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Round-up of Unique Homemade Gifts for Women & Girls

Updated on April 9, 2014

Everyone should appreciate a homemade gift!

I love to craft and I love to give gifts - as you have probably guessed I give out a lot of home made gifts to my friends! I think these are really unique and are far more appreciated than a store bought gifts.

There are thousands of fun and easy projects you could do but not all are suited for everyone. I dedicated this page to homemade gifts that will work for women and girls, from the scented treats through flowers that never wilt to lovely crafts. Some of the tutorials are my creations while others are from various blogers who's works I admire and have tested (most of them that is)

All photos on this page are either taken by me, are used with permission, are used within the terms specified by the author or are CC or public domain photos.

Homemade Citrus Bath Salts - For a refreshing bath!

I just love this! There's nothing more refreshing for your skin than lemon. Combine it with salt and you have a skin treatment far better than in a beauty saloon. I used to mix lemon and salted water to wash my face when I had acne as a teen and it worked like a charm, not only did it clean my skin it also made it look a lot healthier.

When I saw this recipe I knew it was something I had to make and I do not regret it I do regret not having a bath though as I could only use it on my feet (it still felt magical). I made a jar of citrus bath salts along with citrus soap as a gift for my aunt and she loved it! It smells divine!

Homemade Citrus Bath Salts Tutorial

Homemade Lemon Soap - Her skin will love it!

As I already mentioned I gave this soap to my aunt along with lemon bath salts. I had some issues getting the ingredients as they are not as common as I would want where I live but thanks to the almighty internet I managed to get them in time.

It was my first time making a soap and I can promise you once you will make your first one you will fell in love and there's no turning back - you get addicted to the quality of the soap. I now make my own soap whenever possible (the inexpensive way) or buy the home made ones (the expensive way).

Be sure to give it a go - Homemade lemon soap

Crepe Paper Red Roses - A bouquet that lasts

You won't believe how easy it is to make a bouquet of realistic looking red roses - it takes less than 10 minutes to make one and once you get the hang of it it takes even less time.

Check out the paper roses tutorial

Necklace - Give them some bling

A few years back I actually considered starting my own jewellery business as I really enjoyed making them but the plan kind of got postponed (it might be time to start thinking about it once again!)

There are so many great tutorials for home-made necklaces available and I will link to a few more but I really like the necklace shown on the photo as it's stunning and really easy to make.

Check out the tutorial on Thanks, I Made it

Heart Prints - This is something I was given

I really like this tutorial as it has a lot of pictures and is easy to follow.

I was given this gift for my birthday last year and it was from my two friends - they each contributed one finger print to make the heart. I think it is adorable.

Heart Thumbprint Charm Necklace Tutorial

Zippy Wallets - I would love one!

I will be making these soon as I will be starting sewing lessons soon! I know how to sew by hand, I have been doing it for years but I lack sewing machine skills. I even bought the sewing machine a few years back and tried sewing with it but it was a disaster.


Adorable Coin Purse - No loose change in your bag

I admit, my bag is a mess! It's full of change, old receipts (some even from last year), a candy wrapper or two, thousands of little things I usually don't need... Lately I have become disciplined enough to carry all my touch up make up in a make up bag inside my bag (although my lip-gloss still manages to get out and tastes the freedom). Next step is the coin purse. I don't have enough place for all the change in my wallet so I really should get one.

My eyes are on this one and I think it does make a pretty nifty gift!

Coin Purse Tutorial With Free Pattern

Resin Bangles - For that funky chick

I have only worked once with resin and I guess I was 12(ish) then. We made a keychain pendant at school and we could put anything we wanted in it (well within reasonable limits). We all managed to make something decent looking so you can be sure this really isn't all that hard to make.

Give it a try as with little imagination this can become a great gift!

Resin Bangles Tutorial

Lucky Penny Vase - Gorgeous Decoration!

Got change? If you are thinking of investing money there's no quicker way to increase the value of your change than to make this vase! I think it looks stunning and I will be making this vase for my mother. There should be enough lucky pennies for a while.

Lucky Penny Vase Tutorial

Unique Mug - Porcelaine Pens Make it Super Easy

Making a unique mug isn't all that hard either as you can now get a pen with special porcelain color in it - it won't wash off and you can even make it dishwasher safe. These are some of my first creations. Easy peasy and unique...

DIY porcelain art tutorial


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    • Erin Mellor profile image

      Erin Mellor 4 years ago from Europe

      I love the lucky penny vase.

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 4 years ago from Arkansas USA

      Great ideas for homemade gifts!

    • Two Crafty Paws profile image

      Two Crafty Paws 4 years ago

      @hkhollands: They really make a nice gift and a fun project to do with kids (big and small).

    • hkhollands profile image

      hkhollands 4 years ago

      Great ideas. Stylish and fun. I'm definitely going to make these heartprint necklaces with my daughters.