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3D Rosebud Free Crochet Pattern

Updated on July 5, 2012
SheilaSchnauzies profile image

SheilaSchnauzies is a Miniature Schnauzer rescuer, writer, crochet designer, gardener, crafter, wife, mom & friend living in Omaha, NE.

Let's Crochet A 3D Rosebud!

Rose patterns in crochet tend to be so similar, and there are so many out there to choose from! I'm offering you here a different type of rose to crochet, a 3d object that you will use to adorn something else - a hair clip, a doily center, a brooch finding, whatever you want!

Crochet it up in thread of any size, or yarn of any size, with the appropriate sized hook. As long as your three colors are similar sizes/types, you'll be fine.

I'm only labeling this pattern "experienced" because you have to crochet and then assemble in ways that are a tiny bit unusual. That's the joy of working in 3D! It's also done in double treble crochet, which could be a touch tricky for the beginner. But I've included a YouTube tutorial in case you want to jump in and learn!

I've also included another skill for you to add to your repertoire, coiling copper wire by hand to attach beads or gemstones. There's a YouTube tutorial included, and of course this part is entirely optional. But it can be a beautiful way to accent your crochet decorations.

Hope you enjoy the free pattern and surround yourself with a bouquet of pretty roses!

Get The Copper Wire I Use! - You Will Fun With It!

Darice Craft Designer Permanently Colored Copper Wire - SILVER
Darice Craft Designer Permanently Colored Copper Wire - SILVER

Copper wire comes in many colors and it's so much fun to work with! Here is one of my favorite colors, silver.


What You Will Need

Perle Cotton, less than 1 ball

Crochet hook size 8 or your preferred size

Needle and sewing thread OR 20 gauge copper wire to attach embellishments

(Round nose pliers if using wire.)

Your choice of beads, gemstones, sequins, etc. (optional)

A Rosebud In White...

How To Make The Magic!

With desired rose color, chain 24. Work 6 DTR in 5th stitch from hook. *CH 4, SC in same place as DTR's. Skip one chain, slip stitch in next chain. CH 5, Work 6 DTR in same chain. Repeat from * across ending with slip stitch in last chain.

Turn work around so that the foundation chain is on top. Attach Green thread to the base stitch of the first petal. *Ch 5, work 3 DTR in same place. CH 4, SC in base of ch 4 just made. Work 3 more DTR in same place as other DTR's. CH 5, sl st in same place. CH 1, sl st in base stitch of next petal. Repeat from * around, ending with sl st in base of first leaf..

(Hopefully this makes sense -you are working a row of rose petals, then you are working a row of leaves facing in the opposite direction.)

Wrap the petals in a circular direction lengthwise so that the petals are facing up and the leaves are facing down. Arrange petals as desired and either tack in place with needle and thread, or run through a copper wire piece then coil ends down to secure. (See YouTube tutorial on how to coil wire below). Or you can simply starch the rosebud leaves into the position you want.

Attach bead(s) in desired positions to accent petals and leaves.

Alternate Directions

Row 1 - With Peach, CH 25. SC in 2nd ch from hook. *CH 1, skip 1 ch, SC in next chain. Repeat from * ending with a SC in last chain.

Fasten off.

Row 2 - Attach Yellow in first stitch of row. SC in first ch 1 space. *CH 1, SC in next ch 1 space. Repeat from * across. Fasten off.

Row 3 - Attach Gold in first stitch of where you left off. SC in first ch 1 space. *CH 1, SC in next ch 1 space. Repeat from * across. Fasten off.

Row 4 - Attach Green in first stitch. of where you left off. SC in first ch 1 space. *CH 1, SC in next ch 1 space. Repeat from * across. Do NOT fasten off.

Fill-In Row

(Repeat for each color)

CH 5, work 7 TRC in first ch 1 space. *CH 4, SC in same space. CH 3, skip next SC, slip stitch in next ch 1 space. CH 3, SC in next ch 1 space. Work 7 TRC in same space. Repeat from * across, fasten off.

Repeat the Fill-In Row for each color. Roll the flower into a snug but not too tight circle. You should be able to stand it upright with the green leaves lying out flat on the surface. Tack in place with a slip stitch or two.

What Do You Think Of This Pattern? - Come On, You Can Tell Me!

Do you think you'll try doing this rose?

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A Word About Thread Selection...

It does not matter what size of crochet thread you use as long as you use a similar type of thread for all three colors. Heck, you can even crochet these in yarn!

Adding Your Gemstone Or Crystals With Copper Wire

Cut about a 1.5 inch piece of copper wire. With the round nose pliers, grasp one end and do one turn just so the end of the wire is snugly against the wire (so the stone can't fall off). Slip on your crystal, slip into the work where you wish, bring the other end back up through the work, and coil as directed in the video.

Coiling Copper Wire On YouTube

Think about making one of these for a pretty hair clip! Just wire it or hot glue it to a blank alligator clip (you'll find that here on this page). Imagine it in white with pearls and crystals for a special bride! You could make it into a corsage, a wrist corsage, a hair clip... even sewn onto a garter!

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      sarakastic 5 years ago

      I've made these before and I can hardly crochet at all1