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ArtRageUS E-magazine - the ArtRage Digital Artist Magazine

Updated on August 30, 2017

A magazine for ArtRage artists, by ArtRage artists: "For Ragers By Ragers"

ArtRageUS is a collaborative digital magazine created for ArtRage users. Articles and artwork are submitted by ArtRage artists from the Ambient Design Forums and it was edited, proofed, compiled and published by a small team from the forums.

It is independent of the actual ArtRage company, but approved of - the first edition includes a three page interview with the ArtRage team (which reveals a few things I never knew - such as how small it really is!)

The very first edition was published 15th February, 2010. it was intended to be hosted on the Spotbit site, but this went down and they had to host it in a hurry! This also meant the first edition was created as small JPEG files (due to the Spotbit constraints) which won't be the case in future. All future editions are in PDF format and hosted on the ArtRage site itself.

Future plans included rotating volunteers, the best artworks of the month, personal ads, ever more tutorials and of course, success and fame. If you'd like to submit an article or volunteer as an editor or porrfread for a month, read on!

Do you paint with ArtRage?

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Art.Rage.Us. - This magazine has nothing to do with the book below.

I just wanted to clarify that this is nothing to do with the book Art.Rage.Us. which is a compilation of art and writing from women with breast cancer.

It's a good book and a worthy cause, but the only similarity is the name, and the fact that both have art and writing in.

ARTRAGEus February 2010: issue 1 - The E-Magazine by Ragers for Ragers.

ARTRAGEus issue One cover: cover image by TonyJazz
ARTRAGEus issue One cover: cover image by TonyJazz

This is the very first issue, and had a few problems - most of the pages are jpegs due to the contraints of the planned hosting site. This also meant that typos couldn't be edited out easily! However, it also showed that this CAN work!

Author/artist names are usually our forum handles.

List of Contents

You can read the first issue online on GoogleDocs. You'll need a PDF reader to download. (Thanks to IrishRose! )

  1. Letter From the Editor - Bobby Ray
  2. ARTRAGEus Interview with Matt Fox-Wilson / MattRage

    by Eileen724

    An awesome six page interview that told me a lot more about the ArtRage team than I ever knew before.

  3. Featured Artist - TonyJazz

    by TonyJazz

    A bit of backstory and some lovely ArtRage paintings - my favourite is 'Night Landscape', but 'Reflections' is also stunning.

  4. What is DeviantART?

    by Flynn the Cat

    Ah yes - that's mine. I wrote this in hurry in response to some questions on the forums about what DeviantART actually was. You can find the ArtRagers on DeviantART here

  5. The Final Frontier Space Art

    by Bobby Ray

    A bit about creating space art and some lovely paintings of planets, stars and space.

  6. I wanna be a Cartoonist

    by Jonwood

    A great little story about how John became rich and famous (well sort of) and actually started being a cartoonist, complete with... well, cartoons.

    You can see more of his work on his website

  7. Creating Brushes with Sticker Spray

    Tutorial by Stimpy

    An article about ArtRage Stickers - A very easy to follow tutorial about customising the sticker spray presets with different sticker sheets in ArtRage 3

ArtRageUs March 2010: issue 2 - A monthly publication by Ragers for Ragers.

Download the March issue of ArtRageUS here
Download the March issue of ArtRageUS here

List of Contents

You can download the second issue from the ArtRage server. You'll need a PDF reader to download.

Please download a copy to your computer and view it from the file you have saved. You can view the magazine from within your web browser. but there's a slight glitch in the formatting of the links within the magazine that forces a new download of the magazine if you hit the "back" button. (Hopefully to be fixed in issue 3)

  1. ArtRageUS Overview (by the ArtRageUS Volunteer Staff)
  2. Featured Artist: Pai
  3. One on One (by Brandogrey)
  4. Conversation & Artwork (by Brandogrey & Eileen724)
  5. ArtRage Forum – Tips & Tricks Tutorial Index (by Sunflower)
  6. Composition Tips and Tricks (by carlcath)
  7. ArtRage 3 Keyboard Shortcuts (by Alan)
  8. ArtRage Forum – Art Supplies Index (by Eileen724)
  9. ArtRage Video Tutorials (by juliediane)
  10. ArtRage 2.5 Keyboard Shortcuts (by Eileen724)
  11. Submission Guidelines
  12. ArtRageUS Volunteers

Pages should be emailed directly to BobbyRay

Dartmoor Summers - by Flynn the Cat
Dartmoor Summers - by Flynn the Cat

The Editing Team and Current Openings

Who put it together? The current team for this month

Not including the contributors, who vary with each issue (obviously!) the people who proofread and edited as necessary were:

For Issue 2.

1. Team Coordinator.......Bobby Ray Howle (BobbyRay)

2. Team Editing Room Eileen (Eileen724)

3. Team layout Room.....337_Lee

Future Issues

For future issues, the idea is to make this an entirely collaborative magazine - the positions will vary as volunteers are available, and the Team Coordinator role will be passed on to a new rager each month..starting March 15th.

Volunteers are needed for Proofing, Editing, Layouts or making new articles.

Current Openings:

Coordinator for April Issue only.

Volunteers needed in editing, proofing and Layouts.

We are currently accepting ragers articles, paintings and other material for the April and May Issues.

We are trying to get ahead one month so Bobby Ray will be working on the May Issue with a new team and the other Team will be working on the April Issue. This way we are not so pressed to get the mag done in 1 week. After the April Issue is finished we will be 1 month ahead for publications.

Submissions to ARTRAGEus - Getting your articles included in ARTRAGEus!

As it's a collaborative magazine, it needs ongoing submissions to keep running. These can range from ArtRage tutorials, to interviews to images, to explanations about how to set DPI - anything relevant to a digital artist, more specifically and ArtRage artist!

  1. Text and images should be sent as separate files. You can include a description or layout design if you wish.
  2. Text Files can be created in:

    #Microsoft Word

    # OpenOffice

    # WordPerfect

    # WordPad (on Windows computers)

    # NotePad (on Windows computers)

    # e-mail

    # TextWriter (on Mac computers)

    # any other common word processing program...

    (for unusual programs please remember to save in a more standard format - e.g. RTF (rich text format) )

  3. Image files should be JPEGS:

    * no bigger than 2400 X 3300 px (at 300 DPI or 12 px/mm for those that worry about that kind of thing)

    * jpg (at about 85% quality level)

    * as a separate file, not embedded into the original text document you submit.

    * images not meeting those specs will likely need to be converted to fit into the layout of the e-mag.

  4. Please remember to spell check your written work.
  5. Don't forget to add your screenname in the forum (if you're a forum member) and your real name (if you wish to be credited)

    ' by xxxxxx and screenname. '

  6. Final date for submissions is the 7th of each month

    - late submissions up until the 12th may be accepted.

  7. A free program you can use for PDFs is the Open Office editing suite, but anything you can get your hands on is fine.
  8. Submissions should be emailed directly to BobbyRay and include in the title "RE: ARTRAGEus Submission"

Submissions Templates - You can download one (or all) of the files below to your computer, and use them as a basic template when creating a document for submiss

The files are set up so that it will be easier for the volunteers to transfer into the master document, and depending on the format you use, should include most of the the headers and footers, margins, page size, etc that they use.

This template is optional but very much preferred!

Personal Ads future issues

Personal advertisements will be offered space in future issues. If you have something to sell or it can be a place for a company to advertise for free (plugins, jobs, Art needed) and similar things. Send an email with your ad to:

Should the Artwork Be Watermarked? - Protecting your paintings - or paranoia ruining art?

This is an issue that I thought people should be aware of and have a say on - do you want watermarks on the images in the magazine, or do you want them unmarked?

Just to be clear: This will probably remain up to the artist but if YOU had a choice, what would you choose?

Art theft DOES happen and a free downloadable magazine full of pictures may be treated as free clipart by some - after all, anyone can download it. Watermarks can be discreet, and ArtRage actually has some good layer effects - 'soft light' for example - which help make less obtrusive signatures. Alternatively, there could be a standard watermark for the magazine.

Artwork does get stolen and reused - from mostly harmless printing out, to uploading elsewhere on other art sites and claiming for themselves (this has happened to me, by the way) - to using the images to sell products on Print on Demand sites such as Zazzle. You can sometimes find reused art through TinEye.

On the other hand, it is an art magazine, and the value of protecting the art may damage the enjoyment of the art.

Should the artworks be watermarked?

All Email submissions must include "RE: ARTRAGEus Submission" in the title!

Are you a member of the forums? - The ArtRage community

Are you active on the Ambient Design forums?

See results

Relevant Forum Links - Ambient Design Forum Thread about ARTRAGEus

For more direct information, visit this thread in the Ambient Design forum.

ARTRAGEus is released on the 15th of each month!

This magazine is useful for... - It's digital and it's free, so anyone can download it!

New Zealand Fantails at Sunrise by Flynn the Cat
New Zealand Fantails at Sunrise by Flynn the Cat

Based on what you've seen of ARTRAGEus so far, and the fact that anyone can download it if they want to, is it worth the time of downloading?

Who could benefit from this magazine?

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    • FlynntheCat1 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      @justholidays: :D the section right above the guestbook - or here

      Or go to the forums...

    • justholidays profile image


      9 years ago

      Another great page created by the mysterious cat... Well, male or female?

      Anyway.... Have you built a tutorial on how to use ArtRage? Would like to learn how to draw things - with an A to Z guide :)



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