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Best under water camera

Updated on October 15, 2012

What is the best under water camera?

Do you want to take photographs of your kids at the pool or at the beach? Do you want to take some action photographs of a white water rafting excursion? Do you want to take some photographs during heavy rainstorms? If the answer to any of these is "yes" you are going to need to invest in the best under water camera.

You can use a waterproof case or some housing, but are you willing to risk your expensive, and non waterproof, camera by placing it in a glorified plastic bag? Surely it is better to simply buy a camera that is fully waterproof as it comes out of the factory.

If you want to take underwater photographs and are looking to buy the best under water camera currently available, you have come to the right place as this lens is solely dedicated to the best underwater cameras currently available.

Canon Powershot D10

Canon's offering to the waterproof market is the Powershot D10. Even though this model has been superseded by newer models don't let that put you off buying one. The difference in performance between the D10 and newer models is negligible even though there is a big difference in price. If you want the best value for money Canon waterproof camera the Powershot D10 is the model to buy.

The Powershot D10 has a 12MP sensor, and impressive ISO range of 80 - 300, a very useful 35mm - 105mm focal range and a large 2.7 inch 230k dot LCD screen. The lens also has built in image stabilisation, which helps keep camera shake at bay. The Canon Powershot D10 can be used in depths of up to 10m, which makes it a good camera for scuba diving.

Like all Canon cameras the Powershot D10 is tough, durable and built to last. It may not be the prettiest of underwater cameras available, but what it lacks in looks it more than makes up for in performance. It truly is an awesome underwater camera.

Olympus Stylus Tough 8000

The first thing to note about the Olympus Stylus Tough 8000 is that is looks bullet proof and built to last, and it really does live up to its name. If you want an almost indestructible digital camera the Olympus Stylus Tough 8000 is the camera for you.

The Tough 8000 has a 12MP sensor, large 2.7 inch 230K dot screen and image stabilisation. At 64 - 1600 the ISO isn't that broad but this does not affect the performance or image quality one bit. The zoom lens has a range of 28mm - 102mm, which isn't great but if you don't need a long zoom it doesn't really matter.

One of the best things about the Olympus Stylus Tough 8000 is the fact it can be used down to depths of 10m, which makes it a great scuba diving camera.

Panasonic Lumix TS1

The Panasonic Lumix range is impressive and the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS1 is no different. The TS1 has been superseded by newer models and is considered "old" technology, but don't let this put you off buying one. Since the TS1 has been replaced it can now be bought a rock bottom prices and the difference between the TS1 and the newer models is negligible. If you want the most bang for your buck you will get it with the TS1.

The TS1 boasts a powerful 12.1MP sensor, large 2.7 inch LCD 230K dot screen and an impressive 80 - 6400 ISO range. The lens has a focal length of 28mm - 128mm, which isn't as broad as other waterproof cameras, but it is good enough. The lens contains image stabilisation, which ensures camera shake is not a problem. Even though the Lumix TS1 has such a good ISO range it can only be used to depths of 3m, but if you only want it for snorkelling and shallow diving this is not a problem.

Pentax Optio W80

The Pentax Optio W80 isn't the nicest looking of waterproof digital cameras but don't let this put you off as it really is an excellent underwater camera. The Optio W80 has an impressive 12.1MP sensor, a 2.5 inch 230K dot screen and an impressive ISO range of 64 - 6400, which means it can be used in depths of up to 5m/16ft. The Optio W80 has a focal length of 28mm - 140mm, which is very good. Unfortunately, the Optio W80 doesn't have any form of image stabilisation but given the ISO range it is not really needed.

If you are looking for a waterproof camera the Pentax Optio W80 is something that is definitely worth looking in to.

Fuji Finepix Z33WP

Even if you are on a tight budget you can still own a waterproof camera. For the best cheap and affordable waterproof camera you need to take a look at the Fuji Finepix Z33WP.

The Fuji Finepix Z33WP has a 10MP sensor, ISO range of 64 - 1600, 35mm - 105mm zoom lens and a large 2.7 inch 230K LCD screen. The specifications of the Z33WP may not be as impressive as other underwater cameras, but then this camera costs a fraction of the price as others. Besides, you can still capture some stunning photographs with the Fuji Finepix Z33WP.

Alternative waterproof and underwater cameras

For other waterproof cameras check out the products below. Alternatively, use the Amazon search facility and you will find plenty more.

If you have any comments, thoughts, ideas, rants or raves please feel free to note them in my gusetbook.

Similarly, if you have had any experiences of other waterproof and underwater cameras (good or bad) please feel free to note them down here. Thanks.

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