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ArtRage Artists on DeviantART: A-F

Updated on January 3, 2013

DeviantART ArtRage Artists from A-F

A list of all the ArtRage artists on Deviant art - that I know about. Know of one? ARE one? Drop me a comment in the Add Your Gallery guest box.

Some of these artists work solely with ArtRage; some split it with traditional oils and charcoal and other media; some use it as one of many programs and some run their pictures through multiple programs!

Some haven't been updated in a while - they are here because their galleries have something to learn from. Some update every week!

For more artists, go to the DeviantART ArtRage Index page

And for more about ArtRage, see the ArtRage Painting lens

ArtRage Artists on DeviantART: A-F

ArtRage Artists on DeviantART: G-K

ArtRage Artists on DeviantART: L-S

ArtRage Artists on DeviantART: T-Z

A Note To Artists

DeviantART artists, read this please

If you do not wish to be in this list, please drop me a comment here or note me on my Deviantart.

If you DO wish to be on this list, please drop me a comment here or note me on my Deviantart!

The pictures are the best ArtRage paintings I could find - if you have another work that I missed or was not labelled - or you paint something better! - let me know and I will change it.

If you want a better description feel free to send me a blurb about yourself (I will try and get something better up, but firstly you know yourself best, secondly - it'll take a bit of time, and thirdly I'll like you ^_^)

Staying updated

Feel free to send me links to newer or preferred works, and I'm happy to update yours for you.

Please note - that the image link is NOT the deviation itself. If you edit and update a picture, this page will still show the older version. Again, drop me a comment and I'll update it with the fresh image.


The obvious - stated for posterity

1. I am not affiliated with Ambient Design, nor is this an offical page.

2. The art linked on this page belongs to the respective artists. It may be free to take, but most of it will not be. You check with the artist first.

(For some free wallpapers check out my Places to find me lens

For Free downloads (for example, Copic colour palettes) see the ArtRage Painting lens).

The art actually on this page is all mine. If you wish to use it for something *ask first* - I do not allow commercial use, but will probably be happy other things.

3. Reading this page signifies agreement and acceptance with my status as ruler of the world. I will expect your tribute after the beep.

4. To search for artists on Deviantart:

- either randomly, search by keyword and hope they remembered to write it on their work (*again, I may have missed yours because I couldn't find it this way!* )

- using their name.

If you know their name, you can go to them directly, by typing [NAME] eg

Art used on this page

Buy The Full Edition of ArtRage - ArtRage on Amazon

You can buy the full edition through Amazon here!

The artists featured have used different versions of ArtRage, but most use the paid version.

ArtRage Deluxe 2.5  [OLD VERSION]
ArtRage Deluxe 2.5 [OLD VERSION]

"Struggled to sketch on paper, scan, take into pixel paint product to produce computer game characters.

Got a demo of Art Rage and was astonished how easy it was to sketch using a tablet as if it was paper. Great range of medium to use and, for my purposes, was ideal to do the initial sketches. Since then I have used the product to do backgrounds as well.

When I checked the full product I was expecting 100 so was pleasantly surprised at the $30 price."

" ArtRage is a natural media digital art software with several very nice features, some challenging those of Painter and Photoshop. The first thing that I liked was the software's graphic user interface or workspace. Given the number of features and the amount of controls to customize the tools, you would expect a complicated and intimidating GUI similar to that of Painter or Photoshop. Instead, you have an uncluttered workspace with only six panels bordering the edges. Also, as you are working, these few panels automatically disappear out of the way as your brush approaches and reappear again as you move your brush away. Other nice features are a rotating canvas and pen tablet support. ArtRage can import and export several image formats including JPEG, BMP, PNG and PSD. ...


Another feature that one would expect in only high end software is layers. ArtRage's Layers panel rivals its competitors'. You can work on individual areas of your painting on separate layers. You can also copy, group and merge layers. Each layer has its own properties, such as opacity and blend modes, and can be moved, scaled and rotated. You can control the characteristics of the paper or canvas for each layer. ArtRage also supports transparency for layers, Photoshop's blending modes and has the ability to retain layer information when you import or export your artwork in PDS format. "


Important Links about ArtRage and DeviantART - Sites you probably need to see, to understand this page

Find out more about DeviantART, Ambient Design and this collection of art below.

...or you could just admire the art.

The only requirements are:

Must be partly or mostly ArtRage work

You must have at least two works.

Link me to your gallery or specific pieces that you'd like featured here

*Or rather, 'the page that covers the part of the alphabet you would come under ^_^'

I've also been having an issue with disappearing images - sometimes for no known reason and sometimes because DeviantART changes the link. If you notice this, please tell me!

And again, if you want me to update your section with newer and better work, feel free to leave me links!

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Leave me a link to your ArtRage work - Are you on DeviantART? I'll add you to this page*

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