Wales. I am loving getting to grips with the Body and everything else great lens with good ideas thank you. If you get a chance drop by my campfire lens and leave a message