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Great Bags for Knitting

Updated on September 12, 2014

You Need At Least One Knitting Bag

There are several types of knitting bags and totes: large bags to hold a project, tools and your pattern, small project bags to carry small work in process, totes for larger projects, and small bags for needles and accessories.

I will be showing you the best bags of each type. Every product will have a link to Amazon so you can check out the knitting bag in detail.

Photo: Knit Knack Sack

What types of Knitting Bags Are There?

I group knitting bags into 4 categories:

1. Large project bags, with enough room for a large project plus pattern, your tool bag, and other items.

2. Small project bags, just large enough for a small project, pattern and 1-2 other things

3. Tote bags, good for storage of work in progress

4. Tool bags, including special cases for needles

Bagsmith Collapsable Knitting Bag - My Favorite Large Knitting Bag

This bag is my all time favorite. It has lots of pockets to hold needles, yarn, patterns, and general accessories. The interior is big enough to hold enough yarn for a large project, or a smaller project and other necessities. Mine usually holds a notebook, my current magazine, snacks for my kids ... I've even put my laptop in it and still had room for knitting!

The bag has a built in metal stand so it stays open next to your chair. It also has a shoulder strap that works well.

Other Large Project Bags

Though I love my Bagsmith, you may be looking for something that looks more like a handbag, or has more pockets, or is purple. Here are some other excellent bags for knitting that can hold a project, your tools, and more.

Nantucket Bag

This bag has lots of pockets and a large center space for your project. It can open flat for storage ot to hang on the wall. It comes in different color combinations.

JanetBasket Blue Stripes Eco Bag
JanetBasket Blue Stripes Eco Bag

This is a large sturdy bag with a top zipper and lots of interior pockets. It comes in many colors, click and look at the "Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed" to see them.


Janet Basket Bags

Janet Basket bags are a "carpet bag" style, designed for knitting and crochet projects. They come in many sizes and colors, and are quite popular.

Creative Options 17-1/2-Inch by 10-Inch by 8-Inch Craftician Bag, Vineyard
Creative Options 17-1/2-Inch by 10-Inch by 8-Inch Craftician Bag, Vineyard

This is a general purpose crafting tote. It has more pockets than a knitter might need, but you can use those for other essentials.


Craft Totes

You can also use a general purpose craft bag or tote to hold your knitting.These bgs are not ideal, as they might have zippers or velcro that can snag your yarn.

Small Project Bags

If you're making something small, such as mittens, a scarf, socks, or a hat, you don't need to lug your big bag with you. There are many project bags that are designed for small projects; here are a few.

Denim Knit Knack Sack
Denim Knit Knack Sack

Knit Knacks Knit Sack - My Favorite Small Knitting Bag

(photo at the top of this page)

The Knit Knack Sack is my favorite small project bag. And its not so small ... I can fit an entire woman's shell or small child's gansey in it. The strap is set so it can be used as a shoulder or waist strap, it has pockets for double pointed needles (new models have a cell phone pocket, mine doesn't), and a drawstring top -- no zippers or velcro to snag yarn.

I'll often carry my project in my Sack and put the Sack in my Bagsmith with some extra yarn and my tool bag.

My bag came with two of Nancy's knitting info cards attached.

This bag is not available at Amazon, but it's so good I'm giving you a link to it anyway. This means neither Hubpages nor I get the small affiliate income we get from sales at Amazon. If you do buy the sack, please leave a comment here or Like this page, which will help improve my page rank at Hubpages.

This bag comes in denim, tapestry fabric (lined) and leather (also lined). See all the choices at Nancy's Knit Knacks

Other Small Project Bags

These bags are designed to hold just what you need to take with you for working on a small project like socks, a hat, or a baby sweater.

Namaste Bags

Namaste makes a variety of luxury knitting bags in different sizes and fashion colors. They use "vegan leather" to make many of their bags, all of which are designed for yarn and fiber artisans.

Lantern Moon

Have you seen the awesome bags by Lantern Moon. They have a style all their own.

All their products are made by women in small Southeast Asian villages, where they earn a living wage. The bags use sustainable local materials, and have an Asian flair.

Needle Addiction Tote Bag I designed this image and sell products with it on Zazzle.
Needle Addiction Tote Bag I designed this image and sell products with it on Zazzle. | Source

The Good Old Tote Bag

For my UFOs (unfinished objects) and projects temporarily on hold, I like using tote gags. These unfitted cloth bags come in a few sizes, and work for holding a project. They also cost considerably less than the fancy bags above.

The bag shown is one of my graphic images from Zazzle, but you can use any tote bag you want. One of my favorites is a plain blue and black one made from backpack fabric.

Poll Time! How Many Knitting Bags Do You Have?

Don't be shy -- let us know how many you have!

Poll: How Many Knitting Bags Do You Have?

See results

Tool Bags and Storage

The bags above are for holding projects — your work in process, plus extra yarn, the tools you need, and your pattern.

You also need a place to store your other needles and tools.

The bags in this section of this Hub are for that purpose.

PM Company Securit Bank Deposit / Utility Zipper Coin Bag, 11 X 6 Inches, Black (04621)
PM Company Securit Bank Deposit / Utility Zipper Coin Bag, 11 X 6 Inches, Black (04621)

This cash bag is similar to mine, though mine is bright blue and has "Bank of the Ocean" stamped on it.


My Favorite Knitting Tool Bag - from the world of high finance

My favorite knitting tool bag is a cash bag from a bank where I once worked. This bag is made of heavy cloth-backed vinyl that even a 000 steel lace needle can't poke through. It has a strong zipper that will never break. And it's big enough to hold most of my small tools, but small enough to fit easily in any medium to large bag.

Clover Tapestry knitting Needle Case
Clover Tapestry knitting Needle Case

This case is long enough to hold your longest straight knitting needles.


Bags for Straight Knitting Needles

The best way to keep track of straight knitting needles, both single and double pointed, is in a bag with a slot for each different size.

There are many bags like this available. The short ones are only good for shorter double pointed needles. The long bags can hold any size, but your shorter needles may get lost in the pockets.

Bags for Circular Needles

These usually have a series of pockets, one for each needle size. They are usually large enough to hold several need;es in each pocket.

Lantern Moon Lapis Blue Clam Shell Set of 3 Case Nested Pouches
Lantern Moon Lapis Blue Clam Shell Set of 3 Case Nested Pouches

Pretty unfitted bags hand made by families in Southeast Asia. Lantern Moon supports small producers and fair trade.


General Tool Bags, Pouches, Boxes.

You need a place to store tape measures, thread snips, yarn holders, and the other small tools all knitters use.

The two products shown here are different ways of addressing the same issue. You can also use cosmetic bags, small boxes, or anything else.

K1C2 Knit Happy Fold-N-Go Notions Box, Black/Green
K1C2 Knit Happy Fold-N-Go Notions Box, Black/Green

A fold up cloth "box" that can hold all your knitting notions. Has a cute sheep on the front.


Do you have a favorite bag? Would you like to add your own review of a bag above? This is the place to add your comments.


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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I have one bag that does everything. It's my all-craft utility bag (including pen and paper). I didn't think about knitting.

    • Caromite profile image

      Caromite 5 years ago

      I use grogery bags most of the time I knit, but I've sewn me a roll for my knitting needles. I made a knitting bag for sock projects and another needle organizer as a birthday gift.

      Nice lense :)