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Decorating With Art: Showcasing My Galleries

Updated on September 29, 2014

Welcome to d Perry's Showcase!

Being creative is what I love. I made this page because I work hard on my Fine Art America and Zazzle gallery designs, and wanted a fun way to reach new people like you who may enjoy my work.

What I have showcased is only a sliver of what's in my portfolio, so please stop by often as I will be adding more and more pieces everyday.

I'm very excited to tell you that In addition to the prints I will be designing a variety of items to choose from for yourself or to give as a gift, so stay tuned! Every design in my store is original digital and/or acrylic, watercolors, mixed media and then digitally reproduced. Every little dot, line or circle you see in my designs I I will be adding some of my photography in the future.

I hope you enjoy my work and I will appreciate any feedback you have to offer.

I'm excited and pleased to share my work with my Squidoo family and anyone else who happens upon this lens.

Thank you all for looking!

Here's the link to my Fine Arts America Gallery and Zazzle Gallery. Head on over and look around.

Decorating with Art - Pull your room together with original affordable art


There is nothing that brings color, character and mood to a room than artwork. You can build a whole room around a piece of art. Pull out different colors for your color scheme or your accent color. Pull the blues or the greens or reds and pepper them around your room in the form of nic-nacs, rugs, accent pillows. Doing it this way makes decorating easy now that affordable original art is an option.

(Print available on Zazzle)

So many of us are afraid of color in a big dose, so our rooms sometimes personality. The great thing about art is you can bring that interest, intensity and sparkle to a room by using it in small doses.

Art is perfect for this! So don't be afraid to add some excitement your rooms or office.

Not only will it say something about you and your personality, but it will make the room a much more pleasant place to be.

Show Your Personality


A bold, bright and vibrant statement.

Imagine adding any of these beautiful and vibrant colors to your room!

Certainly worth the small investment to make for such a big impact. I know for me, my rooms came

alive once I added artwork. Yours can too.

(print available)

Twists and turns - Colorful and unique


Quirky and different

(print available)

Want to See More??

The links to my Zazzle store, Blog and Art Gallery, all the links to these sites are below.

Let me know what you think.

Remember, All of these sites are works in progress; I update and add prints and other items daily, so come by often!


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Links Below >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Link List - ZAZZLE Store & Gallery/blog Links

Browse around my Zazzle store and see if there's anything you like. Check out my original vibrant prints to Decorate any room in your home.

They also make unique gifts for those hard to buy for people in your life. If you see a design you like then incorporate it to other items like Stationary, T-shirts, Calenders, Mugs, Aprons and so on.

I am in the process of expanding my store so I add new items and designs daily.

ps. I hope you enjoy my gallery/blog. I have not added all of my work yet, so check back often for updates. Anything that you see in the gallery that's not yet in my Zazzle store you can purchase. Just ask!

Want your own website to show and sell your art?

It's easy and fun!

I am also showing and selling my art on Fine Art America. I absolutely love this site. It's a great way to get your art out there! Give it a try..but I have to warn you it is addictive! I am on the site everyday checking out my sales, how many people viewed my work and their comments.

My website is

Give it a try! Just click on the link below!


P.S. Start your own Zazzle gallery

if you haven't already

Show off your talents with your own Zazzle gallery. It really is very easy to do,,,,plus it's a lot of fun too!

Items that might interest you - Check them out

My Fine Art America website - Decorate with affordable and original art.

You can view and/or purchase more of my art on my Fine Art America website. I have over 300 pieces of original and affordable art available for purchase. My art is diversified..there is something for everyone!

Please bookmark the site so you can return often. Thank you for looking and feel free to leave me a comment on the site and share if you see something you like. Again, thank you for your time and interest.


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