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Taper Candles

Updated on August 21, 2015

Taper Candles

For many people a taper or tapered candle is what they usually think of when decorating with candles. While the taper of the candle obviously defines what a taper candle is, there is much more to them than that alone.

A few examples of that would be the color and scent of the candles, which of course differentiate many of the same style of candles out there.

What is different with taper candles, is the thickness can get to extremely slender, which produces a very elegant and beautiful look that is stunning in the right circumstances.

Another interesting thing with taper candles is they are now being made in squares, and can also include different textures, as you'll see below.

When elegance and beauty is part of the need of a celebration or time of festivity, taper candles are especially good at meeting those requirements. 

Elegant Taper Candles

This particular color and style of taper candle is probably among the most used, and we only have to think of the weddings we've been invited to to consider how true that is. These white candles work in numerous circumstances, and when you just need variety, you can always place them among other taper or other candles to enhance the look and theme you're trying to create.

White or Ivory Taper Candles

Tapered Textured Beeswax Candles

The texture of the beeswax taper candles below is very nice. It really makes them stand out and presents a very different feel to the normally smooth texture of taper candles.

Beeswax Candles

Taper Candles with Soft Colors

I really like these particular taper candles with the very soft, creamy colors. These are obviously made for specific occasions, but as you can see, would really enhance what they were made for. Very nice!

Soft Color Taper Candles

Twisted Taper Candles

Here's one of the strengths of the small diameter associated with taper candles, as you can twist them in the fun way shown below, and have a very different and compelling candle for guests or family to watch burn.

Twisted Candles

Dried Flower Candles

This grouping of taper candles offers a nice look of flowers at the bottom, which you could keep just as they are and never burn them. They would look great just like that. There is also scent included with these flowers, to enhance the experience if you choose to burn them. In the case of the flower candles below, they are real dried flowers pressed into the candles themselves.

Flower Candles

Taper Candles

Even the simplicity of taper candles can be added to to create an almost endless number of designs, as you change the outward look, include different colors, and of course add scents and other things to match the particular event or situation you're using them for.


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      Zenifer Dsouza 6 years ago

      Lovely blog on taper candles

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