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43 Outstanding Craft Stick Craft Ideas

Updated on August 2, 2017
lbrummer profile image

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and kid-friendly craft tutorials.

Whether you call them craft sticks or popsicle sticks every crafter knows what you're talking about. And they also know how much fun it is to make crafts using them.

You'll be pleasantly surprised to see all the different projects that can be made, and made inexpensively.In my search for the best craft stick crafts, I found projects that would make nice gifts, holiday ornaments and home décor pieces. All the projects you find here include a picture of the craft, the site and site address that will take you directly to the directions and patterns for the craft stick craft.

Make the cute farm animals shown above using the directions on the make and takes site.

1. Scarecrows

I love these little scarecrows and think they would be so cute tucked in a potted plant. CRAFTS BY Amanda will show you how to make them. A great Thanksgiving project.

2. Christmas Trees

These little trees would look great included in a Christmas village....add drifted snow on the branches. Find the directions for these trees at Crafts Unleashed.

3. For the Birds

I think this is one of the cutest projects for kids to make. Find the instructions for making these popsicle stick birds at My Kid Craft. Think of the many ways these birds could be used. How about as a mobile in a baby's room or as ornaments on the Christmas tree.

4. Pencil Holder

Dad will love receiving a gift made by his son or daughter. This pencil holder can be used on the desk in a home or office. Go to JUMPSTART to find the instructions for making this pencil holder.

5. Sunburst Mirror

I think this would be beautifully elegant looking if the sunburst was painted black. Left in the wood color or painted, this is a great project and you'll find the instructions at 31 diy.

6. Trivet

A great group project for a classroom or scout troop. And the trivet is a useful gift to give to Mom or Grandma. The instructions can be found on Harmonic Mom site.

7. Advent Tree

This Advent tree would be a nice Advent project for home or a classroom. Craftnest is the site where you'll find the instructions.

8. Heart Magnets

An simple and easy craft that is also useful. Go to FLIPFLOPS & applesauce for the directions.

9. Alligator

Little boys especially will enjoy making alligator and then chasing their sister with them. Help them make this project by finding the instructions at Big Learning.

10. Jack-o-Lantern Puzzle

This is a simple and fun craft that makes a game for the little ones. The Learning Bug has all the instructions. Scan down the page for the pumpkin project.

11. Bracelets

If you make one of these bracelets, you'll want to make more of them. Very attractive!! Go to momtastic for the directions.

12. DIY Popsicle Bracelet

13. Craft Stick Santa

Ask the kids for ideas about where and how to use these santas and you'll have reasons for making lots of them. Go to for the instructions.

14. US Flag

Let the children show their patriotism by making flags with popsicle sticks. You'll find the directions at The Suburban Mom.

15. School Bus Frame

This would be such a nice way to remember the way the kids looked in the different grades. Use the school photo of the year to put in the frame. Imagine a line of school buses as a wall arrangement. Find the directions for making this school bus frame at Reading Confetti.

16. Giant Snowflakes

Painted black, silver or gold, these giant snowflakes could be used as year-round wall décor. Find out how to assemble them by going to the instructions at Craftynest.

17. Reindeer

This little reindeer is so cute. Make all of the Xmas characters: the santa, snowman and reindeer ornaments for your tree. You'll find out how to make the reindeer at

18. Craft Stick House

Make this cute little playhouse for your little girls tiny dolls. Find out how to make it at Calligraphy Art Painting.

19. Craft Stick Airplanes

Make this beautiful airplanes using the instructions from the make happysite.

20. Trinket Box

Sometimes it's difficult for kids to think of things that they can make to give to their dad or mom as a gift. This trinket box, with the instructions at Craft Elf, is a great gift item that the kids can make.

21. Fish'n Sticks

I can see these made into a mobile. Maybe painted yellow and sprinkled with glitter. Find the directions for this project at KEEPIN’ 2 BOYS BUSY.

22. Scalloped Trees

These trees aren't for Christmas only. Follow the easy to follow directions at REVAMP HOMEGOODS.

23. Popsicle Stick Memory Game

You can make your own popsicle stick memory game by following the directions at the eat drink CHIC

24. Gel Transfer Puzzle

Find out how you can transfer a photo image onto the craft sticks to make a personalized puzzle. Go to lil blue boo to see what is needed for this project.

25. Recipe Holder

Any child would be so proud if they made mom something she could use like a recipe holder. See how to make the recipe holder by going to Preschool Crafts for Kids.

26. Nativity Scene

I think this is my all time favorite craft stick project. Simple but beautiful and easy to make. For the instructions, go to Today’s Fabulous Finds.

27. Sled Ornament

Scrapbooking paper is used instead of paint to decorate this little sled. For the instructions, go to the Creative Crate.

28. Garden Fence

You can make a little garden fence like the one shown above by following the directions at favecrafts.

29. How to make a Harmoni-kazoo

30. Make It Yourself Harmonica

Kids will love making and playing a harmonica that they've constructed themselves. Find the instructions at maya made.

31. Mini Weaving Loom

I think the kids would really enjoy making and using a mini weaving loom. Or to save time, make the looms ahead of time so the kids just do the weaving. Our Creative Day is the site where you'll find the instructions for making this weaving loom.

32. Snowflake Ornament

Make this easy snowflake ornament using craft sticks and buttons. See how to make it by going to The Ramblings of a Crazy Woman for the instructions.

33. Stick Critters

What's not to love about these stick critters? The kids will love making and playing with them. You'll find instructions for making them at Disney Family.

34. Magnets

Let the kids make magnets to hold their art work on the refrigerator. kiwi crate has the instructions for this project.

35. Nativity Ornament


I love little home made nativities and this one is really cute. Find the directions for making it at TERRY RICIOLI DESIGNS.

36. Bald Eagle

This is an outstanding project that teachers could use in the classroom. Use this project when teaching about what the bald eagle signifies in American history. For the directions to make this bald eagle go to the My Creative Life site.

37. Sled Ornaments

Although the site, tidbits, doesn't give specific directions, they have great photos that show you exactly how to make these sled ornaments. These sleds could also be used in so many other ways.

38. Craft Stick Pendant

Teens who like to make and wear jewelry that they make themselves will like this craft stick pendant. The pendant certainly doesn't appear to be a craft stick. Find the directions for making this outstanding craft at saved by LOVE CREATIONS.

39. Make a Craft Stick Easel

40. Photo Puzzle

There are so many occasions when a gift like this would be appropriate, other than the obvious Valentine's Day. To make a photo puzzle gift for someone you love, go to all for the MEMORIES for the instructions.

41. Snowman

I love snowmen because they are an appropriate craft for the whole winter season. Santa and the elves are mostly for Christmas, but not the snowman. You can find the instructions for making craft stick snowmen at The Learning Bug.

42. Snowflakes

The kids will love to help make a tree full of snowflakes like these for the Christmas tree. Some pom pom can be purchased already with glitter on them, which I think would be very pretty. See how to make these snowflakes by finding the instructions at It Happens In a Blink.

43. Craft Stick Puppet Theater

I love this puppet theater because you can make so many different characters with craft sticks. Imagine the three little pigs or even Bible characters. You'll find the tutorial for making the puppets and puppet theater at CRAFTS BY Amanda.

© 2012 Loraine Brummer

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    • KayeSI profile image

      KayeSI 5 years ago

      Oh wow! You have such great ideas here. I'm going to have to give these a try with my grandchildren. Thanks for all the creative inspiration! :)