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46 Amazing Paper Cup Craft Ideas

Updated on June 1, 2020
lbrummer profile image

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.

I started my search for the best paper cup crafts thinking that there probably wouldn't be that many to choose from, but I was pleasantly proven wrong. Granted, most of the crafts I found are fun and easy paper cup crafts that are appropriate for younger children. For this reason I believe this article will be especially useful to elementary teachers and scout leaders.

All the projects shown in this article include a picture and by clicking on the site name, you'll be taken directly to the instruction page.

Go to Parents for the instructions to make the cute owl shown above. This owl is number 8 in the slideshow.

1. Mouse House

What a fun paper cup project to do with an interested child. An what child wouldn't be interested in making little a little mouse, and a home for the mouse? Follow the instructions at Running with Sisters to make this cute mouse house.

2. Lighthouse

I love this little lighthouse and can imagine what a cute theme lighthouses would make as a party theme. See how to make these paper cup lighthouses by going to Mid-Craft Crisis. The no flame tea candles make this a safe craft item.

3. Creepy Spiders

I love these cute little spiders and plan on making them for Halloween decorations this fall. Everything you need to know about making these spiders can be found at

4. Hot Air Balloon

This would be a perfect project for a classroom or scout troupe because the kids will love making this hot air balloon. Find the directions at firstpalette.

5. Pilgrim Girl

Very cute!! Another perfect Thanksgiving craft. Sometimes it's hard to find Thanksgiving crafts, so it's a pleasure to find this. Go to Activity village for the instructions. Find a Pilgrim boy on this same site.

6. Bells, Bells, Bells

These are really nice Christmas bells and I can imagine them done with white paper cups, with a bit of iridescent glitter, and white ribbon for wedding decorations. Talk about inexpensive decorations....this would be it. Find the directions for making the bells at first palette.

7. Chick Treat Cup

Adorable little treat cup for Easter treats and table decoration. Go to Midwestern Moms to find the instructions.

8. Spoon Flowers in Pot

Make beautiful spoon flowers and plant them in a paper cup pot to gift to Mom on Mother's Day.

9. Easter Chicks

This is a nice addition to other Easter decorations for your table. Go to I HEART CRAFTY THINGS to find the directions.

10. Heavenly Angels

You can find the directions for making these heavenly, little angels by going to the first palatte site.

11. Squawking Chicken and Turkeys

12. Polar Bear

Even the littlest of kids will love making this precious little polar bear. You'll find the directions at the Twiggle Magazine site.

13. Ribbit, Ribbit, Ribbit

Here is a mighty happy frog, evidently having just caught an insect. Find this cutie on the Crafts by Amanda site.

14. Happy Feet Penguin

I enjoyed the movie, Happy Feet, and this little fellow reminds me of the movie. You'll find directions on how to make this project by going to The Seasoned Mom.

15. Daisies

Just think of all the ways you could use these daisies: a magnet, plant poke, swag or attach a bit of fishing string and hang them from the ceiling or make a mobile. You'll find the directions at Sweet Tidings.

16. Fairy Cottage

For all the little girls and boys that love fairies and all things to do with fairies, here is a cute little fairy cottage to add to the fun. Find the instructions, number 4 in the slideshow, for making this craft at the Parents site.

17. Snowball

Snowball was the name of a kitten I had when I was a kid and she was completely white like this kitty is. Parents is the site where you'll find the instructions.

18. Turkey Favor Cups

I love the looks of these turkey favor cups. I think the clear cups with the candy visible makes them the perfect addition to the Thanksgiving dinner table. You can find out how to make these turkey favor cups by visiting the Totally Inspired site.

19. Halloween Treat Cups

Making these Halloween treat cups will be as much fun as seeing the little goblins receive them on Halloween.

20. 4th of July Shaker

Use this shaker to help celebrate the 4th of July. To make this project, go to Preschool Crafts for Kids for the directions.

21. Yarn Weaving

There are so many advantages of a project like yarn weaving. Patience being a big one of them.

22. Snow People

I really like to use snowmen to decorate for the winter holidays because it can be brought out right after Thanksgiving and stay out until after February. The directions for this cute snow couple can be found at mpmSchoolSupplies.

23. Easter Party Cups

Not only could these little party cups be used at an Easter celebration, they would also be appropriate used as favors for a baby shower or kid's party. Find out how to make them by going to the Oh Happy Day site.

24. Coffee Cup Roses

Very cute roses made using the paper coffee cups. Go to favecrafts for the directions. Consider making these roses for school functions when you need a large number of flowers.

25. Peter Cotton Tail

Make a whole family of these bunnies by finding the directions at BRITE & BUBBLY.

26. Crazy in Love

Looking at the expression on this Valentine kids craft makes you believe he's really crazy in love. See the instructions for this cute, and easy Valentine craft at Easy Crafts for Kids.

27. Paper Cup and Paper Plates Turkey

Follow the tutorial at Art Patter to make a Thanksgiving turkey decoration using a paper cup and paper plates. This would make a great classroom project. Something the kids can take home right before Thanksgiving.

28. Miniature Village

Did you know you could make a miniature village using paper cups? Try this project out.

29. Oh, Christmas Tree

So many different looks, and so many more that you'll be able to imagine, can be made with the directions found on the Preschool Crafts for Kids site.

30. Hopping Paper Cup Bunny

Oh, how the kids will love making and playing with this hopping bunny. All you need is paper cups, rubber bands and cardstock.

31. Paper Cup Flowers

Little kids can make their version of these flowers, and older children and decorate these fancier, using their imaginations and beads and buttons, etc. The petals are made with an interesting twist. Find the instructions for making these paper cup flowers at Lovely Arts & Crafts.

32. Santa Claus

Every kid can make their own Santa Claus by following the instructions given at Activity village. Do you need an activity to keep the kids entertained at the family Thanksgiving celebration? This is a simple and easy to make project, and one the kids will love to do.

33. Baby Shoe Mint Cup

If you are planning a baby shower in the near future, consider making these cute little mint cups for favors. You'll find the instructions for this baby shoe mint cup craft, go to INEXPENSIVE BABY SHOWER.

34. Chinese Lantern

Making decorations for a large area can be very daunting, but you can make these Chinese lanterns inexpensively and quickly. You'll find the tutorial for making the Chinese lanterns at Chose a color that suits your occasion theme and purchase cups in that color, or paint them in the color of your choice.

35. Indian Chief

As you know, there's a pilgrim boy and a pilgrim girl also made with paper cups, and now you can add an Indian chief to your arrangement. You'll find the directions for the Indian chief at Activity village. This is a great Thanksgiving centerpiece idea.

36. Apple Favors

These paper cup apple wraps would really make nice favors for a teacher or school appreciation function. The easy to understand directions for making them is found at willowday.

37. Make an African Drum

38. Beaded Wind Chimes

If you need an activity for a group of kids, this beaded wind chime will be fun for them to make and to take home. Find the instructions for this beaded wind chimes craft at first palette.

39. Fairy Houses

Although the instructions for making these house is written in a foreign language, you'll easily understand how to make them because the photos included with the instructions are very understandable. Find this tutorial at Julie adore dimanche.

40. Groundhog Day Craft

Are you looking to make a groundhog craft with the kids on groundhog's day? Try this craft, with the directions found at oopsey daisy. with the kids.

41. Simple Poppers

Make simple poppers with paper cups and then use them for confetti, pom pom's or water.

42. Lighted Garland

Perfectly gorgeous, would describe this lighted garland. Make paper cup garlands like this as an inexpensive decoration for a bridal or baby shower.

43. Snow White Wreath

Just looking at the wreath pretty much lets you know how this paper cup wreath is made, but check out the pictures at TWIG & THISTLE also. This is really a very attractive door wreath.

44. Paper Cup Ornaments

When you go to the little townhome love to find the tutorial for this ornament, you'll also find three other ideas. I chose this beaded ornament because I thought it looked like an angel. It could be made as an angel with a few slight changes.

45. Holiday Topiaries

This is a project that the kids would have lots of fun making. For the tutorial for making these holiday topiaries, go to the ALISA BURKE site. I love the dots and dashes.

46. Simple Treat Boxes

How many times wouldn't it be a great help, when planning a party, to be able to make some quick favor boxes. See how easy these are to make by going to the Party Delights site.

© 2012 Loraine Brummer

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    • Stevensav profile image

      Steven Savard 

      21 months ago

      Adorable crafts.

    • Shywrites profile image


      2 years ago

      These are awesome and affordable.. I'd definitely give it a try

    • Kristen Howe profile image

      Kristen Howe 

      4 years ago from Northeast Ohio

      Lorraine, what a clever craft idea. I love all of them. I have a couple of favorite of my own. Kudos! Thanks for sharing.

    • lbrummer profile imageAUTHOR

      Loraine Brummer 

      5 years ago from Hartington, Nebraska

      Thanks for stopping by, gauthami. I hope you found a project that you'll want to make.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      itz just amazing

    • Charlino99 profile image

      Tonie Cook 

      8 years ago from USA

      Wonderful assortment of paper cup crafts for kids! Thank you for sharing.

    • BuckHawkcenter profile image


      8 years ago

      The Squid Angel Fall Bus Tour was looking for some entertainment while it drives along - found it!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Beautiful paper crafts.. Loved them.. :D


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