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38 Amazing String Light Crafts

Updated on August 21, 2017
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Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and kid-friendly craft tutorials.

string light crafts, string light craft ideas
string light crafts, string light craft ideas

Did you think that string lights were only for Christmas decorating? That may have been true at one time, but today the lights are used during other holidays and occasions. Imagine their use at Halloween, Easter or Thanksgiving.

How about at weddings, bridal and baby showers, patio parties and at camp sites. String lights can be used to enhance a bedroom, a baby's room or the family room. The possibilities are endless.

I searched the internet for ways to use Christmas lights and was amazed at how many great craft projects there are available, with directions included. I'm sure, when you see the string lights projects in this article, you'll imagine even more ways to use them.

Find the instructions for making the outstanding garden light shown above, at the DEBBIE MUMM site.

Outstandingly beautiful!!

1. Fairy Lights Centerpiece

Brides-to-be might consider enhancing the centerpiece on the first table with fairy lights. This makes for an elegant look for any occasion. Tuck white or pastel colored flowers among the greenery and lights. Find the instructions at Wandering Mist.

2. Coffee Filter Twinkle Light Flowers

Although I think the white flowers made using coffee filters are very elegant and beautiful, I like this project because if you want, you can color the coffee filters. These would be a wonderful addition to wedding or bridal shower decor. You'll find the tutorial for making the coffee filter lights at Our Peaceful Planet.

3. Cupcake Liner Flower Lights

Using cupcake papers is really an inexpensive way to make this string of flower lights. Cupcake papers come in so many colors and themes that you'll find you can use this for any occasion. See how to make the flowers by going to the OH HAPPY DAY site.

4. DIY Cloud Light

5. Firefly Lamp

Use the little flashing light strings of Christmas lights to make this firefly lamp and use it as a nightlight in the kids bedroom. Imagine the stars on the ceiling. Go to DIY CRAFT BY PHOTO for the instructions on making this project.

6. Flameless Fire Pit

I love this idea and can think of a number of ways to use it to decorate for parties. You'll find the tutorial for this fire pit project at Free People Blog.

7. Fox Lamp

I love this idea, I think it would be a great baby gift. Use the stuffed animal of your choice to make a lamp. You'll find the surprising and easy to understand instructions at matsutake. A teenaged girl would probably love it too.

8. Hula Hoop Chandelier

This project actually uses the hanging icicle lights with the hula hoop to make the chandelier. I think it is an outstanding piece. Go to Sarah with an H to see how it was made.

9. Firefly Lights

So simple and yet so beautiful. Make this for wedding or Christmas decor. You'll find the tutorial at HAYSEED HOMEMAKIN'

10. Lighted Doily Wreath

You'll use paper doilies to make this beautiful wreath. Martha Stewart shows you how to make one like it.

11. Lighted Raffia Garland

Although this garland is called a Valentine garland, it is very appropriate to use for other occasions. Bridal showers, wedding décor, a teen girls room are some ideas. The tutorial is found at How to Make a Lighted Raffia Valentine Garland

12. Lighted Christmas Trees

The kids will have a great time making these lighted Christmas trees. Go to ikatbag to see how they are made.

13. Light Table

Not only will the kids love playing with this light table, you can also use it when tracing patterns. You'll find the pictured directions at Here Comes The Sun.

14. Paper Cube String Lights

You'll learn how to fold the paper to make the cubes for the string lights by finding the instructions at wit & whistle.

15. How to Make a Decorative Glass Block

16. Spirit Jugs

Halloween is the time to line your walkway with spirit jugs. You'll find the instructions for this project at eighteen25.

17. Illuminated Chalkboard Movie Sign

Imagine all the ways this project could be used. Find the instructions at bre pea.

18. Star Light Star Bright Light Garland

Find the tutorial for this beautiful project at MON MAKES STUFF.

19. Cafe Lights

On the site, DESIGN LOVE FEST you'll see a photo that shows these lights blinking. Go see them, you'll be glad you did.

20. Ghost Lights Garland

This is a really cute Halloween decoration that the family will love. Directions for making this garland can be found at THAT’S WHAT Che SAID.

21. Illuminated Love Canvas

Use other letters to make a personalized canvas. See how this project was done by going to SHE KNOWS LIVING for the instructions.

22. Egg Carton Flower Lights

We usually have plenty of egg cartons to make crafts with and this is an outstanding way to use them. The instructables show us how.

23. Candy Lights

Can't you just see how big the kids' eyes would get if they saw these candy lights at a birthday party? If you want to make candy lights, go to OH HAPPY DAY for the directions.

24. Paper Roll Garland Lights

Although this particular project is written in a foreign language, the photos that are included give you all the information that you'll need to make this beautiful garland of lights. The site that you'll find these photos on is Kifli es levendula.

25. Lighted Christmas Canvas

A beautiful work of art is made using a string of Christmas lights. Learn how to make this canvas art by following the tutorial given on the All Things Heart & Home site.

26. Pattern Tissue Flowers

These beautiful flowers are made using pattern tissue. Find the instructions for making these tissue flowers at EVERYDAY BEAUTY.

27. Sparkleball - using clear plastic cups

28. Sparkle Mirror Garland

This project uses mirror garland. I can't say that I've ever seen that, but I could see this beauty hanging behind a bed as a headboard. Go to apartment therapy for the instructions.

29. Roses Twinkle Lights

Imagine garlands like this used as a wedding decoration, or in a girls bedroom or the master bedroom of your home. The tutorial for making this flower light garland is found at mr. kate.

30. Lamp Shade Re-do

This unique style of lamp shade will get lots of notice from your friends. Very pretty. The instructions for making the lamp shade can be found at happy LOOKS GOOD ON YOU.

31. Polka Dot Party Lights

Easy directions can be found at heart handmake uk.

32. Glass Block Snowman

I like the idea that the instructions given at COBBLESTONES & IVY not only is a tutorial for making the glass block snowman, it also recycles an old sweater for the cap and scarf.

33. Birthday Hat Lights

If you are looking for a new twist for lighting a birthday bash, how about adding birthday hat lights to the décor? These very attractive lights can be made by following the tutorial at crme de la craft.

34. Gem Stone Lamp

35. Egg Carton Flower Light Pendant

Another great project for those egg cartons you've been saving. To find out how to make this light pendant, go to Addicted 2 DECORATING.

36. Dixie Cup Garland Lights

Cover Dixie cups with pretty paper to make this garland. Hey Gorgeous has the instructions.

37. Candy Corn Twinkle Lights

A pretty party garland can be made using the directions found on the SOPHIES WORLD site.

38. Tissue Covered Lights

Who would think that just covering the string lights with colored tissue paper could result in a nice look like this. You'll see how this project was done by finding the instructions on the Craft Foxes site. Without having to think too hard, I think this idea could be used in a number of other ways also.

© 2013 Loraine Brummer

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